Googles Android Honeycomb Debuts on Motorola Tablet

first_imgGoogle’s mobile platform VP Andy Rubin hit the stage yesterday at the The Wall Street Journal’s D: Get Into Mobile Conference in San Francisco with a shiny new 10-inch Motorola tablet in tow. It wasn’t the hardware that was the focal point of the device, however–it was the debut of a brand new version of the Android open mobile OS.Rubin didn’t really field much in the way of questions about the device, joking that it would run $10,000 (and you thought the Samsung Galaxy Tab was overpriced). He shed a little bit of light on innards, stating that the device was packing a NVidia dual core CPU.AdChoices广告The real star of the show was Honeycomb, the new tablet-centric version of Android. PCMag’s Lance Ulanoff, who was present at the event, described Honeycomb as “very clean” and “almost iPad-like.”Honeycomb is set to release at some point next year. According Google, most of the major OEMs are looking to get on board with the OS.last_img

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