Meet The FirstTime GRAMMY Nominee Protoje On Evolving Reggae

Meet The FirstTime GRAMMY Nominee Protoje On Evolving Reggae

first_img Meet First-Time GRAMMY Nominee Protoje meet-first-time-grammy-nominee-protoje-evolving-reggae Email Meet The First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: Protoje On Evolving Reggae News The Jamaican singer and creative force reacts to his first nomination, the importance of honoring tradition by embracing change, and how reggae crowns connect him to musicians like Bob Marley and Black UhuruLior PhillipsGRAMMYs Feb 1, 2019 – 12:48 pm Protoje sounds urgent on A Matter of Time—fitting, of course, as the Jamaican star’s fourth album captures an artist carving a new space within the genre’s most persuasive tools: energy and elation.  The album honors the genre’s deep-rooted traditions, but bursts forth into bold, bright territory, infusing pummeling hip-hop beats, sheets of orchestral jazz, and dancehall claps into transcendent party grooves.Protoje’s intense connection to his country’s music comes in part from family, as the son of Calypso king Mike Ollivierre and chart-topping Jamaican vocalist Lorna Bennett. Just as important, though, is the way the music has brought Jamaica to the rest of the world: Protoje spent 2018 on the road, sharing reggae with festival crowds like Reading & Leeds and opening for Lauryn Hill in the United States.But he isn’t an artist content to rest on his laurels—nor those of reggae as a genre. “I can evolve, and I leave myself free to do so,” he says, low-slung yet resolute. Whether traditions in fashion or music, the 37-year-old artist finds comfort and strength in constantly pushing the envelope.Protoje spoke with the Recording Academy about his first GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album, his hope for a conversation with Jay-Z, and how proud he is to help make reggae a bigger part of the world conversation.What a way to start the year! This is your fourth record, and your first GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album. Did you see awards as a goal when you first started out in your career? Let me tell you, I thought that my third album, Ancient Future, I thought that would have been nominated because it was groundbreaking when it came out in terms of modern reggae music. Winning a GRAMMY was definitely a goal when I started out. It’s in the back of your mind always, you know, maybe one day I’ll get that GRAMMY award, I’ll be nominated. So I guess I thought about it but I was not obsessing on it. So much has happened since Ancient Future. It was very influential. When it came out we had the biggest song in reggae of like this decade. When I didn’t get nominated, I took my mind off the GRAMMYs. I didn’t expect to get nominated on my fourth because I thought the third was the sure thing. That’s how it goes sometimes. It just works out that way. I was delighted when I heard that this [A Matter of Time] was nominated. Things happen and when it’s your time. You don’t have to worry about anything. Take your time and see what happens.That’s an amazing way to see things, and especially fitting considering the album is called A Matter of Time. What was that instant feeling when you first heard about the nomination? How did you react?My mom called and told me. We’ve been together a lot in my career, making progress. I just felt that my team, everybody was excited, and everybody works so hard for me. So it’s great to let them get that vibe and feel proud about it. I just know that I appreciate my family a lot and how they have supported me. Not every family is supportive, you know; not every parent is supportive, and I’m grateful for the ones I have, and I’m happy to make them proud. In the Jamaican music scene, there’s a lot of people who are supportive of each other. Everybody tries to support and help each other. I really like where it’s heading.RELATED: Ashley McBryde On Self-Acceptance & Why There’s Room For Everyone In Country MusicBeyond the feeling of the nomination, how are you feeling about attending the GRAMMY Awards? Do you have any idea what you’re going to feel as the awards start getting given out?For me, it’s chill just to be there. I’m a very low-key, chill person. I’m not going to be overwhelmed or too excited. I’m not going to have too many expectations. I’ll be there with some of my friends, the people on my team, and my family. I’m looking forward to seeing things I’ve never seen before—just seeing how things are done at this level. It’s all just a learning experience for me.Where did you get that low-key chill from? Is it from watching your parents in the industry? When I was seven years old, I didn’t want a birthday party. It’s just my personality. I never wanted a party, I never wanted excitement. I didn’t want to blow the candles out on the cake. I just wanted to chill out and be cool. I’ve just never been this excitable type of person. I’m just very grateful, you know? I just experience things and express myself differently. So I’m happy of course, but I don’t feel any, “Oh my God, I’m going to the GRAMMYs” kind of thing. It’s cool to be there and I’m just grateful to have been invited. I won’t be asking everybody for selfies or anything like that. That said, I’d love to have a conversation with Jay-Z. I don’t think he’ll be there this year, but I would love to have a conversation.When was the moment when you knew you wanted to be a musician, when you knew that this is the industry you wanted to pursue?I was always obsessed with music, as early as I can remember. I think when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I first said maybe I could do this as a job, maybe I could do this so I don’t have to work. I just loved being able to express myself, to spend time with myself, just thinking about ideas and writing. I didn’t need company. It would just get my mind flowing. That was the main thing before anything else, just something to do with my time and not feel agitated, bored, or uninspired.Speaking of being inspired, you recorded this album at the Tuff Gong Studios. Did knowing its legacy and its impact have any effect on your process?That’s interesting. There’s so much history, and it’s just a huge room. It’s very spacious. It left me time to be alone. It’s not one of the most popular studios in Jamaica today, it’s not where the industry goes. It’s really private, I get to take my time, and that to me has an impact on how the music comes out. It’s not rushed and not frantic.While it’s clear that your latest record honors the traditions of reggae music, it’s also perhaps your most experimental work to date, blending genres and influences—a fusion. When you set out to record the album, did you have a specific goal or outline in mind?I wanted to do things musically to push the genre further forward, to update it. Every genre of music grows and evolves, so reggae music should be no less evolved. I like to be at the forefront of change with my producer Winta James. He to me is one of the most innovative guys making music. So naturally it’s going to sound innovative. We could have easily made another Ancient Future again. But I wanted to try to do things differently and move the thing forward. I don’t worry about genres feeling too sacred. I have a commitment to myself and to those that listen to my music—or even those that don’t. My job is to make the music, to make what I like and feels good to me, and then live with whatever happens after that. I don’t feel pressure about the songs that I’m making.It’s just making the record the best way you can, taking the songs that are in your head and putting them down on record. That’s it. It’s not like I said, “Let me find a way to be different.” We listened to certain types of music, we wanted to try new stuff, and incorporate influences from everything that we do. My mind naturally works like that, and if I do something, I don’t want to spend the next two years doing the same thing all over again.Your 2018 tour spanned the world and featured so many thrilling accomplishments—Reading and Leeds, opening for Lauryn Hill. And now 2019 keeps that tour going into new continents and new opportunities. What was it like to bring your music to so many different audiences?Music has given me everything in my life—where I live, what I drive, what I eat. It has provided everything for me and my family. It’s amazing to travel the world through music. To get to tour, to see people’s reaction first-hand to the songs that you sing in your house, it’s very humbling. I’m just very grateful, and again I must say that I am grateful to be able to be living my dream.That said, performing in Jamaica is very important. Those are always my favorite shows. There’s nothing like it. Those are the core fans. Those are the people who were there from the start. Those are people excited. You know, we get to invite the youth, people get to come out and celebrate the album. I know it’s going to be crazy. The presales are going like crazy. I just must say, I am really thankful that I get the support here and people actually come out and share their vibes. Jamaican crowds chill out more. They’re not as hyped as international audiences. They don’t come out to party as much. Jamaica is very much profiling. They come out dressed super well—you know, too cool for school. They don’t dance much.What does it mean to be a Jamaican artist? Jamaica is a very blessed place, very influential in world music. I can guarantee there’s no comparison to any other place this small that has that much impact on world culture and world sound. For me, the music should be highlighted more, helped more, pushed more.RELATED: Meet The First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli SykesYour performance style is incredible—and I use style intentionally, because you always look so fashionable. Can you tell me about your fashion philosophy and your clothing line?[laughs] Thank you! I think presentation has always been a thing I’ve been key on. I just do what I feel, and have an eye for what I like. My girl always tells me that. Sometimes I want to wear a shirt with shoes and pants that don’t really go together. I always like to do what I feel comfortable with. I express myself through that. It all plays together, especially with this generation, which is so audio-visual.Then how can fashion connect specifically to music? I know one big part of your fashion sense is the reggae crown. Yes! The reggae crown, specifically, is an expression of culture, another way to identify and to stand out, to carry on the tradition. It’s always been a thing in Jamaican fashion. You see it and you think of Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, and all of those guys. I grew up seeing it and thinking it was cool, and thought I was gonna rock it but do my thing a bit different now.What drives you to bring people to your label, In.Digg.Nation? And then to bring their art to the world?I always wanted to be in charge of a label and managing artists. That was that my goal for the second decade of my career, which starts on January 1st, 2020. I’ve always wanted to set up a place where young artists that are coming up can have a space to go and be creative and have a way to get their music out. So I have two artists now, Lila Ike and Sevana. They’re doing well. I’m just trying to get that going, releasing more and producing more music. Just making the industry turn more reggae.center_img Facebook Twitter What’s next in your trajectory? Do you have plans for another album coming soon? More music, more music, more music! This year. I’m just building my studio now, so more music than usual. I won’t have to go and get studio time anymore. I don’t have to wait. If I want to record three songs tonight at 3:30, I can go and do it. So that’s going to make things happen a lot quicker.As time has passed, my perspective changes with it. I don’t have to stay to any understanding of what my path is. Times change, music changes, equipment changes, sound changes. You have to be able to move and adapt.Behind The Board: TOKiMONSTA On Creativity And Finding Common Ground Through MusicRead morelast_img read more

Amazon to buy Eero maker of home WiFi hardware

first_img1:53 Now playing: Watch this: Tags An Eero Beacon extender. Josh Miller/CNET Amazon has signed an agreement to buy Eero, a San Francisco-based maker of home Wi-Fi hardware, the companies announced Monday.Eero makes simply designed white Wi-Fi router pucks that people can plug in around their homes. An Eero Wi-Fi system is meant to provide more reliable Wi-Fi in every nook and cranny of a home, providing better coverage than a single Wi-Fi router.Read more: Wi-Fi 6: Better, faster internet is coming this year — here’s everything you need to know  The total value of the deal wasn’t disclosed. Eero, which was founded in 2014, has raised $90 million in funding, according to Crunchbase.The deal offers another clear indication of Amazon’s ambitions to control as many aspects of the connected home as it can. It already makes Echo smart speakers — which dominate the US market — as well as Fire TV streamers and even an Alexa-connected microwave. With Eero, it’s pushing into Wi-Fi networking equipment, too. That equipment has likely become even more important for Amazon, since Wi-Fi is the foundation for all the smart-home gear Amazon is selling. Based on its $90 million in funding, the Eero deal appears to be smaller than Amazon’s last notable smart-home acquisition. In April last year, the e-commerce giant purchased Ring, a maker of video doorbells and other security equipment, for $839 million. Ring had raised $209 million prior to the acquisition, according to Crunchbase.Amazon previously worked to promote Eero in 2015, when it started its Launchpad landing page for products made by startups. Eero gained a leading spot on the page, helping bring the young company attention from Amazon’s huge customer base.Amazon is expanding it smart-home tech principally through its Alexa voice assistant. The company said in January there are now more than 28,000 smart home devices from more than 4,500 brands that work with Alexa. That’s up from over 20,000 and 3,500, since September. Also, more than 150 products now have Alexa built in, including headphones, thermostats, PCs, cars and light switches.First published at 2:04 p.m. PT.Update at 2:44 p.m. PT: Adds more details throughout.CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.Everything about Fortnite: What you need to know about the hit game. Google, Amazon’s main rival in smart home, already sells a competing — and much cheaper — system called Google Wifi.The Eero acquisition also points to Amazon’s work to keep building its Wi-Fi Simple Setup feature, which is intended to make setting up new smart-home devices easier. Right now, most users need to go through a tedious process of downloading a new app, going through a lengthy setup and pairing new hardware with their voice assistant. Wi-Fi Simple Setup should help cut out a lot of those steps, allowing folks to plug in a new device and have it start working immediately.While this hassle clearly falls into the category of First World problems, it’s a point of friction that prevents more mainstream customers from hooking up their homes with Wi-Fi-connected lights and appliances.”We have a shared vision that the smart-home experience can get even easier, and we’re committed to continue innovating on behalf of customers,” Amazon’s hardware chief Dave Limp said in a statement Monday.The deal raised concerns about Eero users’ internet data privacy, as the startup will be joining a tech giant that already takes in a lot of user data through its Amazon Web Services cloud-computing business and its other smart-home devices.Looking to allay those worries, Eero confirmed on Twitter that it doesn’t track customers’ internet activity and that policy won’t change after the acquisition. Share your voice Amazon Fire TV Amazon’s Eero takeover will feed its smart home obsession News • Apple Music is now available on Amazon Fire TV Hi Steve! eero and Amazon take customer privacy very seriously and we will continue to protect it. eero does not track customers’ internet activity and this policy will not change with the acquisition.— eero support 👋 (@eerosupport) February 11, 2019 Smart Home Comments Review • Amazon Fire TV: Affordable Alexa-infused 4K streaming 6last_img read more

Russia will Add 200 New Aircraft to Defense Arsenal to Maintain Higher

first_imgAs the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation becomes well entrenched in Eastern Europe, Russia has decided to boost its air capabilities, with almost 200 new airplanes and helicopters to be inducted into its air force and naval branches.Most countries do not have a fleet of 200 aircraft in their arsenal, to give a reference point.The Russians have also reintroduced long-range military air patrol to test the strength and weaknesses of air defences of NATO-aligned nations, an act reminiscent of the Cold War-era distrust between the West and the Russians.The Russian dominance in aircraft and space technology is well catalogued. The latest induction would see 126 new aircraft and 88 helicopters.According to a Sputnik news report from December 2014, the aircraft delivery would include Sukhoi Su-34 (NATO reporting name: Fullback) bombers, multipurpose Su-30SM (NATO reporting name: Flanker-C) and Su-35S (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) fighter jets, Yakovlev Yak-130 (NATO reporting name: Mitten) advanced trainers/light fighters and transport Ilyushin Il-76MD-90 (NATO reporting name: Candid-B) planes. The Russian Air Force is also expected to receive cutting-edge radar stations, such as Nebo-M and Sopka. A Sukhoi SU-35 fighter aircraft participates in a flying display during the 50th Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget airport near ParisReutersThe helicopter deliveries will include Kamov Ka-52 (NATO reporting name: Hokum-B) and Mil Mi-28N (NATO reporting name: Havoc) attack helicopters, Mi-8AMTSh (NATO reporting name: Hip) assault-transport helicopters, Mi-35 (NATO reporting name: Hind-E) combat helicopters and Ka-226 (NATO reporting name: Hoodlum) utility choppers.”The serviceability status (will increase) up to 67%,” defense minister Sergei Shoigu said during a conference call. This would see two out of three aircraft at operational readiness at any given time. However, the US Air Force rate stands at 78% in 2013.Su-35 CapabilitiesThe entry of the Su-35s Flanker multirole fighter aircraft is expected to advance Russian air superiority significantly. The twin-engine, single-seat fighter is currently undergoing tests and is expected to be inducted in 2015.The Su-35 Flanker carries a $85 million export price, a comparatively lower price for a 4++ generation fighter. Currently, US is the only nation to field an operational fifth generation aircraft in the F-22 Raptor.The fifth-generation aircraft carry better stealth capabilities, with advanced radar evading technology allowing them to penetrate deep into enemy air defence and launch strikes. New Russian-made combat helicopter KA-52 nicknamed Alligator is shown for the first time for mass media in the Kamov company outside Moscow, November 19. The $12-14 million two-seat helicopter is equipped by a French-made night-vision device to allow it make reconnaissance and coordinate air and ground forces actions during the combat.ReutersThe US Air Force, Marines and the Navy are expected to induct the Lockhead Martin F-35, the most expensive weapons development programme ever, by December 2015. The F-35 is a fifth-generation fighter.Estimates suggest a single Air Force F-35A to cost $148 million. A Marine Corps specification fitted F-35B will cost $251 million. A lone Navy F-35C will cost $337 million. Average the three models together, and a “generic” F-35 costs $178 million.The Russians are developing the Sukhoi T-50 as their fifth generational multirole aircraft. While, the Chinese are developing the Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31.Defence BudgetsIn 2015, the Russian defence budget is expected to total $84 billion, which would also see soldier strength increase to 3,50,000 from 2,95,000 a year ago, read Huffington Post.For 2015, the US President Barack Obama is seeking a base defence budget of $495.6 billion.Russia is also reopening up its Soviet era Arctic air bases and has formed a separate Arctic command to oversee its troops stationed there. The move is strategically important given the melting of the Arctic ice cap not only opens up new trade routes between Asia and Europe, but also gives access to oil and gas reserves estimated to be available in the region, read Business Insider.The Russians have also decided to replace the Soviet era missile weaponry with more advanced missiles, while not only capable of delivering a nuclear payload, but can also penetrate the most advanced of missile defence shields.A single Topol M ICBM missile carries four MIRVed (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle), nuclear warheads with 100-300 kiloton warheads, with a range exceeding 10,000 kilometer.last_img read more

Worldclass autism township set to come up near Kolkata

Worldclass autism township set to come up near Kolkata

first_imgKolkata: In a one-of-its-kind initiative, a private firm, in association with the state government, is set to build a world-class autism township near Kolkata, where children and adults suffering from the developmental disorder can receive training, treatment and boarding facilities. The India Autism Center (IAC) – a non-profit organization under Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013 – is expected to come up over a 52-acre plot at Sirakol in South 24 Parganas in the next five years. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life A joint effort by Ratnabali Group and the state – the estimated cost for building the township has been pegged at Rs 500 crore, a company official said. The soft launch of the project has been scheduled for January, next year, the official said. Suresh Somani, the joint managing director of Ratnabali Investment Pvt Ltd, said the project, announced during the Bengal Global Business Summit (BGBS) earlier this year, will also have provisions for training teachers, who would be dealing with those suffering from the disorder. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra, during the BGBS meet in January, had highly appreciated the initiative and promised all support to it, he said. “It will be the first centre of its kind, not just in India, but globally, with housing facilities for 350 residents and daycare centre for over 200 children, adolescents and adults. The construction work for the township will begin next year,” Somani said. IAC will also have an administrative wing and a guest house, where parents of those receiving training at the institute can put up for a few days, he said. “There will be international tie-ups and the institute will be absolutely different from any of the centres that we have now. The township, which is expected to come up by 2023, will ensure holistic development of those suffering from autism,” he added.last_img read more

Intl child trafficking racket Kingpin held from Gujarat

Intl child trafficking racket Kingpin held from Gujarat

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Police has arrested a person from Gujrat for allegedly kidnapping and selling several children in foreign countries. The accused Mayur Vyas was arrested on Saturday.According to the sources, a case was registered regarding child trafficking around a month ago. Kolkata Police came to about the racket through an e-mail from the American Consulate in Kolkata. Consulate informed that a few months ago several children were taken to the US with fake passports. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWhile checking with the passports, the US police identified that the passports were fake. The identities of the children were not matching as per the information on the passport. Upon being informed, the anti-human trafficking unit of Kolkata Police initiated a probe. During November Kolkata Police tracked down four persons. They were arrested from India Exchange Place. The four persons identified as Azad Chowdhury, Shahaziya Chowdhury, Nasir Hossain and Sanjay Kumar Singh. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedAzad and Shahziya are husband and wife. Sources informed that both of them used to pose as the parents of the trafficked children. Hossain and Singh used to prepare fake documents to procure passports for the children. After everything was arranged, the couple used to take the children to the US and sell them against a sum of money. The four are being remanded to police custody till December 5. During police custody, they were interrogated thoroughly to know more about the racket. The four told police about others who are working in the racket. From them police came to about Vyas and started tracking him. The other state police were also informed. A few days ago, Kolkata Police came to know that Vyas was in Gujrat. Immediately, a team of Kolkata Police got in touch with Gujrat Police and asked for assistance. According to the sources, upon receiving the information, Gujrat Police detained Vyas and handed him over to Kolkata Police on Saturday. He was arrested and produced before a local court in Gujrat with an appeal for transit remand which was granted. On Sunday, Vyas was brought to Kolkata and produced before a court with a prayer for police custody. The sleuths suspect several more persons are connected with this racket.last_img read more

Bigger Isnt Always Better But With the iPhone X It Is

first_imgDecember 7, 2017 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. The holidays came early this year — Nov. 3, to be exact — for lucky entrepreneurial techies. Not only did those early birds snag their preordered iPhone X models, but they enjoyed quick access to the newest Apple gadget while competitors had to wait up to six weeks for theirs. And what those first buyers discovered is that the iPhone X has shattered the mold once again, offering significant opportunities to businesses wanting to up their game.Aside from the X’s myriad aesthetic improvements — like no home button on the frame, to nearly edge-to-edge display — iPhone X reviewers agree that Apple has cemented itself as the influential leader in driving technology, even at the gulp-worthy starting price of $999.Related: Will X-gen iPhone Axe the Exiting?Behind all the bells and whistles, though, is the whisper of what could be — and what will be — for entrepreneurs prepared to lean on the iPhone X as a personal and professional tool. Not only is it a social media and web-browsing monster, it’s also a platform that can launch the next generation of sales, marketing and customer-experience opportunities, even while it springboards startups into 2018.A lookalike that sets itself apartNo one can look at the iPhone X without recognizing its enhancements. The taller screen, with its 19.5:9 aspect ratio and approximately 20 percent space increase, is sleeker and bigger than the screens of previous iPhones. But that’s not even the best part: That status belongs to the phone’s hardware and software, which are ultimately blowing users’ minds.With the addition of Face ID, enabled by the inclusion of a front-facing and infrared 3D camera, the days of Touch ID seem like a bygone era. Using a system that recognizes a user’s face, the iPhone X can be unlocked — day or night, with or without sunglasses — when its user simply looks at it. And because Apple keeps face maps out of the cloud, it’s secure against hackers who might try to use two-dimensional photos or create 3D masks. In addition, the iPhone X’s rear, 12-megapixel camera offers greater image stabilization and a smarter portrait mode through AI, for adding visual effects and recreating lighting scenarios.Nor are these attributes playthings, either. They’re radical, sociological experiments that, if Apple’s history is any indication, will transform the way consumers, and therefore entrepreneurs and businesses, interface with devices. In fact, according to Recode, the iPhone has a long history of changing the world: 85 percent of photographs are now taken on cellphones, and what was once an App Store containing 500 apps is now a spectrum of 5.5 million app offerings, if you total those available from the App Store and Google Play. Even the newly introduced gestures, swipes and movements used to access the iPhone X will likely become the new normal.Making today’s difference tomorrow’s normEntrepreneurs need to recognize these features not as novel, then, but rather as the soon-to-be, de facto standard around which they should already be structuring their operations. As in years past: When Apple rolls out new gestures, entrepreneurs should roll those new iPhone X traits into their company software.Related: How iPhone X Can Make an Entrepreneur’s Life EasyFurthermore, the iPhone X’s gorgeous display and Dolby Vision-rated color experience are things content-creators should embrace. While color correction and accuracy have never been one of the biggest selling factors for mobile devices, Apple’s HDR-capable screen adds a degree of color accuracy that lends a new level of nuance and flexibility to technology concepts, as well as interface elements.Moreover, having more screen real estate for software puts more things within the view of a user — from task lists to emails to social media posts. In daily usage, this means a user can get through more content quickly without the need to refresh or scroll as often.All of these new interface features and experiences disrupt the marketplace, and founders who use them to pursue their business goals and address the needs of their target audiences are the only ones who’ll be able to keep pace with the changes already here.To seize the business opportunities your iPhone X presents, you should:1. Run existing applications through heavy-duty screen tests. With the new screen resolution and size, certain applications are guaranteed to function differently on an iPhone X versus other business equipment. Some applications will have major problems, such as overlapping text, and getting these problems fixed quickly is vital, especially when it comes to sales and marketing.Even if the software works perfectly, businesses can take their investigation a step further to see if the new screen real estate opens doors to unheard-of user interface or user experience concepts. For example, older navigation paradigms might be best abandoned in favor of more natural, modern ones. And, as augmented reality is already changing how consumers shop, entrepreneurs should look to the possibilities of the iPhone X and its augmented reality platform to better understand what their businesses should offer and how they should offer it.2. Work emerging gestures into UX. With all the new muscle memory that will be developing among iPhone X users, entrepreneurs should see how that can be leveraged for UX. For example, if gestures that users are comfortable using provide them with shortcuts to an application’s key features, they’ll be more likely to prefer those gestures and perhaps that brand.Related: 10 Things You Need to Learn From Apple’s MarketingObviously, leveraging these features for your own business means experimenting with the control-less screen and 3D facial-mapping software, as well as that software’s far-reaching capabilities (if Apple provides this ability to developers, that is). While some users will always want to have click-ability and a sense of touch — hence the password protection that backs up iPhone X’s Face ID — many will expect to be able to engage with other software á la their devices.3. Consider how face-mapping can engage your customers. Interestingly, 3D-mapping software is ideal for use on human faces and on objects. This opens new possibilities: Could tapping into the new hardware enable people to try on items, as glasses purveyor Warby Parker has already done? Might facial gestures unlock accessible interfaces for the hottest new brands? Down the line, it may even be possible for face-mapping software to send personalized content to users based on the expressions they make.So . . . is it worth shelling out a grand so that every employee of yours has an iPhone X to explore and innovate with? Probably not. But figuring out the advantages of these evolutions is essential. Today’s marketplace is as dynamic as it’s ever been, and if the iPhone X teaches entrepreneurs anything, it’s that failing to keep up with these changes is the quickest route to backsliding in 2018. Register Now » 7 min readlast_img read more

FreeRTOS affected by 13 vulnerabilities in its TCPIP stack

FreeRTOS affected by 13 vulnerabilities in its TCPIP stack

first_imgFreeRTOS, a popular real-time operating system kernel for embedded devices, is found to have 13 vulnerabilities, as reported by Bleeping Computers yesterday. A part of these 13 vulnerabilities results in flaws in its remote code execution. FreeRTOS supports more than 40 hardware platforms and powers microcontrollers in a diverse range of products including temperature monitors, appliances, sensors, fitness trackers, and any microcontroller-based devices. Although it works at a smaller component scale, it lacks the complexity that comes with more elaborate hardware. However, it allows processing of data as it comes in. A researcher at Zimperium, Ori Karliner, analyzed the operating system and found that all of its varieties are vulnerable to: 4 remote code execution bugs, 1 denial of service, 7 information leak, and another security problem which is yet undisclosed Here’s a full list of the vulnerabilities and their identifiers, that affect FreeRTOS: CVE-2018-16522 Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-16525 Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-16526 Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-16528 Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-16523 Denial of Service CVE-2018-16524 Information Leak CVE-2018-16527 Information Leak CVE-2018-16599 Information Leak CVE-2018-16600 Information Leak CVE-2018-16601 Information Leak CVE-2018-16602 Information Leak CVE-2018-16603 Information Leak CVE-2018-16598 Other FreeRTOS versions affected by the vulnerability FreeRTOS versions up to V10.0.1, AWS FreeRTOS up to V1.3.1, OpenRTOS and SafeRTOS (With WHIS Connect middleware TCP/IP components) are affected. Amazon has been notified of the situation. In response to this, the company has released patches to mitigate the problems. Per the report, “Amazon decided to become involved in the development of the product for the Internet-of-Things segment. The company extended the kernel by adding libraries to support cloud connectivity, security and over-the-air updates.” According to Bleeping Computers, “Zimperium is not releasing any technical details at the moment. This is to allow smaller vendors to patch the vulnerabilities. The wait time expires in 30 days.” To know more about these vulnerabilities in detail, visit the full coverage by Bleeping Computers. Read Next NSA researchers present security improvements for Zephyr and Fucshia at Linux Security Summit 2018 How the Titan M chip will improve Android security EFF kicks off its Coder’s Rights project with a paper on protecting security researchers’ rightslast_img read more

Jamie Dimon We are Holding Ourselves Back

first_img September 13, 2017 668 Views Jamie Dimon: Policies are holding us back from CNBC.,Jamie Dimon: We are Holding Ourselves Back Share JPMorgan Chase President and CEO Jamie Dimon had much to say on the state of the U.S. economy at the Delivering Alpha Conference in New York City, according to CNBC.Lending was the first talking point of Dimon’s interview, who debunked the myth that current economic policy hasn’t affected lending. “Absolutely untrue,” Dimon said. “Any small—any new small business owner has trouble getting a loan. Mortgage lending—I wrote about this, our economists did real work—because of the higher cost of mortgaging, the servicing legal requirements, and less availability, we think mortgage could be $2 trillion higher.”Dimon went on to say that even if that number were to be halfed to $1 trillion, that would add 10 percent to lending, and would contribute to growth, small business, middle-market, and even “rugs,” along with homebuilding, and new household formation.“You’re telling me we’re not holding ourselves back? The fact is, we are,” Dimon said. “I do think these things are policy issues,” he continued. “It’s not just the way it is.”Dimon recognized that Washington is a difficult place, and recommended that thought, analysis, policy, and collaboration was the best way to make progress in moving the industry forward. Consumer and business confidence is on the rise, but Dimon is of the opinion that the Administration should remain focused on the agenda it pitched at the start of its campaign.You can view the full interview above.center_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, News, Origination, Servicing Dimon Economic Outlook 2017-09-13 Joey Pizzolatolast_img read more

ITVs new drama channel ITV Encore goes live tonig

first_imgITV’s new drama channel ITV Encore goes live tonight in the UK on Sky Channel 123. The network is dedicated to “the best of contemporary British ITV drama” and at launch will air shows including Mrs Biggs, Poirot, Whitechapel and DCI Banks.From 2015, ITV said the channel will also screen original commissions, alongside successful ITV dram series from recent years.In February, ITV also announced plans to launch a new female-focused channel, ITVBe, which is due to go live towards the end of the year.last_img

Google is developing Fuchsia OS to replace Chrome OS and Android

Google is developing Fuchsia OS to replace Chrome OS and Android

first_imgAdvertisement Google is thought to be working on a replacement for its Linux-based Android and ChromeOS operating systems, after an advanced-stage project called Fuchsia was spotted on the Github open source code repository.There has been no official announcement around Fuchsia so far, but three operating system specialists are working on it and have so far committed a range of components to Github.Five of those working on Fuschia – Adam Barth, Brian Swetland, Travis Geiselbrecht, Petr Hosek (who made the intial commit to Github) and Eric Holland are all presently engineers at Google. – Advertisement – Barth, Swetland and Geiselbrecht have in the past worked on a range of operating systems that including Palm and Hewlett-Packard’s webOS, and BeOS that was once destined to compete against MacOS and Windows.Although the initial commit to Github was made in June this year, copyright notices in the source code license suggest the project may have gestated in 2008.Fuchsia currently has two related kernels: Magenta and LK (Little Kernel). Whereas Magenta is aimed at modern smartphones and computers with fast processors and plenty of memory, as well as peripherals, LK is a stripped-down version that is designed for small, embedded systems.Based on the Github repository and Barth’s presentations, Fuchsia could use the open source Flutter high-performance user interface framework with Mojo as the interprocess communications layer and application runtime.Dart, a programming language developed by Google, is used to Flutter code apps, with a rendering engine named Escher taking care of graphics effects, using the OpenGL and Vulkan application programming interfaces.A range of userland tools for the operating system, including compilers, codecs and emulators have also been ported to Fuchsia. Support for Raspberry PI3 is currently being worked on.Fuchsia and its associated components can be built for Intel x86-64 and ARM AArch64 processor architectures, using the Ubuntu Linux distribution, with macOS in the wings.[IT News Australia, Android Police]last_img read more

Uber Hires Former Obama Campaign Manager to Battle the Big Taxi Cartel

first_img Next Article Uber Guest Writer Uber Hires Former Obama Campaign Manager to Battle the ‘Big Taxi Cartel’ 2 min read –shares Laura Entis August 19, 2014center_img Add to Queue Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It’s been a tumultuous day at the executive level in the ridesharing sector today.Earlier this afternoon, news broke that Lyft COO Travis VanderZanden is leaving the company after an 18-month stint (rumor has it he clashed with the company’s founders). Not to be outdone, Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick made a pretty significant announcement of his own, revealing that David Plouffe, President Obama’s former campaign manager and White House adviser, has been hired as the company’s new senior vice president of policy and strategy.Officially, Plouffe will oversee Uber’s global branding, communications and policy, but more succinctly, as Kalanick summed it up for Politico, he will be the transportation network’s “campaign manager.”Related: Lyft COO Exits in the Wake of Controversial NYC LaunchKalanick’s use of politically charged language to describe his company – “There’s an incumbent … the big taxi cartel … and we’re the challenger,” he told the outlet — emphasizes the important role Plouffe will play in helping Uber expand despite resistance from regulators and local governments.”Uber has been in a campaign but hasn’t been running one,” Kalanick wrote in a blog post announcing the news. “That is changing now.”In this respect, of course, both Plouffe’s extensive political experience and connections comes in handy. “We’ll be trying to change the point of view of established politicians, and there’s a lot of resistance coming from people who want to protect the status quo,” Plouffe told Politico.Plouffe, who managed both of Obama’s presidential campaigns and served as a senior adviser to the president, left the White House in January 2013.Related: Lyft and Uber Trade Barbs Over Cancelled Rides Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

Glassbox Distances Competitors by Patenting Its Technology for Recording Web Sessions

first_imgGlassbox Distances Competitors by Patenting Its Technology for Recording Web Sessions MTS Staff WriterMay 10, 2019, 7:50 pmMay 10, 2019 Glassbox, the leading enterprise Digital Customer Management solution provider, announced that a patent for its technology to record web sessions has been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).The patent for “Systems and Methods for Recording Web Sessions” covers a proprietary technology in Glassbox’s digital customer management platform that records both client- and server-side, providing global enterprises with an evidential 360-degree view of their website and mobile app. Server-side website session recordings significantly reduce the overhead of client-side recording and provide visibility into scenarios that cannot be captured with client-side recording, such as bot investigations, fraud attempts, scraping, and HTTP errors.Marketing Technology News: Artificial Solutions and Rücker Lypsa Team-up to Deliver Conversational AI to the Automotive IndustryGlassbox’s technology breaks the dependency between server-side recording and external devices like TAP or even the need for SPAN port. As TAP or SPAN port are not required, this technology is ideal for cloud infrastructure or when access to network devices is not an option.Glassbox’s technology enables Tealeaf customers to migrate to Glassbox Cloud without losing any visibility into their production environments.“Client-recording is important, but it is only part of the ultimate digital truth, and enterprises cannot afford to lose session replay capabilities when migrating to the cloud,” said Glassbox CTO Yaron Gueta. “We created this technology to exceed the highest standards in the industry for quality and quantity of insights available to large enterprises. We’re very proud to have received the approval for the patent and appreciate the recognition that sets our technology apart from all other providers globally.”Marketing Technology News: Uberflip Named a Contender in Content Marketing Platforms for B2B Marketers for the First Time by Independent Research FirmGlassbox is the only enterprise-grade digital customer analytics platform that allows users to capture, index, search, retrieve, replay and drive real-time machine learning-driven insights from data related to digital customer journeys. It enables online customer experience professionals to receive automatic alerts about customer struggles and technical anomalies and act upon them. Glassbox does all this whilst meeting the highest security and privacy standards.Marketing Technology News: CloudShare Launches Flexible Sales Enablement Solution to Reduce Sales Friction, Illuminate Buyer Journeys and Empower Teams with Advanced Analytics customer management platformdigital customer analyticsGlassboxGlassbox CloudMarketing TechnologyNewsUSPTO Previous ArticleHUBX, The World’s First Anonymous B2B Marketplace Platform, Surpasses $200 Million in Revenue in First Year, Hires Industry Veteran as Chief Revenue OfficerNext ArticleSales Development Report: Bots, Chat Will Be the Next Big Thing, Live Call Still Dominates and GDPR Drives Changeslast_img read more

The Importance of a Clear Diversity Statement in Tech

first_imgThe Importance of a Clear Diversity Statement in Tech Zoe MorrisJune 14, 2019, 10:00 amJune 13, 2019 In recent years, we’ve seen a pronounced shift in the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the business world. An ever-growing number of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 giants, are making Diversity and Inclusion a priority. They are investing in more initiatives and viewing Diversity as a driving force behind long-term growth and success. While it’s important to acknowledge and commend the positive changes happening across tech globally, it’s not the time to rest on our laurels just yet—there’s still a lot of work in the way to achieve real gender equality and put an end to corporate bias in its various forms.Diversity in Tech TodayThe tech sector is taking steps toward creating a more inclusive business landscape. But is lagging behind other industries when it comes to promoting Diversity and Inclusion internally. STEM industries certainly are notorious for employing primarily white males and evoking a kind of “boys’ club” mentality. This deters other genders and ethnicities hoping to forge a career there. Take Google’s employee numbers, for example; just 2% of Google’s 100,000 employees are African American, and only 20% of its technical roles are held by women. Other tech titans like Salesforce and Microsoft have made a clear effort to narrow the pay gap recently, but this needs to become the norm rather than the glowing exception.A lack of awareness surrounding Diversity and Inclusion policies stands as a major contributor. Tackling the issue head-on makes sense from a strategic perspective too. A more inclusive workplace means your employees feel happier and more empowered to innovate, grow, and help you outperform your competitors.Every one of your employees is a potential ambassador for your brand. A workforce that feels heard, respected, and connected is one that feels positive about its employer. This kind of currency will take you far when it comes to attracting the kind of high-caliber talent you want to drive your business forward.Read More: Why Sellers.json is a Major Leap Forward in Transparent Programmatic AdvertisingThe Modern Tech ProfessionalRight now, the tech job market is a skilled candidate’s dream. Organizations across the US and the rest of the world are clamoring to hire and retain the very best talent in their respective ecosystems. Gone are the days where a higher salary would be enough to nudge a potential hire in your direction. The most attractive job offer is less about money and benefits. It is more about company culture, professional development, and the core values upheld by the organization into consideration.Businesses looking to stay relevant and attract top-tier professionals can’t get away with simply paying lip service to diversity policies. The modern professional expects and demands transparency from current and potential employers, and this is particularly true of millennials; a recent report from Baker McKenzie revealed that a whopping 80% of millennial respondents wouldn’t even apply for a role if they felt the company in question had a gender pay gap. This only bolsters the already long-overdue message. It says businesses need to focus on equality and be transparent about where they stand on Diversity and Inclusion. This is important, especially when looking for fresh talent in an industry as fiercely competitive as tech.For a global scale business, Diversity and Inclusion becomes an even more integral part of sustained growth an international success. The richness of cultures and genders in your workforce leaves you better equipped to work across different parts of the world. It helps in an authentic understanding of the people-and markets-you work with.Read More: What to Expect When You’re Launching a Customer Data Platform in 2019Your Diversity Statement and Internal MarketingMore businesses are sitting up and taking stock of Diversity and Inclusion in the wider community. But employee-facing strategies are often on the backburner. Actually creating a diversity policy for your organization is only the beginning of the journey; the real work comes with promoting and supporting that strategy internally with the same Marketing zeal that goes into your customer-facing efforts.We need to change our perception of Internal Marketing. The perception should be changed from something of an afterthought to a key consideration. Your efforts in communicating company values to your workforce clearly and enthusiastically have an impact not only on employee satisfaction and morale. This also supports the delivery of exceptional Customer Service.According to a recent survey of the ServiceNow community, almost a third (29%) of professionals said they weren’t even sure whether or not their company had a diversity statement, while 8% said their employer simply didn’t have one.The fact that a significant number of employees experience a bit of a blind spot when it comes to their employer’s diversity statement indicates a lack of Internal Marketing to support it. It could be as simple as raising awareness through a company newsletter, organizing events to support diversity initiatives, or providing training to educate your people on the ins and outs of your organization’s values and protocols.Effective Internal Marketing is critical to rolling out a successful Diversity and Inclusion policy—one that has the power to effect real change and contribute to the fight for equality in a positive, pro-active way while attracting more-diverse talent to enrich your workforce like never before.Read More: Fully Connected: How to Get Developing Countries Online Clear DiversityGender Equalityinternal marketinginternational successNelson Frank Previous ArticleVidMob Closes $25 Million In Series B Financing To Fuel Global Expansion Of Creative Technology Platform, Agile Creative StudioNext ArticleXactly Redefines ICM Industry with First Unified Sales Performance Management Platform to Accelerate Revenue Growthlast_img read more

New recovery pathway could speed up time to next treatment for pancreatic

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 25 2019Pancreaticoduodenectomy, or the Whipple operation, is one of the most complex abdominal surgeries, and is commonly prescribed as a first line of therapy for cancer located within the pancreatic head. It remains the most effective treatment method associated with prolonged survival. The surgery involves removal of parts of the pancreas, bile duct, and small intestine, requiring careful reconstruction of the organs involved. Clinicians at Jefferson have now shown that providing patients intensive care after surgery can help reduce hospital stay and reduce time to eligibility for adjuvant chemotherapy. The prospective, randomized, controlled study was published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.”The trial was so successful that we were able to halt the study early and change our standard practice to providing this accelerated post-operative care to all eligible patients,” said Harish Lavu, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) and researcher with the NCI-Designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health.Related Stories’Traffic light’ food labels associated with reduction in calories purchased by hospital employeesStudy looks at impact of hospital readmissions penalties on targeted surgical conditionsRaw meat can act as reservoir for bacteria associated with hospital infectionsThe study authors led by first author Dr. Lavu, MD, and senior author Charles J. Yeo, MD, the Samuel D. Gross Professor and Chair of Surgery at Jefferson, analyzed 76 pancreaticoduodenectomy patients in the study who had a low to moderate risk for complications. They compared the standard 7-day pathway for recovery and discharge, to one that took only five days to complete. The 5-day pathway included early discharge planning, a shortened stay in the ICU, modified diet and drain management; rigorous physical therapy with in-hospital gym visits, and follow up via telehealth after discharge.”Our accelerated recovery pathway incorporates the latest in recovery science by ensuring patients get mobile shortly after surgery, which has been shown to improve outcomes,” said Dr. Yeo. “We also assign experienced recovery nurse practitioners to follow-up care via telehealth, which has been shown to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions. The results of this study validate much of what the field is beginning to view as best practice and it’s exciting to be able to define a more effective pathway to better care for patients.”The 5-day Whipple accelerated recovery pathway (WARP) reduced length of stay without significantly increasing complication rates. Using the WARP protocol 76 percent of patients were ready to be discharged at day 5 in the 5-day group, whereas only 13 percent of the 7-day group were ready to be discharged by day 5.Perhaps most significantly, reducing recovery time means that patients with pancreatic cancer can transition more quickly to the next phase of treatment. On average, the shorter stay was associated with reducing time to adjuvant therapy by 15 days (51 days with 5-day, versus 66 days with 7-day recovery).Source: read more

Goldman Sachs pulls back on bitcoin trade plans report

first_imgSome financial institutions are pulling back from plans to get into bitcoin trading amid a sharp decline in value © 2018 AFP Explore further International banking giant Goldman Sachs has pulled back from immediate plans to open a bitcoin trading desk, according to US media report Wednesday that sent bitcoin prices lower. NYSE joins forces with Starbucks on bitcoin platformcenter_img Faced with regulatory uncertainty over bitcoin, Goldman has suspended for now plans for the exchange in favor of other digital currency efforts, Business Insider reported, citing unnamed sources.A Goldman Sachs spokesman did not directly comment on the report.”In response to client interest in various digital products, we are exploring how best to serve them in the space,” the spokesman said. “At this point, we have not reached a conclusion on the scope of our digital asset offering.”Near 1400 GMT, the cryptocurrency was trading at around $7,000, down about five percent from Tuesday’s level.Goldman Sachs has taken some steps in cryptocurrencies, including recruiting Justin Schmidt from hedge fund Seven Eight Capital. Schmidt has begun to prepare the bank for transactions involving bitcoin in case of a green light from regulators.But some large financial firms have pulled back on digital money projects as bitcoin prices have plunged this year. Citation: Goldman Sachs pulls back on bitcoin trade plans: report (2018, September 5) retrieved 17 July 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Solo yet tutti App puts orchestra in your living room

first_imgIt’s a musician’s dream—rehearse alongside a full orchestra, but in your own living room. Explore further © 2019 AFP Renowned violinist Renaud Capucon uses the NomadPlay, which can remove any instrument from playback as desired, allowing the home musician to step into the fray from the comfort of home Citation: Solo, yet tutti: App puts orchestra in your living room (2019, June 12) retrieved 17 July 2019 from He does concede, however, that the app per se will not transform the user into a musical genius.”It’s not going to turn you into a (Yehudi) Menuhin or (Mstislav) Rostropovich”.Indeed “if the pupil only works with the app you could say it’s dangerous… but from the point of view of speeding up the job, it is very positive,” said Capucon.For Marc Bourreau, a teacher and lecturer at engineering college Telecom ParisTech, applications dedicated to music, be it for listening, micing or editing, have become ever more sophisticated.”This digitally-pushed evolution eliminated the frontier between creator/artist and consumer,” he said.In an age where “children grow up with their tablets you have to give music this technological and entertaining side to spark their interest,” added Dominique Bluzet, executive director at the Festival de Paques.Bluzet says concerts these days are no longer the only way to introduce young people to music.NomadPlay is already working with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, National Orchestra of France’s Ile de France region around Paris and their Rouen-Normandy equivalent.It hopes to extend its repertoire by September to include scores played by a broader range of ensembles.”We shall be able to try out the tempo of different conductors (and offer) preparation which affords musicians greater flexibility,” Capucon said.Practise anywhereChalot says the app can offer discs a second life.”We wanted to find a new economic model for recorded music which has been around for 100 years,” said the 38-year-old, who has worked at the Paris Opera and the Rouen-Normandy Opera.”We tell independent and major labels that ‘this is also a way of getting your artists known’,” said Chalot.Around a dozen people worked on the app, whose creation was partly funded by the CM-CIC Innovation investment fund and French culture ministry. “The day we ran the first tests I cried. It was magnificent,” Chalot recalled.To date, the catalogue is purely classical music but the company says it is in talks with independent pop and rock producers as it looks to “open up to all genres.” The app lets the user search by ability level or instrument, as well as composer, while you can also mix up the tempo and even annotate the score Emulate Rostropovich? This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More orchestras join Google classical project And the immersive experience is possible because, yes, there’s an app for that, courtesy of a French start-up, Digital Music Solutions.”NomadPlay” is all down to an algorithm which separates out the sound components of a score to remove any instrument as desired, fading out an oboe or piano part for instance, and allowing the home musician to join the fray.”When we were young we all practised with records to get the impression we were playing along with the Vienna or Berlin philharmonic. That was very gratifying,” internationally-renowned French violinist Renaud Capucon, 43, told AFP.”But it was a nightmare when our parents heard us play because it just wasn’t the same thing!”Now, thanks to the app, “you’re accompanied by an orchestra all on your own in your room—it’s extraordinary.”Clothilde Chalot and Hannelore Guittet started Digital Music Solutions in Paris five years ago.Their app can be downloaded for free on a phone or tablet and offers a catalogue of albums, ranging from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to Schubert’s Fantasia in F Minor.Amateurs and professionals buy the pieces for between five and 20 euros ($5.60-$22.50).Karaoke styleCapucon, the app’s “ambassador,” offered AFP a demonstration of its capabilities at the Festival de Paques in the southern town of Aix-en-Provence in April.Taking Ravel’s string quartet, he clicked on the violin symbol to eliminate the sound of the part, before accompanying the piece with his own instrument.The concept is similar to that of karaoke, where fans grab the mic to provide their own vocals to the original backing track.Yet the NomadPlay app is more elaborate. First off, you can search by level—beginner, intermediate, experienced or expert—or by instrument, as well as by composer. You can increase or slow down the tempo, repeat a bar or part of a bar and even annotate the score.Capucon says the app is brimming with educational promise as it can help budding musicians “learn a work more quickly with this harmonic help.”For professionals such as himself, the system offers a “huge time gain” as “when finally you practise with the others, you already have the reflexes”.last_img read more

Arun Jaitley hints at raising cash support to farmers in futureArun Jaitley

first_imgPublished on SHARE February 03, 2019 Slams Congress President for ridiculing the scheme Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday hinted that the Rs 500 a month cash dole to small farmers may be increased in the future as the government’s resources grow and said states can top up this amount with their own income support schemes.He also slammed Congress President Rahul Gandhi for ridiculing the scheme announced in the Interim Budget for 2019-20 by equating it to Rs 17 a day dole, saying the opposition leader must “grow up” and realise that he is contesting a national election and not a college union poll.The plan to give Rs 6,000 cash to 12 crore small and marginal farmers every year together with government schemes for giving them a house, subsidised food, free healthcare and hospitalisation, free sanitation, electricity, roads, gas connections, twice the amount of credit at very cheap rate are all aimed at addressing farm distress, Jaitley told PTI in an interview here.“This is the first year where it (farmer income support scheme) has begun. I am sure as the government resources improve, this can be increased,” he said.On nearly 15 crore landless farmers being left out of the scheme, he said they have rural employment guarantee scheme MNREGA plus other benefits for the rural population.Takes a dig at Congress’ farm loan waiver“What is the biggest thing that the Congress claims that they ever did? (UPA regime Finance Minister) P Chidambaram announced a Rs 70,000 crore farm loan waiver… (but) actual distributed was only Rs 52,000 crore. (Also), CAG said a large part of that money went to traders and businessmen and converted itself into a fraud,” he said.The present government, he said, is “starting off over and above the lakhs of crores we are putting into rural areas.” “We are starting off with Rs 75,000 crore a year and I foresee this amount increasing in the years to come. And if the states top it up, some states have already started with the scheme, I think the others must emulate them, it will increase,” he added.State’s income support schemeJaitley, who is here for medical treatment, said the state governments too have a responsibility to address farm distress by bringing their own income support schemes.“Some state governments have started it,” he said. “So my advise to what I call the ‘Nawabs of Negativity’ is ask your own state governments to top it off with their own income support schemes. Ideally, like the GST, this is a case where all political parties must defy party lines and in the spirit of cooperative federalism, have a Centre plus state scheme.” He said most of the central schemes are divided into 60:40 ratio, so “let us enhance this to 60:40 in the spirit of cooperative federalism” and instead of “giving criticism, let the states give 40 (per cent).” “In addition to the fertiliser subsidy – another big amount, the healthcare, cheap ration, over a dozen other things you are spending on. This is just an add-on, this (income support) is not something being thrown in the air. The Congress doesn’t understand it because it did nothing,” he said.On Gandhi’s criticism of the Budget proposal, he said, “I think he needs to grow up. He must realise that he is contesting a national election not a college union one.” On opposition criticismOn his predecessor P Chidambaram’s criticism that the interim budget was an “account for vote” and not a ‘Vote on Account’, he said, “I have no problem with monies being spent on either of these two accounts. But I have a serious problem when monies go into personal accounts.” Taking on the Congress, he said the comments by the leaders of the principal opposition party and “some other compulsive contrarians” indicate that they have a complete lack of understanding of the subject.“Others have been in power much longer than we have been and did nothing. There is a real problem in India, both with regard to the urban-rural divide, which is reflective of the quality of life available in rural areas, and the state of agriculture. You have to look at both these issues compositely,” he said.Jaitley, who had to give up charge of the finance ministry to undergo medical treatment just weeks before the budget was presented, said the Congress gave just slogans like ‘Garibi Hatao’ (remove poverty) but delivered very little.Dwelling on the steps taken by the BJP-led NDA government since coming to power in 2014 to address farm sector distress, he said the Centre adopted a two-pronged approach of raising rural infrastructure spend and raising farm incomes. SHARE SHARE EMAIL Union Budget COMMENT agriculture COMMENTSlast_img read more

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The Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee today proposed nearly identical spending numbers to its Democrat-led Senate counterpart, at a time when the California-based tech giant was reeling from unprecedented global scrutiny over fake news and user privacy. Pipestone Chapel)The pill in question is a chemotherapy pill. Burial: St.

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