How to find your way home from deep space

first_imgIf aliens ever abduct you to a galaxy far, far away, this map might help you find your way back home. Presented online today in Nature, the map spans more than 1.5 billion light-years, coloring the densest concentrations of observed galaxies red and areas with the fewest galaxies blue. Your home galaxy, the Milky Way, is the blue dot at the center. The red region above the Milky Way includes Virgo, the closest galaxy cluster, about 55 million light-years from Earth. The orange curve illustrates the key finding of the new work: It encircles galaxies that would fall toward one another along the curved white lines if space weren’t expanding; the astronomers have named this huge assemblage Laniakea, after Hawaiian words for “spacious heaven.” It is 100 quadrillion times as massive as the sun—equivalent to 100,000 Milky Ways—and stretches across more than half a billion light-years of space. Outside Laniakea, other galactic gatherings appear green on the map: the Shapley Concentration at the upper left; the Coma Supercluster at the top; and the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster at the right.last_img read more

a month agoChelsea boss Lampard says Mount could make Liverpool clash

first_imgChelsea boss Lampard says Mount could make Liverpool clashby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea boss Frank Lampard says Mason Mount could make their clash on Sunday against Liverpool.Mount, who has scored three goals in Chelsea’s opening five league games, was forced off early in Tuesday’s Champions League defeat to Valencia.”He’s got a chance,” Lampard said. “The image of the tackle afterwards made it look really bad, but hopefully it’s not so bad.”We’re trying to get him moving today and it’s one I’ll have to call just before the game with another 24 hours in the bank.”The good thing with Mason is his attitude is so good that he’ll give everything to get out there and play for this club, particularly in a game of this size.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Beaujolais Nouveau Wines Arrive in Nova Scotia

first_imgThree selections of Beaujolais Nouveau wines will be available at 57 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores beginning Thursday, Nov. 20. Wine lovers will be able to choose from Georges Duboeuf ($15.58), Mommessin ($14.83) and Pisse-Dru ($13.85). The third Thursday of November is special to wine lovers throughout the world, because it is when Beaujolais Nouveau, the first French wine bottled from this year’s grape harvest. The wines originate in France’s Beaujolais region and act as a barometer for the quality of the vintage as a whole. Sales of the young red wine are historically brisk in Nova Scotia and supply is limited. A detailed news release on the Beaujolais Nouveau wines can be found by following the News Releases link on the NSLC website at . -30-last_img read more

The Swissair disasters bright legacy Friendships as enduring as the sorrow

first_imgFOX POINT, N.S. – Photographs of a cherubic toddler and bright-eyed young woman sit atop Bob Conrad’s well-worn piano, their smiling faces looking out to the site where the veteran fisherman raced 20 years ago as tragedy unfolded in the distance outside his front window.The pictures are mixed in with photos of Conrad’s two daughters and mementoes he has received over the years from families touched by his efforts to recover anything he could the night Swissair Flight 111 plunged into St. Margaret’s Bay, killing all 229 people on board.For Conrad, they are daily reminders of friendships forged in the aftermath of the air disaster and the unexpected joy that can grow out of such sorrow.“You know, something like that event was just so significant at the time and still is and it’s a wonderful thing that we were able to maintain connections and grow those relationships,” he said in his living room overlooking the bay’s glistening waters in Fox Point, N.S.“We have made wonderful friendships, so out of a tragedy there’s the little bit of a bright side that happens. And, they are treasures to us.”Those connections began soon after the MD-11 jet fell from a moonless sky on Sept. 2, 1998, shattering into millions of pieces when it hit the ocean floor about 10 kilometres off Peggy’s Cove on the south shore of Nova Scotia.Conrad, now 71, was dozing on his couch in front of the TV after a long day of tuna fishing when he heard athunderous boom race across the water toward shore. Soon after, he began hearing reports of a possible plane crash not far from his hilltop home.He quickly told his wife, Peggy, that he was going to head out on his boat to see if he could help in what many thought at the time would be a rescue effort.Casting off from the wharf nearby, Conrad motored toward the glow of orange flares illuminating the crash site on a rain-soaked, miserable night. Alone in his boat, he heard the radio chatter of colleagues who had already drifted into a gruesome array of plane wreckage, clothing and all manner of human remains.He soon found himself in the middle of a debris field full of pieces so pulverized he knew no one could have survived.One of the first items Conrad tried to bring aboard was a waterlogged suitcase that was too heavy to pull up on his boat. He let it go, but used his gaffe to haul in a jacket that was sticking out of the case.He turned it over to the police and thought little of it until he met Nancy White when she ventured out to his house with Janet and David Wilkins, who had lost their 19-year-old son, Monte, in the crash.Conrad soon learned that White’s teenage daughter had packed her suede jacket before boarding Flight 111 to go to Switzerland to study pastry making.“She recognized it as her daughter’s and of course those kinds of connections are extremely important to people who are dealing with that kind of loss,” Conrad said of the young woman, Rowenna Lee, the spirited teen whose photo is a fixture on Conrad’s piano.“One thing that we came to learn very much and very quickly was that these family members wanted to know every detail of whatever it is that they can possibly know about the event in all of its detail. So, we were able to meet them and have a wonderful time with them at the time and we made friendships that have borne the test.”Those relations also extended to the family of Robert Martin Maillet, the brown-eyed toddler who was 14 months old when he perished with his parents Karen Domingue Maillet and Denis Maillet, both 37, of Baton Rouge, La.Conrad spotted the baby’s body as he moved through the debris, his light trained on what he at first thought was a child’s doll.“I brought him aboard and later found out he had the same name I had — he was a Robert and I was a Robert. So I just cared for the body and wrapped it in a blanket,” said the soft-spoken fisherman, glancing at the photo of little Robert, whose grandparents later made an emotional visit to the Conrads and still keep in touch.“What meant a lot to them was simply to hold the hands that had last held their grandson.”The emotions also reverberated in the communities that dot the rugged coastline.At the time, dozens of fishermen took to their boats in a futile bid to find survivors, while residents spent days combing the picturesque shoreline for any sign of debris.Scott Hubley had just gotten in from fishing when news reports began coming in that a plane had gone down somewhere off Peggy’s Cove, close to where he plied the waters for mackerel, halibut and lobster. He pulled on his boots so quickly he didn’t put on socks and headed to his father’s house so they could begin searching for survivors.“It was a black old night,” he said. “We started picking up luggage, clothes, food trays — whatever’s on a plane — and then it got more graphic. Stuff you’ve never seen before, but you knew what it was.”Hubley, 49, doesn’t think often of the crash but says memories of that night remain vivid and return “every now and then,” particularly for his elderly father.Reminders of the accident are inescapable for many in the area — where the sky above serves as an aviation superhighway that hugs the coast of Nova Scotia before veering across the Atlantic to Europe.Flight 111 was on that track when it set off from New York for Geneva at 8:18 p.m. with pilot Urs Zimmerman and co-pilot Stephan Loew at the controls. It began tracking north, but about 52 minutes into the flight Loew caught a whiff of what he thought was smoke in the cockpit.The pair began a descent as an electrical fire in the ceiling over the cockpit spread and the pilots struggled to get the aircraft on the ground. Just 31 kilometres from Halifax International Airport, Zimmerman turned the aircraft back over the ocean to dump fuel before attempting a final approach.Doomed by a catastrophic system failure, the plane struck the water nose first at 10:31 p.m. local time at 560 kilometres an hour, killing the 14 crew and 215 passengers instantly.Investigators concluded in 2003 that the fire started when an arcing wire — a phenomenon in which a wire’s coating is corroded and can lead to sparking — ignited a flammable insulation covering in the ceiling.For many, recollections of that night and the exhaustive investigation that followed will likely return as people gather for the 20th anniversary of the crash this Sunday.A service will be held at a memorial site just up the road from Conrad’s house in Bayswater, where many of the 15,000 body parts recovered after the crash were buried. Set against a stunning ocean vista, the granite memorial is engraved with the names of the dead and the epitaph: “They have been joined to the sky and the sea.”Another memorial in Whalesback stares out to the crash site and the iconic lighthouse in the tourist mecca of Peggy’s Cove, which became ground zero for police, the Transportation Safety Board and military officials in the days after the crash.John Campbell, who lives in Peggy’s Cove and runs the Sou’Wester restaurant, saw his community taken over by officials, grieving family members and the media immediately after the crash. His restaurant was closed for more than five days when it became a sort of command centre for officials orchestrating the massive recovery and investigation.The government wharf outside his window became a makeshift morgue for crews bringing in remains and flotsam.Campbell too saw first-hand the devastating impact of the crash after spending hours at sea collecting debris, something he still is not comfortable discussing. But for Campbell, the immediate impact of the crash didn’t end when the TV crews and investigators left.For years, he ferried relatives out to the crash site to spread the ashes of their loved ones. It was an act that eventually took a toll on the affable businessman, who ended up selling his boat and ending the trips after a memorable encounter involving a woman who lost her fiance on Flight 111.“She made a comment along the lines of, ‘I’m not sure it’s worth going on,’ and I’ll never forget it because I was scared that she had a different plan than just going out to the site,” he said, standing in the shadow of the cove’s picture-perfect white and red lighthouse.“I thought, ‘I’m not equipped for dealing with this’… So after the five years and taking the families out, I decided to get out of the boat business.”Still, others like Conrad embrace the “bright” legacy of the Swissair disaster and the enduring relationships it spawned.The Wilkins family were due to arrive at his home from California this week for one of their semi-regular visits and to mark the anniversary.Conrad beamed as he described their coming reunion and the bond forged from a tragedy he says has taught him valuable lessons.“It has sharpened my understanding of what it is really important,” he says.“It makes the life that you live, especially as you get older, just that much more precious and meaningful. That was 20 years ago, but it just gets better and better and better. Those relationships don’t die off, they just secure themselves.”– Follow @alison_auld on Twitterlast_img read more


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BC group proposing First Nation led commercial seal harvest as tensions mount

first_imgLaurie HamelinAPTN NewsFrustrated with the estimated 100,000 seals swimming off the coast of British Columbia, commercial fishers are now calling for a yearly harvest.“An annual commercial harvest will bring back balance,” says Thomas Sewid of the Pacific Balance Pinniped Society.Media from across the world have been focusing on what some are calling a war on seals and sea lions in the waters off the B.C. coast.One Facebook video shows a local fisherman tossing a small explosive, known as a bear banger, into a group of sea lions in the Straight of Georgia.People were horrified by the video – and reaction on social media was harsh.No seals appear to be harmed in the video.Sewid says he understands the reason behind the bear banger.Sewid is a Kwakwaka’wakw commercial fisherman originally from Alert Bay, B.C.He’s watched the numbers of pinnipeds grow all his life.(Photo courtesy: Pacific Balance Pinniped Society)Pinnipeds are marine mammals that have front and rear flippers.“The pinniped population in B.C. waters has exploded in the last 25 years,” he says. “And they’re hungry.”“As commercial fisherman the frustration is we are seeing closures and restrictions constantly.  We know that the population of salmon and other fin fish are dropping considerably and then we have to try to catch herring and we have hundreds of sea lions in our nets.”Sewid says a controlled commercial harvest run by First Nations will enhance critically low fish stocks.“Give us First Nations the right under food, social, ceremonial to not only continue our harvest, but expand it so that we have these markets established to sell every part of the seals and sea lions we harvest,” he says.“Thus bringing back the balance within our waters once again.”(Fisherman Thomas Sewid says, “An annual commercial harvest will bring back balance.” Photo: Laurie Hamelin/APTN)Sewid’s group proposes to bring the seal population down by half – harvesting a few thousand each year.Carl Walters, a fish biologist and a professor emeritus with the University of British Columbia, supports the harvest.“First Nations people have been harvesting seals along the coast for thousands of years and the current population size out there is about double what it was in the late 1800’s when the last small pox outbreak really devastated the First Nations populations along the coast,” Walters says.“This situation today out here is way out of line with anything from the last several millennia.”Pinnipeds eat millions of tonnes of commercially valuable fish.“The biggest change we see in the Georgia Straight is that Chinook and Coho salmon have dropped about 90 per cent since 1970, as the seal abundance has gone up,” says Walters.“So what used to be the most valuable fishery in B.C. is now a tenth of what it was back then.”(This sea lion was shot in the eye and is recovering at the Vancouver aquarium. Photo courtesy: Vancouver aquarium) The hunting of seals has been banned along the west coast since the 1970s – but the Pacific Balance Pinniped Society’s formal proposal to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) could change things.“Together with DFO we are going to be analyzing the pinniped meat and blubber so that it meets Canada food standards certification for human consumption and pet food consumption,” says Sewid.But a west coast seal harvest won’t win the government any public relations points –  and there will be stiff opposition to any sort of cull.In a statement to APTN News, DFO says there are no plans to authorize a large scale fishery or cull of seals or sea lions at this time.But over 100 different First Nations are in favour of the harvest – and an annual hunt would mean much needed jobs.“We’re looking at over 4,000 jobs created in B.C. alone for people to go out harvesting pinnipeds and spin off industry supporting that,” Sewid says.“That is a lot of money going into our coastal communities.” read more

US and UK strike deal to preserve air service after Brexit

first_imgWASHINGTON — The United States and United Kingdom have reached an agreement to maintain air service between the two countries after Brexit.U.K. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling confirmed the so-called open-skies agreement on Wednesday.The deal will maintain the same access to the U.S. that planes flying from the U.K. enjoy under the current U.S.-Europe air treaty. The U.K. will no longer be under that U.S.-Europe treaty after it leaves the European Union.Airlines for America, a trade group representing most big U.S. airlines, is praising the agreement, saying it will ensure the continuation of key transatlantic routes.Flights between the two countries carry about 20 million passengers a year, accounting for nearly one-third of all air travel between the U.S. and Europe.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Polling booths to be increased to 1194 in Ggn constituency

first_imgGurugram: With fresh election data revealing a large number of voters in some polling stations, the Gurugram administration has proposed to increase the number of booths from the present 1,113 to 1,194 in the four assembly constituencies of the district. The proposal was made after fresh data revealed that some of the polling stations in Gurugramn Lok Sabha constituency had over 1,500 to 1,600 voters.Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) are being used along with electronic voting machines (EVMs), which have provision for only 1,500 voting slips. Therefore, if the number of voters is more, then auxiliary stations are required to be set up along with the existing booths. “Those polling stations, which have more than 1,400 voters in urban areas, and those that have more than 1,200 voters in rural areas will have auxiliary polling booths so that people can vote without any hassle,” said Gurugram deputy commissioner and returning officer of the constituency Amit Khatri. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderAs per the new scheme of things, the number of polling stations in Pataudi has been increased from 241 to 246; Badshahpur constituency which had 331 booths will now haveIn Gurgaon assembly constituency, the number of booths has increased from 311 to 338 and in Sohna the number of booths has been increased from 230 to 242. Haryana goes to polls in a single phase for its 10 Lok Sabha seats. All the 10 constituencies will vote in the sixth phase Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingson May 12. Lok Sabha elections 2019 will be held in seven phases between April 11 and May 19. Results will be declared on May 23. Khatri shared the proposal with representatives of political parties in the state. During the meeting, Khatri said this proposal will be sent to Election Commission of India. Once approved, these auxiliary booths will be set up along with the existing booths to facilitate polling on the election day. Khatri also asked the parties to appoint booth-level agents at the earliest for smooth conduct of polls.last_img read more

Samuels 3s lead No 21 Villanova past Temple 6959

VILLANOVA, Pa. — Jermaine Samuels hit three 3-pointers in the second half that kept No. 21 Villanova from its worst home losing streak in 25 years and helped knock off Temple 69-59 on Wednesday night.The national champion Wildcats (7-2) also won their 24th straight game against Big 5 teams — the annual round-robin games against city rivals Saint Joseph’s, Penn, La Salle and the Owls. Villanova hasn’t lost a city series game in six years on the dot — 76-61 on Dec. 5, 2012, against, yup, the Owls.This year’s Owls (7-2) gave the Wildcats a heck of a game that made another upset seem quite possible.The Wildcats had reeled off a record Big 5 winning streak without much of a challenge as they ascended from the best in the city to best in the nation. They have won two national championships since they last lost a Big 5 game. But the Wildcats lost four players in the NBA draft and don’t have any immediate lottery picks set to replace them.Villanova pumped $65 million into a renovation of the Pavilion that has yet to develop a formidable home-court edge. The Wildcats were stunned in consecutive losses to Michigan, in a national championship rematch, and in overtime to Furman that dumped them from the Top 25. They rebounded to win a tournament in Florida but were tested on Saturday in a seven-point win against La Salle.Temple pushed Villanova to the brink of its first three-game losing streak at the Pavilion since 1993.The Owls were off to their best start since the 2012-13 team went 8-1 but had yet to play a Top 25 team. Shizz Alston Jr and Quinton Rose both came in averaging 17.1 points but each struggled against the Wildcats. Nate Pierre-Louis keyed Temple’s surge and kept the lead at four with 6:20 left.Saddiq Bey and Eric Paschall slipped in on the weak side for two put-back dunks that sparked Villanova’s rally and Samuels buried a 3 from the top of the arc as part of a 10-0 run.Rose had opened the second half with a 3 that put the Owls ahead 26-24 and scored a fast-break layup off a turnover for a seven-point lead that silenced the home crowd. The Wildcats missed 17 of 22 shots in one stretch until Samuels hit a 3 that pulled them within two.Samuels scored a career-high 15 points and Paschall had 10 in an off night for Villanova.Pierre-Louis led the Owls with 17 points.Maybe it was the late tip that made the Owls and Wildcats play sleepy basketball in the first half but this was no Big 5 classic. The Wildcats shot just 34 per cent from the floor and led 24-23 at the break.BIG PICTURETemple: Villanova coach Jay Wright had requested on Twitter that fans give “Philadelphian and Gentleman” Fran Dunphy a standing ovation in his final game in the series. Dunphy, who coached Temple for 14 years, is stepping down at the end of the season and turning the program over to assistant Aaron McKie. Dunphy pointed toward a Villanova crowd that stood and gave him polite applause.Villanova: The Wildcats played without freshman guard Jahvon Quinerly because an unspecified injury suffered in practice.UP NEXTTemple: Host UMass on Dec. 12.Villanova: Continue their city series games at home against Saint Joseph’s.___More AP college basketball: and Gelston, The Associated Press read more

Former Green Party senator Dan Boyle plotting political comeback

first_imgTHE FORMER CHAIRMAN of the Green Party, Dan Boyle, is set to re-enter politics and run for Cork City Council next year.Boyle told today that he is “considering it and leaning towards” running for the council in next year’s local elections but a formal announcement will not be made until the party selection process is concluded next month.“I would have to go through that first but certainly on a personal level I am not ruling it out. I feel an obligation to have the Green Party flag flown and have greens in local government.”Boyle is a veteran of the Green Party who was a TD in Cork South Central from 2002 until 2007 when he lost his seat.Having helped negotiate the ill-fated coalition with Fianna Fáil, he was nominated to the Seanad by Bertie Ahern where he served until the last general election two years ago.“I’ve spent 20 years of my life in elected office, we suffered a severe setback in 2011 and I feel a personal obligation to keep communicating the green message,” Boyle said, adding that he would be an “outsider” in the seven-seat south east ward where he is likely to run.“I would only have half a chance of being elected at local government level,” Boyle said when asked if this was the first step on the road to running for the Dáil at the next election which is likely to be in 2016.Asked if he had consulted with party leader Eamon Ryan, Boyle said: “I had better now… I’d best ring him straight away!”Boyle expressed surprise that his comeback intentions had made the front of the Cork Evening Echo which proclaims him to be the “Comeback  kid!”“I’m far from a kid,” he joked.Dan Boyle: Performance of Phil Hogan could help Green Party’s returnEamon Ryan: Greens predicted property crash but didn’t do enough to warn peoplelast_img read more

Hamsik Napoli must try to reduce the gap to Juventus

first_imgNapoli captain Marek Hamsik believes it’s essential that they start making up ground on Serie A leaders JuventusCarlo Ancelotti’s side are second in the league table with 28 points and nine wins from 12 games this season.Things have also been going well in Europe with Napoli top of Group C with Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain trailing behind.However, Juventus are already six points ahead in the Serie A after having only dropped points on one occasion this term at home to Genoa.The Bianconeri snatched the Serie A title from Napoli’s grasp last season and are looking good for an eighth straight crown this time around.And Hamsik admits they must start closing the gap after the international break on Juventus, whilst confirming their last-16 spot in the Champions League.“We had a start with difficult matches, in the Champions League too,” Hamsik told A, Gian Piero GasperiniGasperini reveals why he rejected Inter Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Atalanta manager, Gian Piero Gasperini, has revealed why he rejected Internazionale Milan’s job proposal over the summer transfer window.“We’re in a good place, even if Juventus are already a bit ahead. After the international break we’ll try to get to the Champions League Last 16, and reduce the gap to Juventus.”Hamsik is yet to either score a goal or add an assist in his 12 appearances for Napoli this season.“On a personal level I haven’t had a perfect start, but I’ve improved a lot in the new role,” admitted Hamsik.“The coach [Carlo Ancelotti] noticed that things weren’t going exactly as they should and slightly tweaked the system.“I think Napoli are once again showing the strength we had, getting good results and performances.”Napoli will face Chievo Verona at home in a Serie A game on November 25 after the international break.last_img read more

Christie to be offered a new deal – Rodgers

first_imgCeltic Football Club manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed the club are set to offer Ryan Christie a new contract.The Scotland midfielder came off the bench to score Celtic’s third goal as they overcame Hearts 3-0 to secure a place in the Scottish League Cup final.“He’s someone that of course, we would look to commit to,” Rodgers said, according to Evening Times.“The club have been talking to his representatives but I’m not aware of any movement. I tend to focus on working with the players.”“He is in his last year but we have had other players like Stuart Armstrong. My focus is on making them better as players, giving them a future here to be involved and be a part of.”“Hopefully then the other stuff can sort itself out. He is definitely a player that we would love to keep. He is a fantastic player. You saw his contribution today. You saw it at Aberdeen when he was there. It was step-by-step but now is 23.”“He is at a really good age to come in and have the personality to play at a big club. He did well against Leipzig so he can make a valuable contribution to this team.”Leicester City, Manchester UnitedMatch Preview: Manchester United vs Leicester City Boro Tanchev – September 13, 2019 Old Trafford is the venue for the Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Leicester City, which kicks off at 16:00 (CET) on Saturday.“It’s been a process with Ryan. When I first came in, I felt he could be in and around the squad and he played some games.”“But for him to be able to give his best to Celtic and cope with the pressures of being at a big club, he had to go out and feel that pressure on a weekly basis.”“He went to a great club in Aberdeen with a great manager, so he felt that pressure playing.”“I always felt he could come back and then make a contribution because you need such personality to play for the big clubs and play in big games.”“Since he’s come back, he’s shown that. He’s come into games, he started games and you saw his impact.”“He scored a brilliant goal and was involved in two others.”last_img read more

Mbappé praises both of his attacking teammates of PSG

first_imgFrench wonder kid Kylian Mbappé was gracious even in a day when PSG won the match mostly thanks to him, he praised his teammates.We already know that there might be no stopping Kylian Mbappé from world domination throughout his career, he still has a chance to pull it off this season for PSG as the French giants qualified to the Champions League’s round of 16 in first place of their group.The youngster scored only once against Red Star from Belgrade this Tuesday, he also provided the first two assists to Edinson Cavani and Neymar during the match and paved the way for a comfortable 4-1 victory that got them that sweet top position.But even in a day when all the praise was mostly directed at him even from his own manager, Mbappé doesn’t seem to receive the attention too well and he prefers to have other players get most protagonism despite his incredible displays.Playing at the same level of performance that they proved they can deliver against Liverpool, that rocky start of the season might prove only as a bad memory that will be remembered with laughter when the current tournament comes to an end.For now, Paris Saint-Germain can feel relaxed because they did live up to the expectations and there is still a chance for them to actually get a great result by the end.These two… 🤩🤩 #FKCZPSG❤💙 #AllezParis— Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) December 11, 2018When the press questioned Kylian Mbappé, the most surprising aspect of the exchange he had with RMC Sport via Four Four Two was the kid’s maturity as he responded to the questions.Despite having finished the match as the most valuable player, he still wanted to commend his teammates.“We’re happy. We came to qualify. We responded to that. We’ll focus on the league and the domestic cups and resume the Champions League in February,” said Kylian after the match.“I don’t think the team’s improved; it’s more that we had a realization. We started performing and did what was asked of us. We asked questions of ourselves as individuals and as a team.”“You have to be able to speak frankly to each other. We did that and got our reward.” “I have the chance to play with two great players. When we play like tonight, it’s good for everyone,” he added.“They are players who have nothing to prove to anyone. Cavani is the leading goalscorer in the club’s history; Neymar is one of the best in the world.”“We have to go forward and look at what is ahead. We’re looking at the last 16 and we’ll see what happens in the draw [next Monday],” he concluded.Neymar responds to PSG criticism with a stunning winner Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Despite all the backlash he got today at Parc des Princes, Neymar responded by scoring a stunning winner vs Strasbourg.We all knew that Neymar’s…Qualification 🔴🔵 @ChampionsLeague— Kylian Mbappé (@KMbappe) December 11, 2018In Kylian’s words we can already get a peek at the new PSG, one that has finally managed to connect the dots that were blurry at the start of the season between the main players.The problems between Edinson Cavani and Neymar seem gone, Kylian Mbappé knows his place in the squad but he still knows how valuable he is.Even the Brazilian player is already past his injury problems, this squad does seem prepared to face a bigger challenge when the time comes.With a little bit of luck in the draw, Paris Saint-Germain might just get the path they need in order to finally get far in the Champions League and have a shot at lifting their very first trophy in history.Kylian Mbappé should be a very important part of this process, as should his other two teammates were.But let’s not fool ourselves, the French youngster is the one who has that golden touch that the other two lack when the moment demands it.We all thought that Neymar was going to be the one who could follow the legacy of Messi and Ronaldo, but things are clearer than ever now.Mbappé is the man, the chosen one.Mission accomplished in Belgrade 💪❤️💙 #AllezParis #FKCZPSG— Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) December 11, 2018How far do you think Kylian Mbappé can take PSG in the Champions League this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

China focuses on mutual respect to resolve US trade row

first_imgUS president Donald Trump, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US president Donald Trump`s national security adviser John Bolton and Chinese president Xi Jinping attend a working dinner after the G20 leaders summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 1 December 2018. Reuters File PhotoChina and the United States can find a way to resolve their trade dispute if each other’s concerns are taken into consideration, the commerce ministry said on Thursday.Ministry spokesman Gao Feng also said during a weekly news briefing that China hopes the US will remove sanctions on Huawei Technologies Co Ltd as soon as possible and clear a path for healthy bilateral relations.The two countries are in the midst of a year-long trade dispute which has seen them slap tariffs on each other’s goods. China has vowed not to give in on issues of principle nor under US pressure.”Trade teams from both sides, according to the consensus reached at Osaka by leaders from both countries, will restart economic and trade negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” said Gao.”China believes that both sides can find a way to resolve the issue if each other’s reasonable concerns are taken into consideration through a dialogue of equals.”US president Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping agreed in Japan last month to another trade ceasefire, thanks to Trump’s promise not to impose new tariffs on Chinese goods and to ease restrictions on Huawei.But no deadline has been set for the process to conclude, leaving the possibility of protracted negotiations. Washington had sharply raised tariffs after talks broke down in May and Beijing followed suit.On Tuesday, Chinese vice premier Liu He exchanged views with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin in a phone call on implementing an agreement reached between Xi and Trump at their meeting in Osaka, the Ministry said in an earlier statement, without elaborating.White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the phone call was “constructive” and the two sides were talking about having a face-to-face meeting.The Commerce ministry’s Gao declined to provide more information on the details of the call and plans for more talks in the next stage.last_img

23 Reasons Seattles Museum of Pop Culture Is a Hidden Gem of

first_imgStay on target What ever happened to Dorothy’s iconic blue dress from the Wizard of Oz? How about Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future: Part II? Or all the iconic swords, orc-slaying axes, and magic staffs from The Lord of the Rings? You can find them all in the odd trio of futuristic buildings in downtown Seattle that make up the Museum of Pop Culture.Hunkered in the shadow of the Space Needle, the MoPOP was originally founded in 2000 by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen as the Experience Music Project (EMP), and designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. It’s hard to miss the billowed sheets of glossy metal draped over three cavernous blue, white, and pixelated red buildings in the middle of Seattle. Nonetheless, the museum’s incredible collection of film, television, and music artifacts doesn’t get nearly the buzz it should for a place that has everything from the T-800 Terminator to John Cleese’s helmet from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What I loved about wandering through the MoPOP is how it’s broken up into distinct worlds. I started in the “Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic” exhibit and worked my way through “Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction,” “Indie Game Revolution,” “Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad,” the interactive “Sound Lab,”  “Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds,” and “Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film.” Each section of the museum had a distinct aesthetic and plenty of nerdy graphics and interactive games to go along with an overwhelming collection of historic pop culture items from the dawn of cinema up to today.There’s a lot more to this pop culture Mecca than we can cover in this slideshow, but here are 23 of the coolest exhibits, installations, and one-of-a-kind cinematic relics I found hopping from world to world within one of my favorite museums I’ve ever visited. Inside Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes at Seattle’s MoPOPOnce Upon a Time Builds Fun Lore Around a Seattle Landmark center_img The ornate dwarven helmet worn by John Rhys Davies during “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.<><>last_img read more

11 Comic Firsts for Women

first_img Study: It’s Perfectly Reasonable For Women to Complain About Cold OfficesGoogle Doodle Celebrates International Women’s Day Stay on target Ladies have always slayed in the comics game. From the early beginnings of helping develop one of the greatest superheroes to striking out on their own and creating their own series, ladies have made excellent headway in comics for years and years. We have a long history of ladies in comics. However, we still have a longer way to go.Today, we bring you some ladies that started it all and some that are influences today. This list doesn’t finish the list of heroes that comics have come to know in love, but it is a start for those who might be interesting in learning about the ladies who changed and influenced comics today.FANTOMAH – FIRST FEMALE SUPERHEROvia Jungle ComicsWhen you look up the words, ‘first female superhero,’ you’d be amazed at what you find. I’ve known about Fantomah for ages but didn’t think she was the first female superhero until last year. Fantomah, created by Fletcher Hanks, made her debut in Jungle Comics #2 (1940), she is named the “Mystery Woman of the Jungle.” It’s Fantomah’s job to protect the jungle by any means necessary, but she uses her unique abilities to do it. These unique abilities usually go with whatever she’s doing at the time. However, she can sense when their danger in the jungle. She can also detect death, fly, speed, strength, manipulate parts of her body, turn invisible, and much much more. Fantomah also carries a skeleton like a ghoul appearance anytime she shapeshifts over.The character has been written in a couple of comic books, mainly Hack/Slash, but she’s gotten a revival recently through the Canadian publisher Chapterhouse comics. Fantomah, written by Ray Fawkes with art by Soo Lee and lettering by Andrew Thomas. If Fantomah carries out a legacy, it’s a well-deserved continuation in this series.KAREN BERGER – DC EDITOR, VERTIGO CREATORvia New York TimesBeing different has always been something that comics have strived for. I feel like we have to thank Karen Berger for being the ‘Mother of the Weird Stuff.’ Karen Berger has spent her time as an editor for DC, launching and nurturing many incredible titles as an editor. Titles such as Fables, Y: The Last Man, The Invisible and Sandman came across her desk. She went on to create the imprint Vertigo at DC Comics in 1993. This was the more adult and weirder version of the superheroes and stories DC was putting out. She catered to the odd, wanting to push the envelope of what creators, writers, and artists can do with their stories. Even when Vertigo wasn’t making bank on their titles and superheroes were starting to take over, she didn’t stop helping her titles and creators grow.After a while, Berger left Vertigo, and Shelly Bond (another fantastic Mother of Weird) took over the company until it folded. Berger has recently gone over to Dark Horse, founding another imprint of her own Berger Book and Shelly has gone on with an imprint inside IDW called Black Crown. These two, especially Karen, are two fantastic creators that understand the different things that we need in comics right now. Different is good, but weird is better.MAGGIE SAWYER – DC’S FIRST LGBT CHARACTER 1988via DC ComicsWe may all know Maggie Sawyer from her relationship with Batwoman or played by Floriana Limi on Supergirl, but did you know that she was one of the first lesbian characters in DC? Created by John Byrne, Maggie Sawyer’s first appearance was in Superman Vol. 2 #4, she’s apart of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit that comes faces to face with superpowered people like Superman, but villain-ey. In these days, the Comics Code wouldn’t allow LGBT characters to fully open up and be who they were, but John Bryne writes Maggie’s coming out with such heart.In Maggie Sawyer, Special Crime Unit, written by Cindy Goff with art by Peter Krause and Jose Marzan Jr, this was Maggie’s coming out to readers where she talks about her past. This four-part series won an award for Outstanding Comic Strip at the GLAAD awards in 1996. Maggie Sawyer has gone on to be apart of the Gotham City Police Department, where she met Batwoman and had a relationship with her. Sadly, the two broke up over the decision to leave Batwoman single by DC. However, if you want some of that sweet, sweet Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer chemistry, look no further than DC Bombshells.TRINA ROBBINS – PIONEER IN THE UNDERGROUND COMIC SCENEvia CBLDFIf you’re into comics, one of the big things about comics that I highly suggest you get into are the small press and underground comix that tons of creators are making now. Underground comix started in the 1960s and carried great stars like Robert Crumb, Clay Wilson, Rick Griffin and more. The Underground comix scene would have more explicit material inside of them. Themes that were seen in these comics were sexuality, violence, drug use with a “the rougher, the better” mentality about it. Trina Robbins became one of the first pioneers of the underground comix scene. This great herstorian was started her career in 1950s science fiction fandom but then contributed to newspapers in the 1960s.Trina would create the first all-woman anthology in the 1970’s. She co-creating and edited, It Aint Me, Babe with Barbara “Willy” Mendes and Lisa Lyons. Trina Robbins created such a tremendous amount of work that should be explored. She was the first woman to draw Wonder Woman and co-created with Forrest J. Ackerman on Vampirella. She’s also a fierce advocate of women’s rights, promoting and writing about women in cartooning as well.ZELDA JACKSON ORMES – FIRST BLACK CARTOONISTvia CBLDFZelda “Jackie” Ormes was one of the first black cartoonists in the 1930s. Can we take a second and praise this woman, especially for being a cartoonist in the Golden Age? Alright, let’s continue. Jackie started her career as a proofreader at an African- American Newspaper called Pittsburgh Courier. She went on to become an editor and freelance writer but drew as well. She ended up creating her comic strip called “Torchy Brown in Dixie to Harlem.” This became one of her crowned achievements at Pittsburgh Courier. It earned her more publication and syndication to more African-American papers. It also allowed her to talk about the issues plaguing woman, the African-American community, and so much more.Jackie would go on to create another strip beforehand called Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger. This comic featured Patty Jo, a little girl, and her older sister Ginger. They released a doll of Patty-Jo, which is cool unto itself. She revisited the Torchy Brown comics in the 1950’s and didn’t give up control of her power to the men that wanted to take over her story. Jackie’s story of triumph and not shying away from the issue that plague the time has been a staple in cartooning.MISS FURY – FIRST ACTION HEROvia IDWThere’s always something special about a femme fatale that can strike out on her own and do what she does best. Fight crime by night and mingle with the best of them by day. Miss Fury was the one to do both. Created by June Mills aka Tarpe Mills, Miss Fury first went by the name of Black Fury at first and made her debut in 1941. Miss Fury would cause a little bit of controversy, especially when Tarpe Mills refused to compromise her beliefs on how Miss Fury should be presented. Miss Fury would also predate Wonder Woman by a few months of debuting at DC.Mills went under the pseudonym Tarpe Mills to hide her identity, but she became the first to create the first female action hero with Miss Fury. Mills’ reign of Miss Fury ended in 1952. However, it’s recently has been brought by Dynamite written by Rob Williams (Vol. 1) and Corinna Sara Bechko (Vol. 2) and illustrated by Jack Herbert, Marcio Abrue (Vol. 1) and Jonathan Lau (Vol. 2).DOROTHY WOOLFOLK – FIRST FEMALE EDITOR AT DC COMICSvia CBLDFBefore Karen Berger, there was Dorothy Woolfolk, the first female editor at DC Comics. Being an editor takes a lot of care, patience, perseverance and a lot of love and heart. Dorothy Woolfolk has written and edited Wonder Woman. This lead to being becoming the first woman to write for Wonder Woman and later an editor at DC. This wouldn’t always come so easy for Dorothy however when she was on board for Superman, things took a hard left turn.Woolfolk was one of the key-players in figuring out that Superman should have a weakness, but also a key figure of actually DOING something with Lois Lane. She wanted to make Lois Lane a girl of her own devices. A woman that didn’t wait for Superman always to come and save the day and have a career for herself. That’s what she did. She made Lois Lane focus on her career and her life instead of always being around Superman. This, however, didn’t sit well with the big boys at DC, who gave her the boot.She did a lot of great things in DC though, not just with Superman and Wonder Woman. Woolfolk created a line of romance books for the company that explores a lot of what she sought to study with the books she oversaw. This she did without compromising her ideals and morals of what comics should.RAINA TELGEMEIER – WRITER/ILLUSTRATORvia GraphixAs I write for Geek, I also work a day job in a library. One day, a little girl came in, and she finally wanted to pick out some comics. She was intimidated by the superhero comics and wanted something just for her. She was going into 6th grade, and the first thing that popped into my head was Raina Telgemeier. I recommended her Smile, Drama, and Ghosts home with her that day. She came back, excited to say she read them back to back and she loved them. I later recommended her Raina’s illustrated Baby-Sitter’s Club, and she adored those as well. It was so lovely to see someone her age adore those books this much and touched her in some way.Why did I just tell you that story? It’s to show how much young adult / all-ages really matter. Raina Telgemeier was a pioneer in creating autobiographical, fictional and just all around lovely books for all-ages. Telgemeier’s writing and illustrations have won her three Eisner Awards, a Stonewall Honor, been on a ton of Best-of lists and she’s not stopping there. If you haven’t checked out Raina’s books, I highly recommend them. No matter how who you are, I guarantee you’ll jump down the rabbit hole as soon as you’re pulled into her stories.G. WILLOW WILSON – CREATOR / WRITER OF MS. MARVELvia Marvel ComicsComics has slowly but surely opened its way up to creating more characters that we can identify with. G. Willow Wilson has created stunning graphic novels like Cairo and has given us stories that we identify with from the characters. She can help sell you on the characters and the supporting characters around them. That takes a talented writer to care about the people around the title character and want them to be okay. In this, Wilson has also created her best with Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel.G. Willow Wilson does an incredible job in bringing us a Ms. Marvel that’s relatable, down to earth, funny and still figuring herself out. Kamala Khan is also the first Muslim-American superhero for Marvel. She’s also from New Jersey (I had Jersey pride for two seconds, excuse me). Kamala is something that we’ve never seen in a Marvel superhero before. It’s unbelievable how fast people took to Ms. Marvel and how much she was needed within comics. She now stands for hope, and she continues to inspire girls everywhere. G. Willow Wilson is an awe-inspiring writer with a voice that many people will be talking about for years and years.ALISON BECHDEL – CARTOONISTvia Houghton Mifflin HarcourtAlison Bechdel carried a significant influence on the LGBT influence in comics and was certainly a pioneer. Allison started in comics via publishing and started with a single drawing called “Marianne, dissatisfied with the morning brew: Dykes to Watch Out for, plate no. 27.” This would become the basis of Dykes to Watch Out for. This comic strip featured a group of lesbians with no serial storyline at first, but through a mutual friend was syndicated through a feminist newspaper.After this, she started to have regular characters reoccurring throughout the series and then came the Bechdel test. You guys are probably heard of this Test when he comes to films. The jest of the test is to have at least women talking to each other about anything other than a dude. Simple as that right? This test was named after Alison Bechdel, which was then later named Bechdel-Wallace because she credited her friend Liz Wallace for helping her come up with it.Alison Bechdel has gone on to create some powerful LGBT memoirs with her first groundbreaker Fun Home. The graphic novel chronicles her and her father’s relationship as she attempts to understand him and her sexuality before and after his tragic suicide. This was met with controversy but praised within the comic community for its honest depiction of sexuality, family life, death and more. Next, Bechdel pens Are You My Mother? this story chronicles her relationship with her mother. She’s received a Stonewall, Lambda, MacArthur Fellowship and more. Bechdel’s career over the years has influenced both memoirist and LGBT creators everywhere.ROXANE GAY & YONA HARVEY – FIRST BLACK FEMALE WRITERS AT MARVELvia MarvelI feel like I may be a bit biased for putting this on the list. When I first heard about this, it felt like there was a floodgate of opportunity opening up as an African-American woman who wants to be in comics. Roxane Gay is a novelist, professor, and editor that has written short stories, essays and memoir titles like Bad Feminist, Difficult Women, and Hunger. Gay was announced to be the lead writer of World of Wakanda. This comic would set in the world, but a spin-off of Black Panther comics. She’d be joined by poet Yona Harvey to bring in supplemental stories as well.World of Wakanda was heavy but magnetic and magnificent. It featured Aneka and Ayo, two members of the Dora Milaje as they fought their way through Wakanda and there displayed the feeling they had for each other. It was a comic book like no other because it gave another voice to great LGBT characters in comics. However, the highly loved series was canceled last year. It should never be forgotten that these three women made way for POC, especially after taking so long to have it happen in the past three years.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Miguel to lead strong pack

first_imgSpanish pro Miguel Ángel Jiménez, one of the most charismatic players in world golf, will headline a strong field comprising players from Europe and Asia as the Hero Indian Open gets underway here next month.The 51st edition of India’s national open will be held from February 19 to 22 at the historic Delhi Golf Club in the national capital. The Hero India Open, which carries an enhanced prize purse of US $ 1.5 million, will also be making its debut on the European Tour from this year. The announcement was made at a press conference held in the Capital on 21 January. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Continuing its association with Golf in general and the Hero Indian Open in particular, for the tenth year in succession, Pawan Munjal, Vice Chairman, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Hero MotoCorp Ltd said, “Golf is fast emerging as a popular sport among the youth in India, and we are glad to have played a catalyst role in this movement. Hero MotoCorp has been associated with golf for close to two decades now, thereby nurturing the game since its nascent stage. The Hero Indian Open being co-sanctioned by the European Tour from this year is an acknowledgement of the rising stature of Indian golf in the world arena. We look forward to seeing some top-class golf at the Hero Indian Open 2015.” Even as entries continue to come in, some of the top stars, including Sidikkur who won the event in 2013, are expected to feature in the coming edition. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSSP Chowrasia and Anirban Lahiri, who were both tied second and Rashid Khan and Chiragh Kumar, who were tied fourth, on that occasion, are also expected to tee up at the event. The field is also expected to include the likes of Jeev Milkha Singh, Arjun Atwal and Jyoti Randhawa, the only three-time Indian winner of the Hero Indian Open. Over the next few weeks, as the entries come in, more top names from European and Asian Tours will be confirmed. Nimbus Sport, which has promoted the Hero Indian Open since 2011, has acquired the rights to manage the tournament for the next three editions from 2015 to 2017. The Hero Indian Open has been synonymous with the rise of golf in India, and has been at the forefront of unearthing some of the best golfing talents that the country has seen, including the likes of Arjun Atwal, Jeev Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa, Shiv Kapur and Gaganjeet Bhullar.last_img read more

IITKGP researchers develop tech for solid waste management

first_imgKolkata: A research team at IIT Kharagpur has developed a technology which can generate energy from solid waste with high moisture content. The new technology – Hydro Thermal Carbonization (HTC) – can convert municipal solid waste to biofuel, soil amendment and absorbents, the premier institute said in a statement. Lead researcher Brajesh Kumar Dubey said the key to the success of the technology in Indian conditions lies in designing proper industrial scale reactor with improved heat integration system. “The moisture in the waste is used to the advantage of the process which uses water for the reaction. The biofuel generated as the recovered output can help curb air pollution,” Dubey explained. The technology can be used by the civic bodies to effectively manage solid waste, he maintained. Once the organic waste is entered into the process, the “outputs generated are all usable”, Sagarika Panigrahi, another member of the research team, said. “All outputs can be used for one purpose or the other, including the water which can be converted to biogas or methane,” she added.last_img read more

This Startup Says It Can Fully Charge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds

first_imgApril 7, 2014 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals It can be the worst feeling: You look down at your smartphone and that red sliver of a battery is blinking up at you, threatening to shut off your connectivity to the world.Israel-based startup StoreDot has released a video claiming that it can charge your smartphone in 30 seconds. In the demo, StoreDot charges a Samsung Galaxy S4. Take a look for yourself below.The technology — if it’s real — would be a complete game changer.Related: Time for a Talk: Don’t Let Your Phone Be a Selfish Boyfriend (or Girlfriend)We are inclined to err on the skeptical side with these sorts of revolutionary YouTube video unveilings. But the StoreDot team is duly impressive. The company’s founder, Dr. Doron Myersdorf, is an entrepreneurial veteran with two Silicon Valley startups under his belt already.StoreDot’s innovations in nanotechnology are based on building blocks called Nanodots, which are structured after biologically originating nano-crystals. StoreDot claims that its nanotechnology developments have the potential to revolutionize smartphones and TV displays, batteries, bio-LEDs and bio-lasers.Related: Android? Nope. iOS? No Way. Samsung’s Newest Smart Watch Will Use a Different Operating System.It’s all pretty mind-melding stuff for the brains of us plebeians. If it can charge our smartphones in 30 seconds, though, we are totally in.  2 min readcenter_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

Stack Overflow revamps its Code of Conduct to explain what Be nice

first_imgStack overflow has expanded its Code of Conduct which previously focused on just “Being Nice” to include more virtues around kindness, collaboration, and mutual respect. Recently, there has been many supporters of the idea that Stack Overflow is a “toxic wasteland”. There is also a Reddit thread, from six months ago, where people have shared their woes on Stack Overflow being too toxic. This Code of Conduct is a formal, far less ambiguous and a more informative way of Stack Overflow to regulate belittling language and condescension. It is applicable to everyone using Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network, including the team, moderators, and anyone posting to Q&A sites or chat rooms. The Be Nice policy, since its inception in 2008, was a single guiding principle that everyone was expected to follow. However, just two words turned out to be too little, too ambiguous and later, in 2014, a revised version of the policy was released to reflect Stack Exchange as a better community than what was believed on the Internet. The revised version also added instructions on how to report rare cases of bad behavior.  However, this still was not specific enough to meet the needs of a much larger dynamic site Stack Overflow was growing to be. This is when, they decided to launch a more formal policy, one that covers “Be nice, here’s how, here’s why, and here’s what to do if someone isn’t.” The main tenets of the new code are: If you’re here to get help, make it as easy as possible for others to help you. If you’re here to help others, be patient and welcoming. Offer support if you see someone struggling or otherwise in need of help. Be clear and constructive when giving feedback, and be open when receiving it. Be kind and friendly. Avoid sarcasm and be careful with jokes, as tone can be hard to decipher online. The code also denounces subtle put-downs or unfriendly language, name-calling or personal attacks, bigotry, and harassment. Source: Stack Overflow In case someone is guilty of breaking the code of conduct, there are three stages: Warning: For most first-time misconduct, moderators will remove the offending content and send a warning. Account Suspension: For repetitive misconduct, moderators will impose a temporary suspension Account Expulsion: For very rare cases, moderators will expel people who display a pattern of harmful destructive behavior towards the community. The Stack Overflow team plans to assess the CoC by taking feedback, every 6 months, from both new and experienced users about their recent experiences on the site. They have also added a code of conduct tag which members can use on Meta Stack Exchange to ask questions about or propose changes to the CoC. You can go through the entire Code of Conduct on Stack Overflow. Read Next 10 predictable findings from Stack Overflow’s 2018 surveyStack Overflow Developer Survey 2018: A Quick Overview4 surprising things from Stack Overflow’s 2018 survey96% of developers believe developing soft skills is importantlast_img read more