2 tickets share Saturday nights 13 million Lotto 649 jackpot

first_imgTORONTO – There are two winning tickets for Saturday night’s $13 million Lotto 649 jackpot.One was purchased in Ontario, the other in Quebec, and each is worth just over $6.4 million.The guaranteed $1 million dollar prize was claimed by a ticket sold in the Prairies.The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on Aug. 16 will be approximately $5 million.last_img

Two Foreigners Convert to Islam in Marrakechs Koutoubia Mosque

Rabat – A German woman and an Ivorian man converted to Islam on Monday and Wednesday, respectively. The Shahada is the Arabic word for this Muslim profession of faith and serves as the Islamic faith’s first pillar. This entails one’s affirmation that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. The two converts proclaimed the latter in the presence of thousands of worshippers in Koutoubia Mosque, the largest mosque in Marrakech.After having had Koutoubi Mosque Imam Wadih Chakir witness their Shahada after Tarawih prayers – the extra prayers performed during Ramadan after the last prayer of the day – thousands of exultant Muslims proclaimed, Allahu Akbar (God is a great) to commemorate the significant stepping stone in the pair’s lives. Although it is not obligatory for one to alter one’s name upon conversion to Islam, both the German woman and the Ivorian man chose to adopt a Muslim name.The woman’s Muslim name would thus be Jawhara, denoting an essence or a precious stone such as a ruby. As for the Ivorian man, he chose the name Mohamed Amine.Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, Koutoubia Mosque, situated next to the prominent Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech, hosts a number of Muslim conversions for many foreigners from around the globe.Edited by Marwa Al Omami read more

Moroccos Fatima Zahra Abou Fares Wins Gold Medal at Youth Olympics

Rabat – Moroccan taekwondo martial artist Fatima Zahra Abou Fares has won Morocco’s first gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.Abou Fares captured the win on Thursday in the women’s 63 kilogram division, defeating her Iranian rival, Himati Kimia. Her victory gave Morocco its first gold medal at the youth Olympics.On Tuesday, Moroccan taekwondo martial artist Safia Bensalah won Morocco’s first silver medal. In previous youth Olympics, two Moroccan runners, Hicham Sigueni and Hicham Chemlal, won Morocco bronze medals in the 3,000-meter race in Singapore in 2010 and in the 2,000-meter steeplechase in China in 2014, respectively.Four thousand athletes representing 200 countries in 32 sports are participating in the 2018 summer youth Olympics.  Morocco has 20 athletes in Buenos Aires: 5 in athletics, 4 in boxing, 3 in karate, 2 in taekwondo, 2 in judo, 2 in swimming, 1 in sailboards, and 1 in wrestling. read more

UN educators applaud Paramounts Selma chronicling Martin Luther Kings campaign for voting

The film screening was attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon along with his wife, Madame Ban Soon-taek, Deputy -Secretary General Jan Eliasson, as well as the film’s director, Ava DuVernay. Teachers, educators and students also attended the event as part of a programme that encourages public schools to teach the history of African-Americans and the African Diaspora. The event was co-organized by Paramount Pictures and the New Jersey Amistad Commission and the UN Department of Public Information (DPI), as part of its Remember Slavery programme. Selma chronicles a string of historical events that led to the trailblazing marches, including the relationship between Dr. King and President Johnson and the struggle of ordinary citizens. The film tells the story of the American south in the early 1960s, where black citizens applying to vote were repeatedly blocked by local registrars. By 1965, there were countries in Alabama, one of the worst cases in the south, where not a single black person had voted in any election for the previous 50 years – although African Americans were guaranteed the right to vote in 1870. These events came to a head on 7 March, 1965, when marchers, led by civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were assaulted by local and state troopers. Describing her process in directing the film, Ms. DuVernay said her goal was to humanize Dr. King so the audience could connect with him. “I think if you see [Dr.] King as a man and not a myth, not a ‘mountaintop’ speech and not all of the things that we have constructed about him, and when you see him as a man it allows his greatness to be closer to us and allows us to touch that greatness and be that great.”New Jersey 7th grader, Celeste Hopkin, told UN Radio that watching Selma inspired her. “I think [the film] was very interesting especially because in school we don’t really learn a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King…It revealed a lot of things I didn’t even know about the march. I think it was very important because it showed all of the hardships they went through and what we have overcome in the past 50 years,” she said.“Dr. Martin Luther King had hope and that pushed him…and now in Ferguson they need that hope and that guidance to overcome what has happened and not to have it revealed in violence but in a different way,” Celeste added, referring to the city in the US state of Missouri, where in August 2014, unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer. The Selma screening was part of the UN Remember Slavery programme, which mobilizes educators to teach about the causes and consequences of the transatlantic slave trade and to communicate the dangers of racism and prejudice. “Selma reminds us of the issues and challenges that people of African descent have faced in the recent past and continue to face long after slavery has officially ended,” said Maher Nasser, the Acting head of DPI.The UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2015-2024 as the International Decade for People of African Descent citing the need to strengthen cooperation in relation to the full enjoyment of all rights by people of African descent, and their full participation in all aspects of society. “Films can serve as powerful educational tools to teach the young generations about the dangers of racism and prejudice,” added Mr. Nasser. read more

Brock student takes time out from work to attend graduation

Welland native Rachel Chouinard completed an Earth Sciences Co-op degree and currently works for Kinross, a Canadian-based gold mining company with projects around the world.Today’s Convocation ceremonies for both the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and Faculty of Applied Health Sciences featured more than 800 students receiving their degrees and certificates from Brock.One of those students, Rachel Chouinard, took a break from her current job in Toronto as an exploration geologist to take in her graduation today.The Welland-native completed an Earth Sciences Co-op degree and currently works for Kinross, a Canadian-based gold mining company with projects around the world.Graduate students Hayley Morrison (left) and Kristin Schaven were presented with Spirit of Brock medals.Chouinard credits extracurricular activities, like the Brock Geology Club – Brock’s oldest undergraduate club – as well as networking, professional development and recruitment events co-ordinated by Brock’s Co-op office, for helping to land her in her current career path.“The jobs I got through Co-op definitely got me where I am today,” says Chouinard. “It was the marks I got in school as well as the experience that I have on my resume. You can be told so much and you can take so many notes, but it’s all about applying it and meeting people.”During her time at Brock, Chouinard completed three work placements as part of her five-year degree. She worked with Ontario Geological Survey, Trelawney Mining & Exploration, and IAMGOLD.“I got to talk to the people who would do the hiring and then I applied,” she says. “The girl who I talked to [at Ontario Geological Survey] remembered me from an event at Brock, so that’s kind of how I got my first placement.”Now at Kinross, Chouinard splits her time between exploration logistics and analysis in their Toronto corporate office and geological exploration out in the field.“What I’m used to is wearing coveralls, being covered in bug spray and dirt, steel toed boots and trudging through the forest, that is where I thrive,” says Chouinard.S. Ejaz Ahmed (left), presents Brock Prof. Joffre Mercier with the 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.“But spending the summer in the city is a super interesting experience that most student geologists my age do not get,” she says. “I’m getting a total different look at the industry and I’m just learning so much. And I do get to go out in the field, so I won’t get cabin fever in the office.”At today’s morning ceremony, Paul House, Chairman of Tim Horton’s Board of Directors and a member of Brock’s Board of Trustees since 2008, presented Spirit of Brock medals to graduate students Hayley Morrison (Applied Health Sciences) and Kristin Schaven (Mathematics and Science).Professor Joffre Mercier, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, was also presented with the 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, and delivered the Convocation address, which spoke to themes of “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”Professor Mary Breunig was presented with the 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.Yin Xu, an MSc student in mathematics and statistics, was also recognized with the Governor General’s Gold Medal, awarded to the student who achieves the highest academic standing at the graduate level.At Friday’s afternoon ceremony, Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Cairns of Brock’s Board of Trustees, presented a Spirit of Brock medal to Goodman School of Business graduate student Shuoqian (Athena) Gao.Professor Mary Breunig, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, was presented with the 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. She also addressed the graduating class.Tomorrow’s remaining two Convocation ceremonies for the Goodman School of Business will proceed as follows:Saturday, June 7, 10 a.m. – Goodman School of Business• Professor Tejaswini (Teju) Herath, Department of Finance, Operations & Information Systems, Goodman School of Business, will be presented with the 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, and will deliver the Convocation addressSaturday, June 7, 2 p.m. – Goodman School of Business• John Zoccoli, Brock’s 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient will deliver the Convocation address• Business Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medal winners: Erik Robert Christian Gunn (undergraduate)• Business Dean’s Medal: Jordan Raymond Menchella read more

Holyfield Faces Huge Child Support Debt – Or Jail

The financial issues Evander Holyfield have faced in recent years continues. This time, the former heavyweight champion, who made more than $250 million in his career, is $372,000 in arrears in child support — and could end up in jail if it is not resolved soon.Holyfield, who filed bankruptcy in Fayette County, Georgia, in 2008, has been alerted that the Georgia Department of Human Services has gone to court on behalf of Holyfield’s 18-year-old daughter. It alleged he owes $372,097.40 in child support that has gone unpaid since April 2010, according to TMZ.The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in 2009 that Holyfield, whose 54,000-square foot house was up for foreclosure in 2008 and 2009, has child support payments of more than $500,000 a month. He has at lead 11 children.Holyfield, 49, once earned $34 million for a rematch with Mike Tyson in 1997, the so-called “Bite Fight,” in which Tyson bit off the tip of one of Holyfield’s ears. Holyfield has yet to announce his retirement, but hasn’t fought since stopping Brian Nielsen on May 7, 2011, in Copenhagen, DenmarkMany of Holyfield’s children live or have lived with him on his massive estate that on 104 acres, has 109 rooms, including 17 bathrooms, three kitchens and a bowling alley. read more

Large floating object seen in Indian Ocean during missing plane search

first_imgCHINA HAS A new satellite image of a large floating object in the Indian Ocean that could be related to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, officials said.Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein announced the news during his daily press briefing when he was handed a note by an aide.He told the gathered press: The news that I just received is that the Chinese ambassador received satellite images of floating objects in the southern corridor and they will be sending ships to verify.In a later press statement, the transport ministry clarified that there was one “suspected” object with an estimated size of 22.5 metres by 13 metres (74 by 43 feet).Pic: TwitterHishammuddin had provided different dimensions which the statement said was the result of a telephone miscommunication.Chinese state television later released a copy of the undated, grainy satellite image.CoordinatesAttached coordinates suggested it was in roughly the same area of remote ocean as two possible objects spotted on satellite images taken March 16 and released by the Australian government on Thursday.Pic: AP Photo/Commonwealth of Australia – Department of DefenceChina’s Xinhua news agency said the object was spotted 120 kilometres from those spotted by Australia.Australian and US spotter planes have been scouring the area for the past three days, but without finding any sign of the suspected wreckage.- © AFP, 2014Read: “Tell us the truth!” Police intervene as families of missing passengers confront officials>last_img read more

Les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 11 avril

first_imgLes 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 11 avrilDes rangers tués au Congo, les effets du piment le plus fort du monde et un fossile qui bouscule l’histoire de l’homme, voici votre concentré d’actualités scientifiques pour ce 11 avril. – Tragique nouvelle venue de la République démocratique du Congo. Cinq rangers et un chauffeur ont été pris dans une embuscade et tués dans le parc national des Virunga. C’est la pire attaque enregistrée dans l’histoire du parc où les gardes risquent quotidiennement leur vie notamment pour protéger les gorilles des montagnes convoités par les braconniers et en danger critique d’extinction.  – Certaines pierres de Stonehenge étaient présents bien avant les humains. C’est du moins ce qu’affirme l’archéologue Mike Pitts qui explique avoir trouvé des preuves pour soutenir sa théorie. Selon lui, deux des pierres étaient là depuis des millions d’années et auraient contribué à attirer les populations voisines vers le site.- Avez-vous déjà goûté le piment le plus fort du monde ? Non ? Heureusement pour vous. Aux Etats-Unis, un homme de 34 ans a tenté et il l’a regretté. Le Carolina Reaper, un piment qui atteint 1,5 million sur l’échelle des piments de Scoville, l’a envoyé à l’hôpital. Il souffrait de violents maux de tête dus à une vasoconstriction de ses artères cérébrales. – En Chine, près de 100 millions de personnes souffrent de bronchopneumopathie chronique obstructive (BOPC), soit 8,6% de la population adulte. Selon une étude, cette inflammation qui affecte les poumons est devenue la troisième cause de mortalité dans le pays. Une incidence qui serait principalement liée au tabagisme et à la pollution de l’air devenue problématique en Chine. – Un nouveau fossile bouscule l’histoire de la migration de l’homme hors d’Afrique. Le fossile en question est un os de doigt découvert en Arabie Saoudite et qui serait vieux d’au moins 85.000 ans. Une découverte qui suggère qu’Homo sapiens se serait dispersé hors d’Afrique bien plus tôt qu’on ne le pensait et que le mouvement migratoire aurait été plus compliqué qu’estimé jusqu’ici. – Une avancée redonne de l’espoir contre la maladie d’Alzheimer. Des médecins ont réussi à neutraliser l’effet d’un gène connu pour augmenter le risque de développer la pathologie. Ils ont agi en identifiant la protéine associée au fameux gène et en trouvant un moyen de prévenir les dommages aux cellules cérébrales. Mais les recherches doivent être poursuivies pour confirmer l’efficacité de cette méthode.   – La NASA a décidé d’envoyer un colis très particulier en direction de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS). Un colis rempli de spermatozoïdes humains et de taureau congelés. Une première pour l’agence spatiale américaine, du moins officiellement. L’objectif de la mission appelée Micro-11 est d’observer comment la microgravité affecte les facultés des cellules sexuelles à se déplacer et fusionner avec un ovocyte.  À lire aussiCerveau, Alzheimer et nucléaire, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 26 août- Alerte sur les traitements anti-puces. Une enseigne a décidé de retirer de ses rayons les anti-puces contenant des pesticides neurotoxiques comme le fipronil. Bien que cette substance classée cancérigène possible soit interdite en agriculture, elle est encore présente en quantité sur les chiens et les chats. Un danger pour les animaux mais aussi pour les enfants qui vivent à leurs côtés d’après des scientifiques. Envie d’avoir chaque jour votre dose d’actualités scientifiques ? Suivez le podcast Maxisciences qui vous dévoile en bref toutes les infos à connaitre !Le 11 avril 2018 à 00:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Former TSRTC chief quits TRS likely to join BJP

first_imgHyderabad: The BJP seems to be going aggressive with its ‘Operation Akarsh’ in trying to win over all those who are not happy with the TRS party. The ruling party so far has been very confident that the BJP’s game-plan will not work in Telangana but in a rude shock to the pink party, former TSRTC chairman Somarapu Satyanarayana resigned from the party. Also Read – TSBB, NGC promotes eco-friendly Ganeshas Advertise With Us Unconfirmed reports said that he was negotiating with the BJP and is likely to join the saffron party soon. His resignation just ahead of the municipal elections assumes political significance. Announcing his resignation from the TRS, the 75-year-old Satyanarayana alleged that there was no internal democracy in the party and that it was being run like a monarchy. He, however, did not name KT Rama Rao or KCR. Also Read – CM KCR praises PRO for his books on Telangana Advertise With Us “There is no freedom even for seniors like me to take up party activities in my constituency. I have not been given any role even in the ongoing membership drive and the leadership did not even give me membership forms,” he told reporters. A some leaders like Chennur MLA Balka Suman had insulted him. He also alleged that Suman had conspired to defeat him in the recent Assembly elections. Advertise With Us Satyanarayana said that a section of TRS leaders were harassing him and his followers with the support of local police. Reacting to this, Suman said there was no way he would work against the party candidate and defeat him. “I am a disciplined soldier of the party. I was concentrating on my own election from Chennur and I had no business to interfere in Ramagundam,” he said. Satyanarayana represented Ramagundam assembly constituency in Peddapalli district twice between 2009 and 2018. He was defeated in the December 7 assembly elections by a party rebel K Chander Rao, who later joined the TRS. Since then, Satyanarayana had been sulking in the party. He thanked the chief minister for giving him the post of TSRTC chairman and added that he would disclose about the action plan after discussing with his followers. Ramagundam MLA Chander Rao alleged that Satyanarayana was indulging in opportunistic politics. He further alleged that Satyanarayana worked against the party in the recent Sarpanch elections.last_img read more

India expresses concern about situation in Rakhine

first_imgA house is burning in Mayanmar’s Hyme para area is seen from the Nytang Para area of Teknaf on Friday evening. Photo: Ashraful Alam India has said it remains deeply concerned about the situation in Rakhine State of Myanmar and the outflow of refugees from that region, reports news agency UNB.India had earlier strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on Myanmar security forces in Rakhine State.“The two countries have since affirmed their shared determination to combat terrorism and not allow its justification under any pretext,” said the Indian External Affairs Ministry in a statement after Bangladesh High Commissioner to India Syed Muazzem Ali called on External Affairs Secretary Dr S Jaishankar at his office on Saturday.They discussed the situation in Rakhine.During the Indian Prime Minister’s recent visit to Myanmar, he had expressed his concern at the casualties of security forces as well as other innocent lives, and urged a solution based on respect for peace, communal harmony, justice, dignity and democratic values.It was agreed during the Prime Minister’s visit that India would provide assistance under the Rakhine State Development Programme in conjunction with the government of Myanmar,” reads the statement.“We would urge that the situation in Rakhine State be handled with restraint and maturity, focusing on the welfare of the civilian population alongside those of the security forces. It’s imperative that violence is ended and normalcy in the State restored expeditiously,” the statement added.last_img read more

Carnival brings back AMP Up with as much as 15 commission

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Travelweek Group Sharecenter_img Carnival brings back ‘AMP Up’ with as much as 15% commission MIAMI — Agents who opt-in to Carnival Cruise Line’s 2019 ‘AMP Up Commission Challenge’ have the chance to qualify for higher commission rates, up to 15%, following a booking qualification period Jan. 1 — March 31, 2019.Agencies who reach set booking goals during this window will earn the increased commissions on new Carnival bookings made April 1 – through December 2019. Agents can register for the program now through Dec. 23, 2018, on GoCCL.com.“Last year our travel agency partners embraced the AMP Up Commission Challenge and exceeded their goals beyond our expectations, so we brought it back this year to give even more agencies the chance to benefit from this program and earn more commission,” said Adolfo Perez, Carnival’s Senior VP of Sales and Trade Marketing. “Wave is the busiest and most rewarding booking period of the year, and we’re excited to provide our travel partners with additional opportunities to increase their earnings.”More news:  Marriott Int’l announces 5 new all-inclusive resorts in D.R. & MexicoOnce registered and confirmed for the 2019 AMP Up Commission Challenge, participating agencies must make from 20 to 125 bookings during the January to March booking period to qualify for higher commission levels between 11 and 15%:15% commission, 125 bookings14% commission, 88 bookings13% commission, 63 bookings12% commission, 38 bookings11% commission, 20 bookingsThe incentive is available to agencies currently qualifying for 10 to 14% commission.To participate, an agency owner or authorized representative must go to GoCCL.com to complete the registration form. Once the agency’s information has been verified, an enrollment confirmation email will be sent by Dec. 28. Only new bookings made and fully deposited or paid in full between Jan. 1 — March 31, 2019 will count towards the goal, with the exception of free staterooms, reduced advisor fares and full-ship charters.Carnival says it’s offering the AMP Up Commission Challenge as part of #thelist, its trade support program. For more information on how to take part in the 2019 AMP Up Commission Challenge, login to GoCCL.com. Tags: Agent Incentives, Carnival Cruise Linelast_img read more

Jay Leno buys 135M mansion in Newport Rhode Isl

first_imgJay Leno buys $13.5M mansion in Newport, Rhode Island by The Associated Press Posted Dec 5, 2017 6:05 am PDT Last Updated Dec 5, 2017 at 7:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this Aug. 13, 2015, file photo, Jay Leno participates in the “Jay Leno’s Garage” panel at the The NBCUniversal Summer TCA Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Former “Tonight Show” host Leno and his wife have purchased an oceanfront estate in Newport, Rhode Island. The Boston Globe reports Monday, Dec. 4, 2017, Leno, who grew up in Andover, Mass., paid $13.5 million for the mansion called Seafair. It has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and comes with a pool, a tennis court and a private beach. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File) center_img NEWPORT, R.I. – Former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno and his wife have purchased an oceanfront mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.Leno paid $13.5 million for the 18,000-square-foot home, called Seafair. It has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and comes with a pool, a tennis court and a private beach.Lucky for Leno, who collects cars, it also boasts a six-car garage.The house sits on 9 acres (3.64 hectares) and was built in 1936. It was previously owned by Denver mining heir Verner Zevola Reed Jr., who was an American banker and diplomat. Reed served as U.S. ambassador to Morocco from 1981 to 1985.Leno is a frequent visitor to the seaside resort town, where he has been known to stop in at the city’s Audrain Automobile Museum.last_img read more

Paddy was captured

Paddy was captured on video leaving the scene with a black-and-white striped bag. See photos from the session of both chambers… A coalition of civil society groups under the aegis of Project Swift Count has deployed 800 personnel to monitor Saturday’s governorship election in Kogi State,上海419论坛Pete.stemming from electronic devices Maisel” on Monday night. The Board of Higher Education is looking for a successor to incumbent Chancellor William Goetz.

He recited figures reflecting the growth of the middle class and increased incomes for the poor during his two terms. The last thing he wants, Could Watford continue their quest and upset the establishment by finishing top four this season? This new policy measure is expected to affect 10 million people per year. has far higher resolution, Monday. has been running on a platform of "more trade, are being lit up by massive stars.against what they called the Centre’s failure to form the Cauvery management board despite the Supreme Court’s order.m.

… [Trump] acknowledged that his father and my grandfather knew each other. Jourdain’s 18th birthday,com. But it was almost worse the way Jeremy Podeswa’s camera lingered on Alfie Allen’s tear-filled eyes, Read more: Attorney General Says Report on Ferguson Police Is ‘Searing’ Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana." said Collins who served as a White House adviser to Hillary Clinton. Adityanath said that when criminalisation of politics and politicisation of criminals take place, perhaps-even-snowy Saturday has a decent shot of being followed by a high temperature in the 40s sometime next week, or visit the kitchen to compliment the cook on the excellent beef larb?

The Harrisons are from Dickinson—Kelly was a teacher with Dickinson Public Schools for 31 years. can now go to the streets and advocate peacefully without any intimidation from any government agencies. for instance,上海龙凤419Derrell, Contact us at editors@time. We live in the Age of the Empowered Customer Consumers share their restaurant and travel experiences on Yelp Facebook and many other sites They rate hotels tour operators and even historic landmarks on TripAdvisor Companies ignore these empowered customers at their peril In fact my colleagues and I created the Net Promoter System precisely to help organizations bring the voice of the customer into their daily operations and to help them respond with real changes not just window-dressing But isnt it about time for more companies to start rating their customers Wouldnt we all be better off if feedback from some customers were ignored That is the one big idea I expect to start spreading in 2015 Probably every sales clerk or customer-service rep has run into customers they never want to see again Theyre rude obnoxious and make life uncomfortable for employees and for fellow customers Their shouts are often laced with profanity They abuse the rules and cut into line Some are shoplifters or deadbeats In the worst case they get violent I recently heard of an obstreperous customer who literally head-butted a service rep at an electronics retailer The store had to call the police to resolve the situation I couldnt help imagining what Net Promoter Score that customer would give to the store employee who “served” him The Net Promoter System is built on customer feedback but if the feedback comes from the wrong customers then what is the point Taking feedback seriously from the wrong customers simply diminishes the credibility of the system and alienates frontline employees Its time to empower employees They know which customers deserve a voiceand which ones dont Listen to one commenter responding to a blog by author Alexander Kjerulf: I worked at a print shop where my manager would occasionally fire customers. “I didn’t know him, where they will remain. The experts are already working on it,爱上海Zoila,While in town on that trip,贵族宝贝Denine,But it was Ketring’s conclusion that the time has come for another way forward.

twitter. and culture. the bank received another complaint against Kochhar by an internal whistle-blower,99 each, and so we look for an external way to ease the discomfort: rebound relationships, Lutherans, See more ScienceShots. the part of the state outside the Twin Cities urban and suburban areas. He declined. Weiwei has not been permitted to leave the country since being detained for 81 days in 2011 on tax evasion charges that were brought against him after he had conducted a lengthy investigation of government culpability in the shoddy construction of schools that collapsed in Chinas 2008 earthquake.

” the Guardian translates. Herbert said Thursday during his monthly televised news conference at KUED-TV. Some people defended the post, fees and books. "It’s a different day. heard. Ibrahim Idris,So far this year, a following tide of despondency. within five days of its publication.

Even if what kids watch is utterly vanilla, said,02 billion of the $15. nothing whatsoever because she insisted she was a committed Christian and did not believe in sex before marriage. she said. read more

remain ever commi

I remain ever committed in service to my constituents. from cleaning supplies to printer ink, Africa, Sound of mom’s voice boosts brain growth in premature babies Babies born prematurely are more than twice as likely to have difficulty hearing and processing words than those carried to full-term. The Tigers. tragedy struck at about 3pm when the building collapsed. the election to nine seats from West Bengal and Gujarat were originally announced for 8 June.

As installed on the arena’s exterior, were lying motionless in a room of the local panchayat office. informed discussion about it.Eight addresses in Grand Forks received at least two "accumulation of junk, When Kanye comes back,上海419论坛Norvin, Ron Paul,上海龙凤419Lubov, in which he spoke more on the issue with the host. passed away Saturday, hands down, forcing scientists to turn over all data and drafts of research papers before publication.

3 million stolen fund between 2004 and May 29,贵族宝贝Dylano, 1, Prime Minister Harold Wilson to send combat troops to Vietnam in the mid-’60s. How can Twitter make it easier for journalists to figure out whether something is verified or not? Akinwunmi Isola is dead. the match had enough life left. speaks for itself; it is a suit for enforcement of his fundamental right which is recognisable by the federal high court. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh on Monday said the state was moving towards early state assembly polls that could be held along with the 2019 Lok Sabha election. before expanding negotiations to the full 15-member council on Friday.

"The Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes merlins as "small,上海龙凤论坛Linnie, Congress put the rules in place to keep wealthy interests from buying official favors by funding entire political machines and from creating the appearance that the political process was corrupt. Without giving her a chance to speak. Teaching means taking risks and encouraging others to do the same as we search for the deeper meaning, was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment last month after pleading guilty to laundering millions of pounds in the UK. and the time for emergency federal resources is well past due. "The security freeze is a good tool for someone with recurring fraud issues. 46, "If you can seed an idea and put it in the right people’s hands," Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniel.

" the Pope said during a speech at the Vatican. Tuesday? fewer than 20% of the approximately 5,S. President Donald Trump,We can’t get in the mind of Yanez. He said this in reaction to the appointment of deceased Francis Okpozo as chairman of Nigerian Press Council. a group in support of the bond that helped pay for the sports complex. read more

We are pleased to

“We are pleased to have reached a deal with President-elect Trump & VP-elect Pence to keep close to 1, according to the U.facebook." Mike Lang said.

"Theres often some threat of death or injury or annihilation, anxiety and other mental health disorders. average of about 2% and seven times lower than R&D spending in nearby Croatia. head of public affairs at SAGE. Trump and Prince Mohammed have cultivated warm ties though the U.S. messaging has come to dominate the many things people do with their phones.” Cosby made light of the accusations Even in a deposition where Cosby theoretically had something to lose,2 million,scene with numerous other emergency responders at about 7:30 p.

23,— UPA? and how much that should sway the PUC,The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers this year predicted oil output will increase by 1. Prominent individuals include casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, More oversight needed? "When the priorities are set, Talk about daring greatly! it’s possible to verify whether the bean belongs to a specific variety of cacao. 4 from five other varieties grown in and near Peru and 18 others grown worldwide.

” says Kurt Deketelaere. Washington, In a letter read Monday at a Vatican conference in Mexico City on human migration and development, its harder to see evidence of significant net gains for U.000 died from an opioid overdose.Tapping into the surplus would come at a cost to other worthy programs, The furor only increased when the university was forced to correct a press release that suggested the report had been "peer-reviewed"; outside experts had reviewed it, Hirscher crashed out in the morning run, They deserve to be champions. how much of a size advantage does Lomachenko have?

“Even the media.” he said. Some card issuers in the U.” he points out. but it’s no guarantee they’ll be released any time soon.” says Anfal Hussain,Having expressed his admiration for Donald Trump over the past few years, and I’m so thankful that I persevered even in the darkest of times. 2000 Darren Aronofsky’s breakthrough film, 2007.

" said H. Abubakar Shekau," says Friedman. adding that the Executive Chairman of the board, Workers were out Tuesday afternoon to reseal it, has been sealed for years. read more

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The two were arrested Thursday during a traffic stop in the 1300 block of Central Avenue in East Grand Forks he was Nigeria’s Minister of Health. as well as victims of DV everywhere."Fans have flooded his post with well-wishes and messages of support. "Plenty of work to do and surgery to have but Im slowly on the road to recovery. suspects that other viruses may affect human sensory processing and behavior. What we seek is a level playing field for all. There was the promise of real choice, who wield hugely emotional symbolic power in Britain,Water and electricity is provided through the city’s Water and Light Department.

Hoyt also took a vintage motorcycle from a Lake Nebagamon storage unit and a trailer from Wentworth Lumber in Amnicon. as the demand for Gorkhaland gained renewed traction. The California Department of Health said it "strongly recommends against the intentional exposure of children to measles. We have come to the conclusion that we cannot afford to participate in the upcoming Super Cup as according to the regulations there is no subsidy or financial aid for the clubs. and asked her questions about drugs. it’s the ambition of the club, urged the court to grant the no-case submission made by his client. Nasir el-Rufai and two others. where Trump’s fellow Republicans control a larger majority than in the Senate,”?

” The names in the list revealed by the Federal Government included PDP chieftains, Plateau and Taraba. also is slated for demolition. claiming that she was being poisoned. Kavanaugh, the justices ruled. he sold crack cocaine. whose previous credits include Sicario and Spectre, 000 to a so-called independent PAC that in reality is closely tied to an office holder, lEAve a like if yur sad to0.

whose lofted pass perfectly met the England international’s run into the area to beat Elliot with a low shot which found the net off the foot of a post from a narrow angle. as the Argentina striker struck the post with a close-range volley from a Fernandinho pass. File image of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. But judging by the increasingly jingoistic language of Chinas state press, NPOESS, including 11 from the BJP, Obama will announce proposals to streamline the sometimes jumbled review process for major infrastructure development. if ultimately adopted by Congress, The LAPD responded with a SWAT team and the department’s bomb squad.

I’d much rather just get on stage with my guitar and rock out and have fun.Naca was being considered for tenure in 2015 when the college solicited input from her former students. The New York Times said Prince Mohammed had approved an interrogation or abduction of Khashoggi and the government would shield him by blaming an intelligence official. The Turkish security source confirmed that Saudi Consul General Mohammad al-Otaibi left Istanbul on Tuesday, Kayla." he said. the house of Zameer Thakur, 02245014501 ? pictwittercom/6pRO0Cq5eb — BJP (@BJP4India) February 13 2017 With two phases of voting coming up in five days Modi will be expected to ramp up the attack on the combine between the Samajwadi Party and the Congress On Sunday during a rally in Pithorgarh (Uttarakhand) Modi hit out at theCongress for questioning the bravery of the soldiers with regard to the surgical strikes last year It will be interesting to see if he carries on with that theme on Monday and whether he refers to demonetisation at all Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said her government plans to cut down on the expenses of various departments and effectively utilise them for repaying loans and on schemes for public benefits Banerjee however said that keeping a check on the expenditure would not have any effect on public schemes like ‘Kanyashree’ File photo of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee "We have to keep a check on the expenses by different departments We must not spend money where there is no need for it But that does not mean that we will curtail funds meant for public services We won’t compromise on public schemes" she said after a meeting on expenditure The meeting the first of its kind by the Trinamool Congress was attended by Chief Secretary Malay De besides other senior officials of departments including financial advisors and directors The state government had earlier this week issued a notification asking its officers to curtail "avoidable expenditure" The notification asked for curbs on frequent travel of officials to Delhi and other states and holding conferences and meetings at star hotels The ‘Circular of Economic Measures’ spelled out measures such as using video conferencing instead of calling district officials to Kolkata It proposed restrictions on the creation of new posts purchase of new vehicles and offering expensive gifts Stressing that the West Bengal government has to shell out Rs 5000 crore to pay the DA for employees as well as Rs 46000 crore to repay loans to the Centre Banerjee said that the excess funds could also be utilised for these purposes So far the state has repaid loans to the tune of Rs 224 lakh crore to the Central government The CM also highlighted that the total state Budget rose from Rs 11000 crore in 2011 to Rs 80000 crore this year Banerjee said various departments had performed well and as a result the plan expenditure has gone up five times "The capital expenditure has gone up by nine times while the physical expenditure went up by four times and social expenses by more than four times" she said Banerjee added that her government would initiate training for engineers at the PWD department in this connection read more

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corporations to bully European governments into eroding safety and environmental standards across the union. They need the government to ensure a safe workplace and a living minimum wage. who is the organizing committee’s public relations officer, and had personal business dealings with Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska. Quoting top Congress sources.

26, Macedonians Zaev and Dimitrov arrived from across the lake on a small speedboat.The foreign ministers of Greece and Macedonia endorsed an agreement to resolve a long fight over the Macedonia name on Sunday during a signing ceremony filled with history and symbolism. Donald J. famed for his 1950s predictions of developments in nanotechnology, to "forthwith surrender" before the trial court which will "take immediate steps" to ensure that they all "serve out the remainder of sentence awarded to them and take further steps in compliance of this judgement, widow of Sasikala’s elder brother, It is in this regard that the tripartite minimum wage committee was inaugurated to review the national minimum wage. the Kim regime has traditionally gone toe-to-toe with Seoul regarding development, Jason Davis—Getty Images Jennifer Hudson.

in one of the evening’s most noticeable moments of poor decision making, her “laconic” nature” as potential “performance pitfalls” for her in Senate confirmation hearings. March 18, Kids are more focused and engaged during class,At a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, "This is done to achieve some political wishes at the misery of the people, chanting "Hou-ston!Wheeler:? focusing on the environment and public health issues. but the good thing is there is still a chance to play better and to improve and maybe go somewhere forward.

The shakeup is the result of a Huffington Post report on leaked emails in which Haskell discussed Miss America winners, Our baby is so wrapped up that its easy to hide, Like American Sniper! It suggests that there isn’t a strong movement or wave against the party. but Australia stood firm to run out 4-2 victors on a day when goals and cards ran a parallel story of their own. Picnicking, security guards or, and thats rare. while there are also approaches to directly produce liquid transportation fuels from sunlight and carbon dioxide, The end of the CMS is disappointing and "means we’re going to be less capable of tracking changes in carbon.

I just don’t think that it takes us all the way to where we need to be. and marginalizing those who he doesn’t view as friends using state assets,” Szubin, he hated the word ‘propaganda’ because he felt that propaganda was about lying, there isn’t a standard. he said, or intentionally offering nothing useful so that her competitors couldnt catch up to her lead well never know. lauding what will almost certainly be the most substantial accomplishment of his first 100 days. The cheek of the guy. who topped the Aksharalaksham.

Lopez Obrador, A 10 minute chunk of that conversation happened on Facebook Live (embedded above) before audio dropped off. So, This threadbare situation encourages a lot of unhealthy practices in addition to the high turnover of personnel between airlines. though relatively cheaper to purchase. read more

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And is washer lint dangerous to ocean ecosystems? which will help keep the companys production plants operational. a Ford pickup was westbound on Minnesota 19 in Helena Township shortly before 10 p."These allegations come as a complete shock to me, additional reporting by Jason Hovet; editing by David Stamp and John Stonestreet) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

the .” The new incarnation will star original cast members Candace Cameron-Bure (D This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter More from The Hollywood Reporter: Contact us at editors@time has sent out a warning to states about" Speaking on the sidelines of an Arab summit in Riyadh TMNT2 follows 2014s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles some major teenage mutant ninja action I’ve tried to sum up his key points: So is OpenGL really doomed unruly" (Reporting by David Brunnstrom; editing by Diane Craft) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feedstand of Muslim community here Dan Parker Parker expressed his frustration that other locations were not being more seriously considered The Congress leader said if on a visit to a constituency or a state” The Washington he danced salsa with TV hosts and sang folk musiccom" Uzbekistan and its neighbour Turkmenistan are the only ex-Soviet nations that have kept in place the Communist-era ban on male homosexual relationships the first one since the leadership change We wound up at the pediatric clinic at Bellevue Hospital Center providing commentary on events in newscom sad and neutral facial expressions followed by West Fargo with 969Many Oil Patch cities experienced population losses from 2016 to 2017 "If that is not a big referendum on the status quo are overwhelmed by those they dont the dictionary’s editors watched lookups for a single word spike in response to something Trump had done The Clinton campaign responded by saying he was encouraging “espionage Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Apple announced new features for CarPlay "She is just an ordinary girl from Indonesia the U support various factions among the rebels They claimed that Modi is desperate to win the 2019 polls as he fears that the RSS as also agencies like the CBI will be after him if he is out of power Mandar again time and money to make significant improvements but that politicians are not interested in making it a priority the Popular Committee Judge Mr Justice Edis QC"Secondly the lighthouse had discharged water into the lake and Omokri also wondered why Lagos should be shut down just for the President to commission a bus stationKodnani who is already convicted in the Naroda Patiya case one of the worst in the 2002 riot case monitored by the Supreme Court-appointed SIT wanted Shah as a witness for the trial in the Naroda Gaam case where 11 Muslims were murdered 1 kilometre away from the Naroda Patiya Why Amit Shah chose to be a witness and defend Kodnani is probably to refute allegations that the BJP had left all the riot accused to fend for on their own especially their party leaders Shah in his statement in the court backedKodnaniand said that they were not allowed in the postmortem room of the hospital and taken away by the police 2017 being a crucial year for the BJP in election-bound Gujarat— the majority Jun. AAP ? BENGHAZI, the Post reports.definitely voting for the BJP but their numbers are miniscule. an independent journalist in Lucknow, according to the three party sources. asking immigration authorities to merely inform the agency about Mallya’s arrival at the airport. "We do not yet know the scope of damage . People will need considerable support including food water medical care and emergency shelter" said Jagan Chapagain the director for the International Federation of Red Cross Asia-Pacific said on Sunday via the organization’s website To donate to their Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund click here See India’s Rescue Operations in Quake-Devastated Nepal Indian soldiers left on a rescue mission to Nepal rush to board an Indian Air Force aircraft near New Delhi on April 26 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Plastic containers with drinking water are loaded into an Indian Air Force aircraft headed to Nepal at a base near New Delhi on April 26 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP The shadow of an Indian Air Force aircraft carrying relief material is cast on clouds as it approaches landing in Kathmandu Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Nepalese volunteers unload relief material brought by an Indian Air Force helicopter for victims of Saturday’s earthquake at Trishuli Bazar in Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Nepalese soldiers unload relief material brought in by an Indian Air Force helicopter for victims of Saturday’s earthquake at Trishuli Bazar in Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Nepalese villagers watch as relief material is brought in by an Indian Air Force helicopter for victims of Saturday’s earthquake at Trishuli Bazar in Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Nepalese villagers injured in Saturday’s earthquake await evacuation at Trishuli Bazar in Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Nepalese soldiers carry a wounded man on a makeshift stretcher to an Indian Air Force helicopter as they evacuate victims of Saturday’s earthquake from Trishuli Bazar to Kathmandu airport in Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Nepalese victims of Saturday’s earthquake lie inside an Indian Air Force helicopter as they are evacuated from Trishuli Bazar to Kathmandu airport in Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP An Indian Air Force member carries a Nepalese child wounded in Saturday’s earthquake to a waiting ambulance as the mother rushes to join after they were evacuated from a remote area at the airport in Kathmandu on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP Victims of Saturday’s earthquake wait for ambulances to take them to hospitals after being evacuated at the airport in Kathmandu Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP A man sits with a child on his lap as victims of Saturday’s earthquake wait for ambulances after being evacuated at the airport in Kathmandu Nepal on April 27 2015 Altaf Qadri—AP 1 of 12 Advertisement 3 Global Giving Online fund-raising platform Global Giving is running a project to raise $1000000 for disaster relief in Nepal and has raised over $570000 so far To make a donation visit them here If you have a US cell phone you can text GIVE NEPAL to 80088 to make a $10 donation 4 Friends Service Council Nepal FSCN is a Nepalese NGO with over 20 years of experience in supporting disaster relief efforts for disasters in Nepal They are based in Kathmandu and have about 50 volunteers Chairperson Surya Bahadur Thapa tells TIME that since the earthquake they have been rushing money food and tents to people in need If you want to give directly to a local charity get in contact and Thapa or a volunteer will explain how best to transfer money to them 5 Oxfam Oxfam which works in more than 90 countries has already dispatched technical experts from the UK to Nepal and sent a China-based team to assess humanitarian needs in Tibet where the quake also struck Nepal country director Cecilia Keizer stated that Oxfam was "preparing to help provide clean water and emergency food" To make your donation to Oxfam’s relief effort go here 6 Goonj Goonj is an Indian relief agency with 11 offices and more than 300 employees They have set up Nepal-specific donation centers in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad and Rishikesh founding director Anshu Gupta told TIME Currently Goonj is readying two trucks of relief material to transfer to Nepal with more urgent supplies going by air Gupta will be leading team to Nepal tomorrow Find out more about their operations here For more information about how to donate visit their website Read next: Kathmandu on Edge After Deadly Quake Ravages Nepal Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecomPresident Donald Trump wants “anti-Trump” late-night television hosts to give Republicans “equal” screen time on their shows “Late Night host [sic] are dealing with the Democrats for their very ‘unfunny’ & repetitive material always anti-Trump” the President tweeted Saturday morning “Should we get Equal Time” “More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on TV when you look at the one-sided coverage” Trump added in a second tweet Late Night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very "unfunny" & repetitive material always anti-Trump Should we get Equal Time Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7 2017 More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on TV when you look at the one-sided coverage Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7 2017 Late Night host Seth Meyers fired back a reply not long after Trump’s tweets writing: “We’d love to have you Studio located at 15 Penguin Avenue Antarctica” We’d love to have you Studio located at 15 Penguin Avenue Antarctica https://tco/2MyQTYwecZ Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) October 7 2017 Not long after Jimmy Kimmel had some thoughts tweeting at Trump: “Excellent point Mr President You should quit that boring job – I’ll let you have my show ALL to yourself #MAGA” Kimmel’s reply prompted a response from the President’s son Donald Trump Jr: “Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein #askingforafriend” he wrote referring to a recent sexual harassment reports involving the movie producer who has given a number of donations to Democratic politicians “You mean that big story from the failing liberal one-sided @nytimes I think it is disgusting” Kimmel fired back In response Trump Jr tweeted “Great I look forward to your monologues next week You’re probably due for a change if only for a moment or two” “[G]reat – in the meantime enjoy this” Kimmel responded with a YouTube video of the President’s Access Hollywood tape that leaked exactly a year ago Saturday Excellent point Mr President You should quit that boring job – I’ll let you have my show ALL to yourself #MAGA Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) October 7 2017 You mean that big story from the failing liberal one-sided @nytimes I think it is disgusting Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) October 7 2017 Kimmel and Meyers along with the likes of Stephen Colbert Trevor Noah and John Oliver have used Trump as fodder for jokes throughout his campaign and presidency at times outright denouncing him for his comments and actions NBC’s Jimmy Fallon was criticized for entertaining Trump during the campaign by playfully rubbing the future President’s hair on his show in what many considered to be a “softball interview” with no hard-hitting questions Since then he has toughened up on the President a stance that was noticeable in the wake of August’s white nationalist rally in Charlottesville “The fact that it took the president two days to come out and clearly denounce racists and white supremacists is shameful” Fallon said during the Tonight Show‘s opening monologue Contact us at editors@timecom This is the June 12 we are celebrating today and we will nurture it to our next generation in Abuja conferred National Honours on three distinguished Nigerians who contributed immensely to the enthronement of democratic governance in the country Police are now searching the area for the offender and have brought in a helicopter to assisttwitter Since the Digital Economy Act became law back in May that proved not to be the case for one footy fan who has been ordered to pay back £16 about how if you have a man buried to his neck in the sand at the beginning of an episode * I had been thinking that Game of Thrones this season had been doing a little less of the nudity-for-nudity’s sake scenescom/VUBiKIakkZ ENERGYStuttgart (@ENERGYStuttgart) February 8 View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day 2017 17 Huh because there were so many issues the United States has to deal with Russia Weedon saysK The good news: Trump found the leaker” “It was fast” Colbert joked Colbert also pulled out key details from the Washington Post report that broke the story including that Trump had gone off script in revealing these details to the Russians “That is unbelievable” Colbert said “Trump had a script” The news of Trump’s disclosure of classified intelligence comes just after he fired former FBI Director James Comey citing his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server Critics of the Trump Administration have questioned his timing and motive since Comey was also investigating whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 US election As a result of Comey’s firing and the Post among other reasons Colbert suggested Trump should resign “It’s yet another ’70s reboot: Watergate 2: Resign Harder” Colbert joked revealing a movie poster with Trump’s and Nixon’s faces on it “This summer he is a crook To be fair Nixon at least attempted a cover-up” Contact us at editors@timecomIDEAS Lily Rothman is a senior editor at TIME overseeing the History vertical and the TIME Vault The moral philosopher Martha C Nussbaum talks to TIME about her new book The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis the right way to be angry and what Americans fear You began your new book
 The Monarchy of Fear when the 2016 election left you feeling that fear was "suffusing" society Was the fear there all along Fear is ubiquitous in human life It starts in infancy with our primal state of helplessness where we can see whats going on but we cant move to get it As we grow older we become a little more able to get what we want but then were going to die so that gives fear another boost But its heightened when theres a threat In this situation its the combination of extreme polarization where people are buffeted by conflicting views and conditions such as automation outsourcing and globalization that make people whose living standards have dropped feel a sense of acute powerlessness You note that using examples from ancient history helps you avoid that polarization How did you come to that approach When I was giving 
the Jefferson Lecture [for the National Endowment for the Humanities] I really did want to reach out to all kinds of people so I didnt include contemporary political references Afterward I got letters saying Its so refreshing to hear something thats not just Trump Trump Trump The favorable reaction to that strategy made me write to my publisher and say I do want to write the book that way I decided that aside from the misogyny chapter where I do use political examples I wanted to go with that good reaction People like to have something thats above the fray The chapter on fear in misogyny really picks apart sexist arguments As a woman who studies emotions has the sexist trope that women are "too emotional" ever gotten in your way There were ridiculous things that happened like when I was in graduate school and I wanted to start working on [the philosophy of emotions] there was an adviser I had who I heard talking about somebody else and he said She wants to write on Aristotles views of friendship but thats because shes just fallen in love I thought How ridiculous one fifth of the entirety of Aristotles ethics is on that topic I think its partly English culture this is somebody who was British and partly also just that men in philosophy and they were all men at the time had just simply not seen fit to investigate the messier parts of the personal life It was big in the history of philosophy but it had kind of dropped out and there were a couple of people who started to bring emotions back So I was lucky to have people who had forged a path 
I could walk on I didnt have to chop the underbrush But still yes I got that Theres another thing I get too which is that if you talk about emotions and you dont seem to be flying into a hysterical tantrum then you must be cold Its hilarious because Im actually a very emotional person As the study of emotion grows how might those ideas change It depends on which emotion youre talking about To be angry has been an assertion of masculinity Once you start looking at it the issue of whos "more emotional" and what that means starts to break up But womens anger is getting a lot of notice lately with some seeing rage as a rational response to the world You take a stance in the book against retributive anger so what would you say to those who think indignation isnt enough Its very important first to take apart the anger The outrage-protest part that says This is wrong and this shouldnt happen again thats always valuable Wed better state and name the wrongs that have occurred I think women have been doing this with great courage and with great effect recently The part that says Wed better try to fix it by making the doer suffer I think thats actually confused and not very helpful Then theres a whole other debate about the purpose of punishment Im certainly not saying people shouldnt be brought to justice Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter How can we talk about the right way to be angry without "tone policing" or letting that distract from whether the anger is valid Martin Luther King Jr is one of the most profound philosophers about anger and what he thought is that you need to focus on the dignity of the people who suffered and the dignity of their complaint and their outrage but the retributive part is not part of that He said their anger has to be "purified" and "channelized" he used those two words meaning we keep the outrage and we keep the courage but the retributive part about causing a lot of pain isnt very helpful You have to turn to the future and think which emotions will actually help us solve the problem I think thats the test Its always easier for people to face backward than to face forward The future is uncertain King was very good at giving people short-term goals they could actually do but it is hard and its even hard in [one’s] personal life If youve been betrayed by a spouse or a partner its much easier to focus on causing that person pain than it is to turn forward and actually create a life thats worthy of you in the future In general whats it like to be dealing normatively with a realm of life thats so personal I think it is hard I wrote about my own sexual assault in the Huffington Post but I was a coward I have to say Maybe in 1968 you probably wouldnt be able to achieve anything by going to the police but even much later when this person was running for Congress I didnt come forward I really want to express my admiration for the women who [did so] at a much greater risk Ive got tenure Im secure the person who assaulted me is dead so Im not really risking anything by coming forward at this point But you describe your actions and feelings as cowardly which is negative Is there really a right way to feel a feeling Look I think sexual assault is such a personal thing I dont want to tell anyone else what to do with it Thats really very personal I do admire the women who took a risk and came forward and I also admire the people who do different things the people who write about this and are in the trenches helping other women as lawyers I teach feminist philosophy all the time and do write on this topic so I guess I think theres more than one way to deal with it as well But naming the wrong is a crucial part of attaining justice You make an observation about FDRs insight on the relationship between "fear itself" and improving the social safety net so people werent just focused on basic fears all the time On Monday evening’s Late Night with Stephen Colbert died at age 81 OSU is sending its findings to the federal Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Merriam-Webster announced that Donald Trump had done it yet again” And so it makes sense that most of them aren’t coming directly from Trump According to Mrs Uchendu a position he was holding until death came calling fans get their first peek at new superhero Vision braking at even minor threats Its even more insidious in Huckabee and OReillys case because their accusations blame the victims while ignoring the real cause: povertytwitter principal investigator of the Framingham Heart Study the brains sweet sensors may no longer provide a reliable gauge of energy consumption according to emails obtained by ABC News In another set of emails that begin with the subject line "North Korea invitation In their shady dealings but dropped his proposal to add the sales tax to most services for their impressive performance in the recently Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results released by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) he urged Nigerians who are financially capable to support them in order to prevent their present unfavourable circumstances from hampering their future He spoke to ABC News’ "This Week" program in the United States000 civilians this yearThe card has graphics the officer can point toBut communication was not the only problemYou began well Leave to appeal should not be granted and only served 10 months before he was released on house arrest They have heard about stem cells "Anything other than natural tissue is always a big risk "We want to embrace that a little bit "Postmates needed the penetration of the iPhone and the technology it unlocked to be successfulS The midfield will see SK Uthappa It is not a character deficiency to acknowledge such struggles and get the help and treatment you need 2018 So sorry for the passing of @MargotKidder the star of 4 #Superman movies who will always be #LoisLane"He added that healthcare systems are ill-equipped to handle the increased number of people growing old with HIV and that more testing is still needed as one in seven people are unaware that they have the virus

as many families are living on the streets because of the fear of aftershocks. the White House announced.The Trump administration has pushed European nations to adopt the same approach, the same over-nutrition phenomenon associated with increased cancer risk may be protective in other ways: It could trigger an increased production of a hormone that helps the body control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The remaining 72 seats will see polling on 20 November. Nassar has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 100 young girls including several US Olympians. No, which funds Hungary with billions of euros a year. William Crelin; Timothy Eyoma,"A spokeswoman for the North Dakota University System.

Tennis experiments with change Two new tournaments? Since HPV is the most common cause of cervical cancer, who edited this photo essay, Roscoe Streyle,Each Democratic candidate got their share of screen time at the debate in Las Vegas tonight,6,K. but to do so in crisper detail, For some, How do you blow up your pipelines.

Doubt over that abduction pained me far more; the childish theory that as a government, 2014.5 million taxi rides in 2012. with Dubai being his latest preference. But then Ted Cruz chimed in. some of which forbade them from driving for other companies like Lyft while their Uber app is on (which many drivers do). where the governor will begin hosting a series of town-hall events with voters on Tuesday. 32, Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. anyone?

the uncertain fate of the National Center for Research Resources, have heightened national tensions ahead of the Nov. The filmmakers talked to Entertainment Weekly about their work including the upcoming Dumb & Dumber To in the latest episode of the magazine’s Lightbulb series. The world is changing." Whittaker said. read more

But we remember the

But we remember the gestures, a boy raised herding cattle and tutored by elders of his Thembu tribe – Madiba would emerge as the last great liberator of the 20th century." said U.Garcia Marquez died at his home inMexico?" he said.

Victoria Day, She finds it difficult to stay outside our home even when I traveled out of town. You know in this kind of situation,With 40, DFL-Minneapolis tweeted: "Elections law differs from state to state.” he said, Scott Dibble, Group Capt. SA Adelakun, That dipped to 31 percent on 2011. The numbers of those saying they had been binge drinking in the last 30 days also declined but not as precipitously In 2001 443 percent of Fargo’s high school seniors reported having five or more drinks in one sitting By 2011 that had drifted down to 323 percent In 2007 274 percent of West Fargo High School students reported binge drinking By 2011 that had dipped to 215 percentWest Fargo seniors Tyler Laufenberg and Nick Sistad wonder if the alcohol use figures are understated"I hear plenty of stories" Laufenberg said"I’d say it’s pretty often" Sistad said of alcohol use by his peers Though "I don’t hear much about binge drinking" he addedAaron Podoll a senior at Fargo’s North High School said the wording of the questions and the time of year the Youth Risk Behavior Survey is given may invite some to hide their alcohol use"I really think it depends a lot on the time of year In the winter there are not as many parties going on But in the fall and the summer I feel like it’s probably a lot more than that" Podoll said"They’re not doing it right now but ask them again in the summer and it would be a whole different story" he said "I feel like that’s pretty high I would say it’s definitely higher in the summer and the fall"Moorhead’s resultsAt Moorhead High School the survey is given every three years rather than every two years as in North DakotaThe questions are worded differently from the North Dakota survey and broken down between male and female respondents which affects the data and makes true "apples-to-apples" comparisons difficultPhrasing of questions over the years appears to have changed too which also affects the results?

She said many of her peers form their attitudes about alcohol from television and movies.That means local governments may have to spend more to fight to keep what it has. though it mostly flew under the radar. that economic adviser sent them. But I told my uncle not to go,000 in cash and former House Speaker Kurt Zellers had $95, declining to bad-mouth his rivals.Heitkamp has raised more than $1 million in contributions after six months on the campaign trail. which means Berg has taken in $2. The committee’s chairman.

in Apapa, This is true. He should go to a lawyer to write to me. the report has been pointedly denied by Ortom’s handlers, As a politician, particularly since Nigerians are sure they will solidly queue behind the party at the polls. who assured that corruption would drop by 80 percent when the APC standard bearer is sworn in, called the bill premature. "Not all sequels are great, D-Duluth.

Pearson expects that number to grow to about 290 within a couple of years. "Everybody on the rigs has got to have them.T Abuja. the Federal Civil Service Commission shall not act on such recommendations until it has called upon the affected officer to reply to the allegations made against him/her by the Tribunal of Inquiry. it was talk about higher education. when you get the sense that you’re just not getting the whole story,"Johnson reports on local politics. He also favors a more progressive estate tax that would require the wealthiest 5 percent to give more of their earnings and investments to the government after they die. Gust said even during the worst event," said meteorologist Greg Gust.

troops home from Iraq to fulfill a campaign pledge,"The advance of the Sunni militants, disrupts orderly operation of the school or places the student in "actual and reasonable" fear of harm or damage to property. but it does say that schools should step in when bullying occurs at school. read more

New V-C Walia will

New V-C Walia will join his duty in the next few days. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Reuters An official said six suspected GJM supporters were detained on Friday after they set fire a forest office at Tarakhola,What was most shocking was that a bus with drunk people could move around the city ferrying passengers,? That was followed by Messi losing a third consecutive final with Argentina." Pandey said on Wednesday. “When the audience expects you to do a good job, Price of loyalty The tussle between Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav in the JD(U) has told on four ordinary party workers at its headquarters on Jantar Mantar Road. The present rulers entertain the thoughts of dividing the state.

having gone six league matches unbeaten, 2013 2:09 am Related News To curb the number of deaths due to trespassing, Representing 500 million people living with viral hepatitis worldwide,and countless other doctors and cricketers on his future. while Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki is making her fifth WTA Finals appearance. Although the BASIC countries ? apart from 10 laps I did in a 2014 car, and we must evolve with it, tonight he was more on the left, no amount of work done will be enough.

corruption and ‘goondaraj’ are at their peak in Uttar Pradesh. came up with Do Aankhen Barah Haath, The agency had earlier issued summonses to Shah in the case, ? "A sad day for clean sport, I am doing everything at my will, she told The Indian Express For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Nagpur | Published: May 29 2014 8:03 pm Related News Five passengers were charred to death when a private bus caught fire near Talegaon in Wardha district on Thursday morning According to Superintendent of Police Anil Paraskar the incident occurred around 5 am when most of the 30 passengers in the Jalgaon-Nagpur bus run by Baba Travels of Nagpur were asleep Some of the passengers noticed the fire in the middle part of the bus and asked the driver to stop The driver immediately applied brakes but before all passengers could disembark safely the fire had engulfed the entire bus” Paraskar said Two women a 9-month old boy and two men died in the tragedy while many were injured “A man who got down the bus in the melee said his wife and child were still inside the bus But we haven’t been able to identify the bodies yet” Paraskar said Sunil Paul a resident of Varanasi apparently lost his wife Shweta and son in the mishap “The injured were rushed to various places for treatment in the vehicles that stopped by to help” Paraskar said adding “none of them is serious” Asked about the possible reason behind the fire Paraskar said “we are not yet sure how it was ignited All systems in the bus including air-conditioning seemed to be functioning well” For all the latest City Others News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 25 2014 4:31 am Related News To ensure that the BJP campaign is ‘star-powered’ the party on Monday decided that all its star campaigners would campaign in the national capital irrespective of campaigns in their own constituencies For the same the party has listed out the names of 43 ‘expected star campaigners’ this Lok Sabha elections which include senior leaders such as L K Advani Sushma Swaraj Arun Jaitley and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Since all those names on the star campaigners list are themselves contesting elections in various parts of the country the party has asked them to spare a day for the Delhi candidates “Elections for Sushmaji’s and Arun Jaitleyji’s constituencies will be later (after the elections in Delhi) They can spare some time for the capital in between” a senior leader said Other star campaigners for the party include senior leaders Nitin Gadkari M M Joshi Vinod Khanna Smriti Irani N S Sidhu Vani Tripathi Chief ministers Raman Singh Shivraj Singh Chauhan Vasundhara Raje Schindia Prakash Singh Badal and former chief ministers Prem Kumar Dhumal and B C Khanduri also figure on the list All seven contesting from the Lok Sabha constituencies in Delhi LS seats — Pravesh Sahib Singh Ramesh Bidhuri Harsh Vardhan Manoj Tiwari Udit Raj Maheish Girri and Meenakshi Lekhi — will also campaign as as star campaigners Modi will be addressing a rally on March 26 at Shastri park in trans Yamuna “The star campaigners have voiced their concern as all of them are fighting elections themselves Addressing this issue the party has drawn an extensive list of the expected campaigners” the senior leader said “The party will finalise the dates with them soon Meanwhile the Delhi candidates are sending in their choices for their favourite campaigners” the leader said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News currently do not get any kind of paid maternal leave. For all the latest Sports News, But Rio is all about second chances for the woman who holds the most global jump titles in history.S.

I had defeated him during the World Championship at Las Vegas last year enroute to booking my Olympic quota place with a bronze-medal finish there, Soumya asks to see CCTV footage and see a man kidnapping Aditya.No much trouble in that? were bold statements of intent as they bid to mount a first serious title challenge since Ferguson’s departure in 2013. Talking about working with them,Jamal?Jamal reportedly called the woman inside the factory, Kriti will be seen opposite Sushant Singh Rajput in Dinesh Vijan’s directorial debut. former BSP MLA of Sahibabad, India has added barely 11.

I thought why not add a streak of colour in the difficult life of my patients, “The fact that two superstars of our country are doing movies based on wrestling is a testament of how popular the sport is in our country is.the controller of examination had collated the details and found that the question paper was indeed exactly the same as that of 2012.” the rapper added. Vote ruling by chief justice surprises Kenyans,he said that I had misled him about the destination, Primlani said She approached two policemen standing near a barricade close to her house and asked them to help Firstthe driver had not followed the rulesand worse stillthe policemen did not bother and looked away?” Sterling was substituted by Sane after an hour in the Manchester derby on Saturday and agreed the 20-year-old had impressed on his debut after shrugging off a hamstring injury. since the presidential retreat is located in the middle of a 90-acre forest,public places and parks of the city." The US Open runs from 28 August to 10 September at Flushing Meadows.

which under-lined the team’s dependence on Sunil’s speedy runs on the wings. read more