How to find your way home from deep space

first_imgIf aliens ever abduct you to a galaxy far, far away, this map might help you find your way back home. Presented online today in Nature, the map spans more than 1.5 billion light-years, coloring the densest concentrations of observed galaxies red and areas with the fewest galaxies blue. Your home galaxy, the Milky Way, is the blue dot at the center. The red region above the Milky Way includes Virgo, the closest galaxy cluster, about 55 million light-years from Earth. The orange curve illustrates the key finding of the new work: It encircles galaxies that would fall toward one another along the curved white lines if space weren’t expanding; the astronomers have named this huge assemblage Laniakea, after Hawaiian words for “spacious heaven.” It is 100 quadrillion times as massive as the sun—equivalent to 100,000 Milky Ways—and stretches across more than half a billion light-years of space. Outside Laniakea, other galactic gatherings appear green on the map: the Shapley Concentration at the upper left; the Coma Supercluster at the top; and the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster at the right.last_img read more

Watch the NSFW ads that got 2 boxing ring girls the sack! (VIDEO)

first_imgAdvertisement AdvertisementThe biggest boxing fight if the year between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas, and just like always big fights have their own charm, excitement, anticipation. However, apart from the fighters themselves, Ring girls play a crucial role during the boxing match and the lead-up event during fight weeks, from holding the championship belts, posing behind fighters during weigh-ins and also carrying the placards during the interval of each round to reminding people about the which round is about to come.Premier Mexican beer company Tecate has been a major sponsor for big boxing fights for quite a while now and Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin have been their brand ambassador and the beer company also employs the ring girls which add a whole another level of charm to the fights.Two such ring girls are Kayla Fitz and Dessie Mitcheson — two ridiculously attractive models who had worked GGG vs. Canelo events in the past.However, Boxing fans won’t be able to see them this time, as they both have been fired by Tecate, because they made a video that was deemed too hot for the beer brand. The women say they teamed up with famed director Chris Applebaum and made a scorching hot mini-movie — wearing bikinis and drinking Tecate — but it didn’t go over well with their bosses.“They said it was too sexy,” Dessie told TMZ Sports at the Ignite Cannabis Launch Party.“It looked too much like a commercial. No one was paid for it and we got fired. I actually got physically pulled off the stage during weigh-ins and we got canned.”This is a very ridiculous reason to get fired. In fact, this video could have only brought more eyeballs to the ad and thus bringing Tecate more publicity.VIDEO:last_img read more