Related More Brits expected to book flights to Nep

Related More Brits expected to book flights to Nep

first_img RelatedMore Brits expected to book flights to Nepal in 2011More Brits expected to book flights to Nepal in 2011Korea proves an increasingly popular destination for British travellersBrits appear to be booking flights to Korea after new figures showed increase in the number of people travellingMore Brits booking flights to GermanyMore Brits booking flights to Germany More Brits are expected to book flights to Mozambique now that the country’s tourism market has opened up.This is according to the African nation’s tourism minister, Fernando Sumbana, who said that the country’s tourism revenue had more than doubled since 2004.Speaking to the Canal de Mozambique newspaper, he said that the figure has broken the $200 million (£123 million) mark for the first time in 2009, with Mozambique’s government aiming to attract four million tourists per year by 2020.Holiday company To Escape To’s Mozambique specialist Mercedes Bailey explained that Brits heading on flights to Mozambique will have to change at either Dar es Salaam or Johannesburg.”It is…more than just a beach flop destination – Mozambique’s culture and history is fascinating and places such as Ilha de Mozambique can give travellers a glimpse of this country’s turbulent past,” she commented.Ms Bailey also said that the country is Africa’s “last undiscovered destination”, with its appeal lying in its 2,500km of coastline, which boasts some of the “world’s best” diving opportunities.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

New BMW 7 Series PlugIn Hybrid Launches This Spring

first_img In U.S. BMW Group Encountered EV Sales Drop In January 2019 That money will buy you the standard-wheelbase 745e xDrive, which combines a 3-litre six-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor to create a 389 bhp powertrain capable of 0-62 mph in 5.2 seconds and a 155-mph top speed.Thanks to a larger battery than found in the old 7 Series hybrid, the new model offers an all-electric range of between 34 and 36 miles despite the new, more stringent economy test.And BMW says the car will maximise its range using a GPS-based energy management system that uses data from the satellite navigation system to work out the most efficient method of propulsion for each part of the route.The car also uses the eight-speed automatic gearbox as a generator, taking the energy otherwise wasted during deceleration to recharge the battery and further exploiting its zero-emission potential.However, the new 7 Series doesn’t have to do all the work on its own. A range of five vehicle modes are available, allowing the driver to tailor the car’s characteristics to the conditions.For example, the driver might choose the Hybrid mode to allow the car to choose its most efficient method of propulsion, but when the car reaches a city centre, they might prefer to switch to Electric mode for zero-emission driving.There’s also a Battery Control mode that maintains the battery’s charge at a predetermined level, storing energy for when it’s needed – such as town-centre driving. The self-explanatory Sport mode, meanwhile, will offer a more dynamic setup, while the Adaptive mode is “geared towards matching relevant driving styles and situations”.Strangely, though, the driving modes don’t just change the way in which the car utilises its two motors, but also the capability of its electric drivetrain. In Hybrid mode, the car will do 68 mph on electric power alone, with the petrol engine taking over above that speed, but in Electric mode, that top speed is stretched to 87 mph.That isn’t the only clever tech on board, either. BMW has promised an Intelligent Personal Assistant feature, which can operate the seat massaging system and the climate control, as well as controlling the ambient lighting and even the fragrance of the cabin.The system will also help the driver look for parking and charging points, as well as local cafes and restaurants to visit while the battery is being topped up.And this technology isn’t limited to the basic model – it can all be found in the £83,560 745Le xDrive, too. That car boasts an extended wheelbase for extra rear legroom, as well as a four-wheel-drive system, but despite the extra weight, the improved traction allows for a marginally improved 0-62 mph time of 5.1 seconds.However, the 745Le xDrive’s improved performance comes with a trade-off. The electric-only range suffers, falling to between 32 and 34 miles, while the carbon dioxide emissions rise. Where the standard-wheelbase car is rated at 48 g/km, the long-wheelbase version swells that figure to 52 g/km. It isn’t a huge increase, but it’s enough to move the 745Le up a company car tax bracket. Tesla Sales Expected To Outpace BMW, Lexus BMW iNEXT Prototype Tested On Snow In Sweden Six-cylinder engine combines with electric power to produce almost 400 horsepower.BMW has revealed the new plug-in hybrid versions of its 7 Series saloon, which will go on sale in the UK this spring.The luxury limo will be available in a choice of long- and short-wheelbase guises, with prices starting at £76,815.Read also Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on February 8, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle News Source: Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more

FCPA Flash Podcast – A Conversation With Ryan McConnell Regarding The DOJs

first_imgThe FCPA Flash podcast provides in an audio format the same fresh, candid, and informed commentary about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related topics as readers have come to expect from written posts on FCPA Professor.This FCPA Flash episode is a conversation with Ryan McConnell (a former federal prosecutor and founder of the boutique Houston law firm R. McConnell Group). The focus of the podcast is the DOJ’s recent release of a policy document titled “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” (see here and here for prior posts) and during the podcast McConnell responds to the following questions: (i) whether the business community deserves more stability rather than ever-changing DOJ guidance; (ii) how the recent guidance is not really an update, but more of a consolidation” of prior guidance and thus generally a yawner; (iii) why the word “effective” is so prominently mentioned in the guidance; and (iv) how business organization compliance with the guidance should be measured.FCPA Flash is sponsored by Kreller Group.For the past 30 years, Kreller has distinguished itself as a best-in-class enhanced due diligence provider. It’s investigative network leverages the talent and integrity of some of the best law-enforcement, military specialists, business correspondents, and government contacts worldwide.  With firsthand knowledge of the language, laws, regulations, political and economic climates and data availability in each country, Kreller provides reliable, compliant, and accurate information.  A licensed private investigations firm, Kreller’s competitive advantage is experience, quality, commitment, and customer service.last_img read more