Revisiting the halfway house that got me sober

first_imgWith Alaska recidivism rates hovering just above 60 percent, helping prisoners transition back to society successfully is as important as ever. Some prisoners enter a halfway house and receive substance abuse treatment, housing, and help with employment and education.Tom Elasonga Milligrock at Gastineau Human Services. (Photo by David Purdy/KTOO)Download AudioOn my way out of prison, I lived at Gastineau Human Services in Juneau and and attended substance use services.Back in 2012, I’d been in for six years for assault. And that wasn’t the first time I’d been to prison. I’d been through treatment and transition programs before, but none of them worked like Juneau’s halfway house and its alcohol treatment services. I wanted to put a finger on what worked, and here’s the story. To start, I went back to the halfway house and spoke to a client.Meet Craig Porter.“I hit rock bottom, lost everything I had,” he said.He’s tall, in his late 20s and easy to talk with.“It took being sober and sitting in a jail cell to realize truly how much I hurt people that I’d cared about and that loved me and how much I’d hurt myself and just took a real moral look at myself and it was — I kinda disgusted myself,” he said.Gastineau Human Services. (Photo by David Purdy/KTOO)We’re at the halfway house and he’s sitting in the same chair I was in two years ago. On a day-to-day basis, there’s an average of 80 clients. I see other men and women coming and going, and I wonder if they’ll make it on the outside.“Drug addiction is what brought me to jail to begin with and I heard about going to the halfway house, GHS, unsentenced. So I figured I’d try that and anything could be better than sitting behind bars,” Porter said.“Unsentenced” is prison-speak for postponing a court appearance, and during that time you have an opportunity, and possibility, to avoid a harsh sentence by entering something like the halfway house.“I started talking with the staff and learning more about Juneau Therapeutic Court. And the more I learned about it and what its main purpose was, I decided it would be a good idea to give it a try,” Porter said.The Juneau Therapeutic Court is part of the court system that sends alcohol and drug abuse-related offenders to treatment and recovery programs instead of prison. Michael Rowcroft is a GHS counselor involved in it.“I consider my approach to counseling as client-centered,” he said.Rowcroft worked with me back when I was here. I appreciated the way he helped me get through denial and admitting that I had a problem with alcohol. We made a plan.Counselor Michael Rowcroft. (Photo by David Purdy/KTOO)“The next stage is action. So you take action, you take the plan, you put it and implement it and start working on developing the tools of recovery, we call them,” Rowcroft said.For me, the tools of recovery included talking about my problem, and being honest and thinking more positive. And they worked. Slowly, like Craig is now, I was able to get out of the halfway house and do more in the community. That’s part of the plan said GHS Director of Client Services Michele Federico.“We work with folks on looking at some of their other re-entry needs looking at changing thoughts and behaviors,” she said. “We offer a structured phase system that people earn privileges over time so that they — with good behavior — they are allowed to do more in the community.”Craig’s about half of my age. I hope he makes the most of his tools of recovery so he can enjoy the rest of his life.Michael Rowcroft, Elasonga Milligrock and Michele Federico at Gastineau Human Services. (Photo by David Purdy/KTOO)“Before I got to jail and got help from the staff at GHS and through Juneau Therapeutic Court, I really wanted to quit, but I didn’t know what to do or where to go,” he said.And he has a little advice of his own.“You need to ask for help if you want it, cause it does not come knock on your door and there’s no one that’s going to tell you have to quit and you’re going to quit you have to really want it,” he said. “You know, go talk to someone if you want the help. Don’t wait for someone to come to you.”If you do need help, GHS offers a variety of services open to the public as well. As for Craig, I wish him continued success and I’ll check back with him to see how things are going.Editor’s note: Milligrock interviewed Craig Porter in early September. Porter is still at Gastineau Human Services and is doing well. Milligrock plans to check back in with Craig early next year.last_img read more

Tesla Model S Loses CR Recommendation Over Reliability Issues

first_img Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 25, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News More Tesla Dashcam “TeslaCam” Road Rage Antics Source: Electric Vehicle News Tesla Model S lost the recommendation because of insufficient reliability in the past (2015), but managed to gain it again in 2016-2017.Tesla Model S Predicted Reliability, 2013 to 2018 Source: Consumer Reports ““The Tesla Model S appears very similar to the car that launched six years ago, but Tesla has made many significant changes,” Fisher says. “Just as we’ve seen with other manufacturers, major changes and updates often cause reliability to slide. It can take a year or two for automakers to work out kinks with new technology.”Fisher stressed that CR’s road-test score for the Model S is still very high compared with its peers; the lost recommendation was solely because of problems reported by owners in the survey. These problems pushed the vehicle’s Overall Score down.A Tesla spokeswoman told CR that some Model S owners experienced suspension problems primarily in 2017. She said that the problem was supplier-related and that the automaker already had addressed it. She pointed out that there was an unrelated false service alert that some customers received this year regarding their suspension. That problem was corrected via an over-the-air software update within two weeks of being reported, she said.“Suspension issues for Model S have improved 65 percent since last year,” she said, “and we continue to make further improvements.”” Tesla Q3 2018 Earnings Report: Record Revenue, Turns Profit Musk Says Some S & X Interior Options Will Vanish In November Suspension problems in the 2017 Model S result in the loss of the recommendationThe latest Consumer Reports Annual Reliability Survey based on data about more than 500,000 vehicles bring changes in purchase recommendations. 12 models lose recommendation, while 16 gain.Among those which lose is the Tesla Model S and the reason behind that is reliability problems with the air suspension in 2017 model year version.Tesla encourages that newly produced cars are free of supplier-related suspension issues, but as the data comes in from owners that bought cars in the past year, Model S loses the recommendation at least for one year.See Alsolast_img read more

Stonehengelike monuments were home to giant pig feasts Now we know who

first_imgEnglish Heritage Heritage Images/Newscom More than 4000 years ago, people erected monumental circles of stones or wood all over southern England. Stonehenge is the most famous, but many other so-called “henges” were also built between 2800 and 2400 B.C.E. Nearby trash pits full of pig bones suggest they once hosted enormous feasts. But who was coming to these gatherings?The pigs have now helped solve that mystery. Researchers studied the bones of 131 pigs from four henge sites in southern England, notably Durrington Walls, a wooden henge (pictured) built a mere 3 kilometers from Stonehenge, and Marden Henge, the largest of these monuments yet discovered. When the pigs were alive, their bones absorbed chemicals from their food and water, preserving a unique signature of each pig’s local environment and diet. The researchers measured the isotope ratios of five of these chemicals: strontium, oxygen, sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen.Nearly no two pigs had the same isotope signature, the team reports today in Science Advances. That suggests they were brought to the henges from many different places rather than being raised locally for feasts. In fact, their isotope signatures match the environments in every corner of England, Scotland, and even Ireland. And that means the people attending the feasts—and contributing their pigs—likely came from as far away as western Wales, northeastern England, and even Scotland. It seems the henges have been tourist hot spots for millennia. By Lizzie WadeMar. 13, 2019 , 2:00 PMcenter_img Stonehenge-like monuments were home to giant pig feasts. Now, we know who was on the guest listlast_img read more