Nova Scotians Closer to More LongTermCare Beds

first_imgNova Scotians are another step closer to more long-term-care beds. On April 5, the province issued part one of a request for proposal for 804 new long-term-care beds. The completed process will close on Thursday, August 23, at 2 p.m. The results are expected in the fall. “These new beds will help more seniors stay closer to their loved ones,” said Health Minister Chris d’Entremont. “I am extremely pleased this project is moving forward on time.” All interested and qualified parties are invited to reply to the request for proposal, which is being released in three parts. The first outlines the locations of the beds, response requirements, and the assessment process. Part two, which will be released on Wednesday, June 13, will provide draft information on design, space, program and financial requirements. Part three will be released on Wednesday, July 25, and will include final information on the elements included in part two. The request for proposal can be found on the Nova Scotia Procurement Tender Website. Those interested in responding should monitor the site for additional information. Information sessions will also be held to help those interested in responding better understand the process. Sessions are scheduled in Truro on Thursday, June 14, and Thursday, July 26, to correspond with the release of parts two and three. The Continuing Care Strategy is a 10-year plan to enhance and expand Nova Scotia’s continuing-care system. By building on community support, increasing local solutions, and ensuring care options are available when and where they are needed, the strategy aims to create a system that supports Nova Scotians in their desire to live well in a place they can call home. More information on the strategy and the request for proposal process is available on the website . For a copy of the request for proposal see the website .last_img read more

Ottawa posts 11billion surplus for June boosted by gain in revenue

first_imgOTTAWA – Ottawa ran a surplus of $1.11 billion in June, compared with a surplus of $16 million in the same month last year, boosted by higher income tax revenue, employment insurance premiums and other revenue.According to the monthly fiscal monitor report from the Department of Finance, revenue totalled $27.13 billion in June, up from $24.98 billion in the same month last year.Program spending totalled $23.81 billion, up from $22.94 billion, while public debt charges for the month totalled $2.21 billion, up from $2.04 billion.For the April-to-June period, the federal government posted a surplus of $4.29 billion, compared with a surplus of $83 million reported in the same period of 2017–18.The government’s February budget predicted a deficit of $18.1 billion for the current 2018-19 fiscal yearThe fiscal monitor said the financial results so far are broadly in line with the fiscal projection for 2018–19 presented in the budget with expenses expected to be concentrated later in the fiscal year.last_img read more

Ottawa continues to fail First Nations Auditor General

first_img(Auditor General Sheila Frasher. APTN/Photo)APTN National NewsOTTAWA-Canada’s auditor general called for major changes to the relationship between First Nations, Ottawa and provincial governments to break the persistent and growing gap between quality of life on reserves and the rest of the country.After 10 years issuing reports on the performance of government departments, Auditor General Sheila Fraser said the existing system dealing with First Nations was not working.“I believe that First Nations, the federal government, and in some cases the provinces, have to rethink their relationship with each other,” said Fraser. “First Nations people have waited far too long to have the quality of services Canadians receive every day and take for granted.”Fraser said she has done 29 audits that directly or indirectly dealt with First Nations people and has seen very little change in the social conditions afflicting reserves.She said reserves have fallen behind over the last 40 years and the federal government has failed to do anything about it.“The conditions on many reserves remain poor and progress is slow. Some communities are making significant progress, but they are the exception rather than the rule,” said Fraser. “Services on reserves have not kept pace with services in municipal governments…The federal government has not been identifying and funding comparable services on reserves in any systemic fashion.”Fraser said her office had uncovered government failures in education, water quality, housing and child and family services.She also highlighted that her office had found that reporting requirements for First Nations, some with fewer than 500 members, have been “excessive.” She said some of the reports were never reviewed by Indian Affairs or didn’t serve any purpose.She said another report on the government’s response to her office’s concerns around comprehensive land claims will come out in May.Akwesasne Mohawk Council Grand Chief Mike Mitchell thanked Fraser for her work and said his community is mired in required audit reports.Mitchell said his council receives $74 million for programs and services and is required to file 77 audits.“They put you through the ringer,” said Mitchell. “And all the times you (Fraser) have made recommendations and observations it blows out the window the next day.”Alluding to the swirling controversy around the Canadian Taxpayers Federation campaign over the levels of reserve politician salaries, Mitchell then said, “But when First Nations people get accused for something, it just stays in the air for a long time.”last_img read more

Hundreds gather for Aboriginal veterans day in Vancouver

first_imgAPTN National NewsIt’s still not a widely recognized day on the calendar.But Indigenous veterans know all about Nov. 8.The day marks Aboriginal veterans day.APTN’s Tina House reports on the ceremony in Vancouver.thouse@aptn.calast_img

Thunder Bay deaths that could be reopened if police follow OIPRD recommendations

first_imgMany of the deaths of Indigenous people in Thunder Bay occurred in or along the McIntyre River (pictured above). File photo.APTN NewsOn Wednesday the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) released its long-anticipated report on the relationship between the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) and Indigenous people.The two-year investigation, led by Independent Police Review Director Gerry McNeilly, found “significant deficiencies” due in part to racism in the police force.Among the report’s recommendations is that police reinvestigate nine sudden death cases involving Indigenous people.Those individuals are not formally named in the OIRPD report, but APTN News matched the dates of the cases in the report with known names in Thunder Bay.Jethro AndersonJethro Anderson, a 15-year-old from Kasabonika Lake First Nation, disappeared in Thunder Bay on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2000. His body was found in the Kaministiquia River two weeks later, on Nov. 11. Police determined the death was not suspicious.The 2016 inquest into the deaths of seven First Nations students found the cause of Anderson’s death to be “undetermined”.“It’s still a mystery,” Anderson’s aunt Dora Morris told APTN News of her nephew’s death. “We don’t know what happened to him. I guess he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.”Curran StrangCurran Strang, an 18-year-old student from Pikangikum First Nation, went missing in 2005. His body was found in Thunder Bay’s McIntyre River on Sept. 26 of that year.The inquest determined Strang drowned “with ethanol intoxication”. His death was determined an accident.Strang was pulled from the river with his pants undone and lowered, the sweatshirt he was last seen wearing was also missing.Kyle MorrisseauThe body of 17-year-old Kyle Morrisseau of Keewaywin First Nation was found in the McIntyre River on Nov. 10, 2009. He had been missing for two weeks.“It wasn’t like him to not call home. He called almost every day,” Christie Kakegumic, Morrisseau’s sister, told APTN.A coroner determined Morrisseau too had drowned “with acute ethanol intoxication.”The cause of Morriseau’s drowning was deemed an “accident” by the inquest.Jordan Wabasse was found dead in May 2011. File photo.Jordan WabasseJordan Wabasse, a 15-year-old from Webequie First Nation, was pulled from the Kaministiquia River on May 10, 2011.Two days after police ruled Wabasse’s death not suspicious they received a tip that the youth may have been murdered. The inquest determined Wabasse had drowned but found the cause of his drowning to be “undetermined”.Christina GliddyChristina Gliddy, a 28-year-old mother from Wunnumin Lake First Nation, was found unconscious near a bridge over the McIntyre River.She died later that morning, on March 29, 2016. The coroner and police said Gliddy died of exposure.Gliddy’s mother and sister both told APTN last year they doesn’t believe Christina’s case was properly investigated by police.Marie SpenceThunder Bay police were called to a wooded area, near a bike path just off the Trans Canada on April 30, 2016.The officer who took charge of the scene noted that Spence was on her back with her legs bent to the left. He also noted the following:The officer who took charge of the scene reported that death was obvious, and that the deceased was lying on her back with her legs bent to the left.He also observed that: Her elbows were bent with her hands palm up next to her head, her left hand was clutching a clump of grass, Her right hand was holding a small branch, Her pants were pulled down below her buttocks, but her underwear was in place. Two hospital bands were located on her right wrist (these were from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre) and there were cigarette burns on both palms.The coroner concluded:“The autopsy report listed significant findings as ethanol intoxication – post-mortem toxicology detected a non-fatal level of ethanol in the post-mortem blood. It can increase the risk of hypothermia. Ketoacidosis – this may occur in diabetics and individuals who are dependent on ethanol consumption.”The Thunder Bay police then released this news release.“A post mortem was conducted in Toronto yesterday on the deceased female whose body was discovered on April 30, 2016 in a wooded area behind Brant Street. Based on the evidence examined to date, her death does not appear to be criminal in nature. The woman had been deceased for a few days prior to the discovery of her.”According to Gerry McNeilly, police didn’t do the work properly.“Ms. E.F.’s (Spence) death may or may not have been related to intoxication (blood alcohol level of 244 mg/100 mL) leading to hypothermia. Ms. E.F.’s recent injuries may or may not have been attributable, in whole or in part, to stumbling or crawling. However, the investigation fell significantly short of what was required to enable those conclusions to be drawn.”Arron LoonThe body of 20-year-old Arron Loon was found in the snow near a pathway in Thunder Bay on March 25, 2015. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue arrived first on the scene and told a police officer who later arrived that it appeared Loon may have been in a fight. There were abrasions and blood on parts of his body, though this was not mentioned in any police report.Loon’s cause of death was listed as hypothermia in the autopsy report, and Loon was said to have had an “elevated blood ethanol concentration.”“This is but one of a number of cases in which an Indigenous person was presumed by TBPS to have died suddenly as a result of hypothermia or drowning,” the OIPRD report reads. “In a number of these cases, police failed to recognize that findings of hypothermia or drowning did not relieve them of their obligation to determine the circumstances under which these individuals froze to death or drowned, including the role, if any, played by others in contributing to their deaths.”The report found the investigation into Loon’s death was “deficient in important areas,” which “prevents a proper determination as to whether it was or was not attributable to accident and unrelated to foul play.“A reinvestigation is required.”Stacy DeBungee died in October 2015. File photo.Stacy DeBungeeThe death of 41-year-old Rainy River First Nation man Stacy DeBungee in 2015 prompted the OIPRD investigation.On Oct. 19 DeBungee’s body was pulled from the McIntyre River. Thunder Bay police immediately ruled his death accidental and caused by alcohol before the completion of a post mortem.An independent investigation into DeBungee’s death determined that police failed to properly investigate and follow leads, including one that claimed DeBungee’s debit card was used after his death.  “What the DeBungee family has been put through by the TBPS is unforgiveable,” said Chief Robin McGinnis, Rainy River First Nations where DeBungee was from. “The findings by the Director that there is overwhelming evidence of racism at the Thunder Bay Police Service vindicates this long battle.”McNeilly is also calling for the Thunder Bay police service to put in place what he’s calling a multi-disciplinary team together to decide whether other cases should be reopened.last_img read more

Ban welcomes appointment of new European leaders

20 November 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today voiced the hope for increased cooperation between the European Union and the United Nations following the appointment of Herman van Rompuy as the first EU President and Catherine Ashton as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. “The Secretary-General hopes that the process of EU integration, which has already brought peace, security and prosperity to the continent, will further strengthen the European Union’s support for global efforts in the areas of peace, security, human rights and sustainable development,” a statement issued by his spokesperson said.“The Secretary-General looks forward to working closely with both Mr. van Rompuy and Ms. Ashton in strengthening cooperation between the European Union and the United Nations.” read more

Thailand must fight mounting human trafficking more effectively UN expert warns

“Thailand faces significant challenges as a source, transit and destination country,” the UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, said in Bangkok at the end of a 12-day mission to the country on 19 August, calling on the Government to promote zero tolerance to corruption. “The trend of trafficking for forced labour is growing in scale in the agricultural, construction and fishing industries,” she added, urging the Government to cooperate with neighbouring countries more effectively in preventing and combating trafficking in persons. Ms. Ezeilo, who works in an independent, unpaid capacity and reports to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, also found that “internal trafficking in children is rampant,” particularly highlighting the vulnerability of migrant, stateless and refugee children, including those belonging to hill tribes, to trafficking and exploitation. While commending the enactment of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2008 in line with relevant international standards, she warned that the implementation and enforcement of the law remains “weak and fragmented,” often hampered by the deep-rooted corruption, especially among low-cadre law enforcement officers at provincial and local levels.“Root causes of trafficking, particularly demands for cheap and exploitative labour provided by migrant workers, are not being effectively addressed,” Ms. Ezeilo said.She voiced concerns at the frequent misidentification of trafficked persons as irregular migrants subject to arrest, detention and deportation, as well as long stays at shelters, turning the shelters into “detention centres and a vehicle for violations of human rights, especially the right to freedom of movement and to earn an income and live a decent life.” The Government should scale up capacity building trainings for all actors, especially law enforcement and immigration officials and labour inspectors. As a prevention measure, she called on the Government to review its labour and immigration laws and increase safe migration options to eliminate the vulnerabilities of migrants to trafficking. 22 August 2011Thailand must do more to effectively combat the rising rate in human trafficking and protect migrant workers who are increasingly vulnerable to forced and exploitative labour, a United Nations expert has said, warning that deep-rooted corruption is impeding the battle. read more

Football Ohio State thumps Nebraska 623

OSU redshirt freshman running back Mike Weber pushes a defender away during the Buckeyes game against Nebraska. OSU won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo Editor Urban Meyer and the rest of the Ohio State coaching staff were confident in their team, even though fans were clamoring following an unconvincing 24-20 win over Northwestern. Although the team had the backing of the play-callers, there was an overall mystery to how the team would perform.In short, the Buckeyes did not disappoint.“I didn’t see that one coming,” Meyer said.There should be few questions surrounding the offense of No. 6 OSU following the team’s 62-3 thumping of No. 10 Nebraska. The defense was equally impressive, setting a single-season record for defensive touchdowns during the game. Although the Buckeyes finally showed life as a dominating team for the first time in weeks, the game was far from all roses.Nebraska senior quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. suffered a scary injury during the second quarter of Saturday’s game. After being chased to the sideline by redshirt sophomore Malik Hooker, Armstrong took an awkward fall and struck his head sharply on the ground. A cart was taken out for the Nebraska quarterback while he was strapped to a backboard, but the team released a statement later saying the move was precautionary.Ohio Stadium chanted his name as he was carted off. Later in the game, Armstrong returned in street clothes to his team’s sideline, with “Tommy” chants filling the stadium.In the first half, the Buckeyes moved the ball with ease as redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett picked up two touchdowns. The second of his scores, which he tossed to junior H-back Curtis Samuel, was on an Urban Meyer classic: the “jump pass,” a maneuver made famous by former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.A healthy dose of both redshirt freshman running back Mike Weber and Samuel quickly wore down the Cornhuskers “Blackshirts,” the nickname for Nebraska’s defensive unit. Weber rumbled for 44 yard on eight carries, while Samuel sprinted ahead for 41 yards on five carries.“We had a rough game a couple weeks ago,” junior tackle Jamarco Jones said. “That’s not who we are. We just got back to the basics in practice. Coach Stud (offensive line coach Greg Studrawa) got on us, we fixed some things and we were able to execute pretty well tonight.”The defense for OSU was solid as can be in the opening frame, as well as throughout the game. The Buckeyes allowed just 123 first-half yards, while also keeping Nebraska from the end zone. It was the same story in the second, as the lack of Armstrong at quarterback stalled any chance of starting a run. Senior Ryker Fyfe went just 5-for-18 with 52 yards in his time at quarterback. During halftime, the OSU band honored Sam Foltz, a punter for Nebraska who lost his life in a tragic car accident earlier this year. The band formed a number 27 in the middle of the field with the initials “SF” above it. Block “O” also did its own honor for the late punter, as the students held up colored cards that formed an image of a punter with the number 27 on his jersey.In the second half, it became apparent OSU was not done with the romp just yet. On the very first play from scrimmage, Barrett threw a strike to Samuel for 75 yards and a Buckeye touchdown. An offense that looked scared of testing opponents’ cornerbacks and safeties had no problems with hoisting the deep ball throughout the night.“I know he misfired on a couple, too, but J.T. played fantastic and he was very sharp,” Meyer said. “(He spread the ball, (and) spread the entire — we finally hit some downtown shots, too. To Curtis, and Curtis was outstanding.”Samuel was a sparkplug for OSU all night, providing most of the team’s offense with 178 total yards and two receiving touchdowns. After fading away against Penn State and being given the ball just 10 times, the junior has become the centerpiece for the Buckeyes with 27 touches in the last two games.The defense for OSU was just as good in the second frame as it was in the first, giving Fyfe almost no time to find receivers and smothering senior running back Terrell Newby. The chunk plays that seemed to plague the team against the Nittany Lions and Northwestern last week were nowhere to be seen.The secondary for OSU played especially well, limiting the combination of Armstrong and Fyfe to just 126 passing yards, and kept the entire Nebraska offensive roster out of the end zone for all 60 minutes. Long passes, which had been a bit of a thorn in the side of the defense in the last few weeks, were easily covered by the secondary.Junior cornerback Damon Webb and redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker picked up interceptions returned for touchdowns. The first one by Webb set a single-season defensive touchdowns record for the Buckeyes, which now stands at six with three games in the regular season left.“A defensive score gives momentum to the offense and that’s what we try to do every time,” redshirt cornerback Marshon Lattimore said.With only a handful of games left and a loss on Saturday by No. 4 Texas A&M, the convincing win by the Buckeyes could very well thrust the team into the College Football Playoff discussion with such a dominating and complete performance.OSU will be traveling to Maryland to face the Terrapins next Saturday. Kickoff will be at either noon or 3:30 p.m. read more

Gallery Mens Hockey vs Minnesota

Senior goalkeeper Sean Romeo looks down the ice during the second period of Ohio State’s hockey game vs. Minnesota on Feb. 15. Ohio State lost 4-3. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The Lantern The Ohio State Men’s Ice Hockey team took on Minnesota on Feb. 15 and Ohio State lost 4-3 Photos by Nick Hudak

Equinox Gold reports startup and dry testing of primary jaw crusher at

first_imgPre-production mining is nearing completionMore than 6.4 Mt of material moved730,000 t of ore stockpiled and ready for commissioning Equinox Gold reports that the new primary jaw crusher at its Aurizona Gold Mine in Brazil has been energised and dry tested with the expectation of putting first ore through the system in early January 2019. The project is nearly complete and on schedule to achieve commercial production around the end of Q1-2019. The mining contractor at the operation is U&M Mineração e Construção S/A (U&M) and the EPCM contractor is Ausenco Engineering Canada.The ROM ore is trucked from the open pits and dumped directly into the ROM surge bin with 700 mm spacing bars, or stockpiled on the ROM storage pad and then reclaimed by a FEL to the surge bin. Any ore coarser than 700 mm is broken down by a mobile breaker. The ore in the surge bin is reclaimed by the 1,500 mm wide by 9 m long apron feeder. The ROM ore is fed onto the vibrating grizzly feeder, where the screen oversize coarser than 115 mm is directed to the jaw crusher, which crushes the screen oversize to a P80 of approximately 150 mm. The crushed ore reports to the surge bin feed conveyor which also receives the vibrating screen undersize. The combined crushed ore and the screen undersize will be conveyed to the SAG mill feed surge bin.Project update summary:Crusher circuit including vibrating feeder has been energised and dry testedCommissioning team ramping up and training programs are underwayEngineering and procurement activities are completeTailings storage facility is completePowerline sub-station upgrades are complete and awaiting final verification by the state utilityAncillary buildings and facilities are completeAt the end of November, processing plant construction was 90% completeConcrete work is completeStructural steel erection is 96% completeEquipment and plate work installation is 86% completePiping is 76% completeElectrical and instrumentation is 50% complete The construction team is focused on piping, electrical and instrumentation. The main transmission line is ready to provide full energization to all equipment, and site-wide distribution circuits to local electrical rooms are being commissioned to enable testing of individual equipment components.Equinox Gold commenced full-scale construction at Aurizona in January 2018 and pre-production mining in April 2018. Approximately $116 million was spent at the end of November 30, 2018, including fiscal 2017 spending related to construction activities. The project remains fully funded. In addition to existing cash reserves, the company has $10 million remaining to draw against its $85 million construction credit facility.last_img read more

Martin ONeill Ive spoken to James McClean about latest Twitter gaffe

first_imgMARTIN O’NEILL HAS been here before with James McClean.The newly-installed Ireland boss had to deal with James McClean and issues with Twitter while manager of Sunderland.And in O’Neill first week in the FAI job, the Derry-born Wigan winger labelled the Belfast Telegraph as a “bitter sectarian paper,” whose journalists are “bigots” in a tweet to a friend yesterday.“[I] wasn’t overly pleased,” said O’Neill in Poznan on Monday night ahead of the friendly clash against Poland.“James seems to enjoy the Twittering, his performance merited one or two tweets from other people saying how well he’d done rather than James getting embroiled in it again. So, it all leads to the whole thing again about the tweeting. I think even before I arrived here there was a match-day ban on tweeting. I think even a match-day minus one or plus one whatever the case may be. But I’ll have a look at it, I’m just experiencing these things again.“I don’t want to be a guru over this social media. Players… I think there needs to be a bit of responsibility really and sometimes I think the players don’t realise after all this time — maybe they do — that this is a public media. Anything you say is picked up.“I’ve reminded James you know. The last time with James, it was a fairly lengthy time since the last time I mentioned it to him so there’s been a lot of tweeting under the bridge since then.”Asked if the episode will see McClean — man-of-the-match against Lativa — drop to the bench, O’Neill said:  ”If I’m going to leave players out cos they’ve tweeted then I’m going to be in serious trouble down the line. That’s a sort of semi-joke, you know that?“If James doesn’t start tomorrow night it won’t be anything to do with the tweeting. But I’ll still have to have a word with him.”Doyle: I knew Trap text wasn’t the end of my Ireland career5 Irish players with a point to prove against Polandlast_img read more

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT North Intermediate Announces September Students Of The Month

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The North Intermediate School recently announced its latest Students of the Month.  The students below were recognized for their classroom performances during the month of September. Congratulations to all!Grade 4:Madison Baril nominated by Ms. TenerAdam Saied nominated by Ms. DruryHenry Santini nominated by Ms. FayTyler Jankowsk nominated by Mrs. HoxholliMia Barresi nominated by Mrs. ReynoldsGrade 5:Maya Merza nominated by Mrs. BurkeEric Banda nominated by Mrs. WoodJake Cronin nominated by Mrs. DePanfilisMacKenzie Scanlon nominated by Mrs. DiVacriCharlotte Forcina nominated by Mrs. PasternakAlexandra Erler nominated by Mrs. LundAva Noble nominated by Mrs. Iascone and Mr. TavaneseSpecialists:Allison Hall nominated by Ms. McNamaraEvan Cummings nominated by Ms. DiLulloLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSTUDENT SPOTLIGHT: North Intermediate Announces May Students Of The MonthIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: North Intermediate Announces April Students Of The MonthIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: North Intermediate Announces March Students Of The MonthIn “Education”last_img read more

New proposal cuts all state funding to public television

first_imgPublic television would lose its state funding in a budget proposal adopted by the Legislature’s budget conference committee Friday.Rep. Les Gara, D- Anchorage, was the only committee member to object to the cut for public television. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)The committee removed all $600,000 that Governor Bill Walker proposed for public TV.The committee approved Walker’s $2 million request for public radio, as well as $44,000 for the Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission.Anchorage Representative Les Gara was the only one of the six committee members to object to the television cut.Both houses of the Legislature must vote the budget after the conference committee finishes its work. Then Walker decides whether to sign it.last_img

R Kelly Responds to Spotifys Playlist Ban on His Music

first_imgIn response, a rep for Kelly said in a statement:“We appreciate Spotify for continuing to make R. Kelly’s songs accessible to millions of people, although it will stop listing his songs on its official playlists. Spotify is adopting a new ‘Hate Content & Hateful Conduct’ policy.  R Kelly never has been accused of hate, and the lyrics he writes express love and desire.“Mr. Kelly for 30 years has sung songs about his love and passion for women.  He is innocent of the false and hurtful accusations in the ongoing smear campaign against him, waged by enemies seeking a payoff.  He never has been convicted of a crime, nor does he have any pending criminal charges against him.“Spotify has the right to promote whatever music it chooses, and in this case its actions are without merit. It is acting based on false and unproven allegations. It is bowing to social-media fads and picking sides in a fame-seeking dispute over matters that have nothing to do with serving customers.“Meanwhile, though, Spotify promotes numerous other artists who are convicted felons, others who have been arrested on charges of domestic violence and artists who sing lyrics that are violent and anti-women in nature.“Mr. Kelly falls into none of these categories, and it is unfortunate and shortsighted that Spotify fails to recognize this.”XXXTentacion, the only other artist thus far to have music removed from the platform’s playlists since this morning’s announcement, questioned the company’s decision today as well.POPULAR ON VARIETY: R/ Kelly has responded through a representative to Spotify’s announcement this morning that it is removing the singer’s music from its editorial and algorithmic playlists as part of its updated policy toward hate content and hateful conduct. “When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful (for example, violence against children and sexual violence), it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator,” Spotify’s announcement reads in part.In a statement, Spotify said: “We are removing R. Kelly’s music from all Spotify owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations such as Discover Weekly. His music will still be available on the service, but Spotify will not actively promote it. We don’t censor content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, but we want our editorial decisions – what we choose to program – to reflect our values. When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful, it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator.” ×Tidal Accused of Faking Streams for Beyonce, KanyeVolume 90%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next Up’It: Chapter Two’ Cast Feeling Pressure For Box Office Success?01:44 facebook twitter reddit Email Link EmbedCopiedAuto 720p1080p720p406p270p180pLive00:0000:5200:52More Videos01:44’It: Chapter Two’ Cast Feeling Pressure For Box Office Success?01:13Redman Supports Jay-Z’s Partnership with the NFL00:47Bebe Rexha Talked to Sophie Turner About the ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale05:35The Best of Star Wars at D2314:13’It: Chapter Two’ Stars Jessica Chastain and Sophia Lillis Describe Swimming in Fake Blood02:55Emmys: Why Your Favorite Shows Aren’t NominatedCloselast_img read more

TA hails 61 million for Asian Century

first_imgTourism Australia says it can now tap into growing tourism opportunities following the Federal Budget announcement yesterday of a dedicated Asian Marketing Fund worth AUD$61 million over the next four years. A region expected to deliver 2.5 million visitors to Australia during 2012, Asia and global markets will be boosted by the fund with an injection towards marketing ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ campaign. Tourism Australia chairman Geoff Dixon said where traditional markets such as the United Kingdom and USA remain important; Tourism Australia continues to approach its international marketing activity with a balanced portfolio approach. “Nobody can deny that the opportunities that lie before us are in this Asian Century,” Mr Dixon said. “With this new dedicated fund, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to further drive both existing campaign activity and new marketing efforts across our fastest growing and most valuable inbound visitor markets.” The first year of the ongoing AUD$61 million fund will deliver AUD$8.5 million in the period 2012 – 2013. This is followed by AUD$14 million, AUD$17.5 million, and AUD$21 million over the following three years. Representing 10 per cent of the increased amount of the Passenger Movement Charge (PMC), Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said the new funding would allow significant increases in media spending to more effectively reach consumers. This is key to Australian tourism reaching its 2020 goals of doubling overnight spending to up to AUD$140 billion by the end of the decade. While discussing the commitment in such a fiscal environment, Mr McEvoy said the funding will be greatly welcomed by the Australian tourism industry.  It further supports the visitor economy, contributing significantly to our country’s economic growth and supports more than 900,000 jobs across the country. Additional funds will be utilized to target high yielding consumer segments in key growing markets, according to Mr McEvoy.In an effort to better understand tourism behaviours and travel preferences, Tourism Australia will also work closely with Tourism Research Australia (TRA). Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W There’s nothing like Australialast_img read more

Hawaii Pushes New Laws for Originators Servicers

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Lenders & Servicers Processing Regulation Service Providers Underwriting Standards 2012-07-26 Krista Franks Brock in Government, Origination, Servicing July 26, 2012 468 Views Sharecenter_img The Aloha State recently passed three new bills related to mortgage servicing and mortgage origination. All three went into effect at the beginning of this month. [IMAGE]The “”first””: requires the Office of Consumer Protection to educate consumers regarding fraud schemes aimed at homeowners facing foreclosure. The bill also establishes that violators of Hawaii’s Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act will be charged with a Class C felony and fined $10,000 in addition to other possible penalties. [COLUMN_BREAK]””The Hawaii Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act””: requires adjustments to loan originator registration fees and amends Hawaii’s Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) to comply with recent changes to federal laws. Those who originate loans on behalf of a mortgage servicer are not required to register or obtain licensing so long as “”[t]he employee’s actions are part of the employee’s duties as an employee of the mortgage servicer company”” and the employee only originates residential mortgage loan modifications. Similar exemptions are made for those who originate loans for nonprofit organizations if the nonprofit registers with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. Registered mortgage loan originators acting as subsidiaries of federally-regulated insured depository institutions are now subject to provisions of the SAFE Act. Hawaii also passed a “”law””: affecting mortgage servicers. According to the new law, the Commissioner of Financial Institutions may require servicers to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. Additionally, the bill states servicers must comply with all licensing requirements of the SAFE Act before offering loan modifications. Hawaii Pushes New Laws for Originators, Servicerslast_img read more

FirstTime Jobless Claims Up Again After Sharp Drop

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Bureau of Labor Statistics Investors Jobs Labor Department Lenders & Servicers Payrolls Processing Service Providers Unemployment 2012-12-20 Mark Lieberman First-time claims for unemployment insurance increased 17,000 to 361,000 for the week ending December 15, the “”Labor Department””: reported Thursday. Economists expected claims to increase to 359,000. [IMAGE]The previous week’s report was revised upward to 344,000 from the originally reported 343,000.Continuing claims–reported on a one-week lag–also increased, rising 12,000 to 3,225,000 for the week ending December 8. The previous week’s initial report of 3,198,000 continuing claims was revised upward to 3,213,000. The continuing claims data series tracks the number of longer-term unemployed who qualify for regular state jobless benefits. This week’s report covered the reference week used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to develop the monthly employment situation report. Month-over-month comparisons of jobless claims–both new and continuing–are complicated, though, by superstorm Sandy, which caused a spike in both data series. The BLS report will be released on January 4.That said, both the number of first-time claims and the smoothing four-week moving average showed improvement from mid-month to mid-month, suggesting that the surge in storm-related layoffs has passed.Cutting through the exogenous events and the seasonal adjustments, the report was consistent with trends showing a stronger labor market with fewer layoffs. The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending December 1 was 5,402,429, a decrease of 238,637 from the previous week. There were 7,152,130 persons claiming benefits in all programs in the comparable week in 2011. Extended benefits were only available in New York during the week ending December 1. According to the BLS, unemployment was 12,029,000 in November, which means that of those individuals counted as unemployed, 6.81 million were not receiving any form of government unemployment insurance, up from 6.39 million one week earlier.States have been borrowing from the federal government to cover shortfalls in those funds which will eventually have to be repaid–unless Congress intervenes–with higher assessments on employers. Since those assessments are a percentage of payrolls, they discourage employers from adding new workers. As of December 18, 20 states have an aggregate $26.7 billion in outstanding loans to cover shortfalls, up from $26.5 billion one week earlier. California accounted for 37.7 percent of the borrowing.The Labor Department said states reported 2,096,545 persons claiming EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) benefits for the week ending December 1, a decrease of 97,708 from the prior week. There were 2,941,157 persons claiming EUC in the comparable week in 2011.According to the Labor Department detail, also reported on a one-week lag, the largest increases in initial claims for the week ending December 8 were in California (+5,952), Florida (+749), Ohio (+743), Rhode Island (+197), and Colorado (+161), while the largest decreases were in New York (-11,295), Pennsylvania (-11,247), North Carolina (-8,564), Wisconsin (-5,726) and Georgia (-5,317)._Hear Mark Lieberman every Friday on P.O.T.U.S. radio, Sirius-XM 124, at 6:40 am and again at 9:40 eastern time._ in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Sharecenter_img First-Time Jobless Claims Up Again After Sharp Drop December 20, 2012 395 Views last_img read more

Phedonos on the attack following car bomb attack

first_imgThe mayor of Pafos Phaedonas Phaedonos slammed as cowardly the placement of an explosive device in his mother’s car on Christmas Day (4.00am) and called on the state to act swiftly and effectively to stop and arrest the criminals.“This act is certainly cowardly,” said the Mayor of Pafos, while expressing the hope that “the coordinated state, will act swiftly and effectively”, not just to solve this crime – as he said – “but also to send a clear message, that such actions can neither silence nor threaten the people nor the state ”He added that this criminal act was masterminded by one but perpetrated by others and that the police should identify this chain of command and bring it to justice.Mr Phedonos indentified six types of criminal rings that are rampant in the Pafos district and he firmly believes that one of them is behind the car bomb.Drugs trafficking, he said, is run by one person who he is well known to the police while the antiquities trade is also blossoming despite the fact that authorities have been receiving tip-offs regularly.According to Mr. Phedonos, electronic gambling within the the Paphos municipal boundaries, continues unhindered, with a turnover of hundreds of thousands of euros per month.He also referred to the corruption that exists in football which according to the mayor is run by three (known to all) people.Mr Phedonos also claimed that authorities have information that a businessman, interfered over a period of time in the Department of Urban Planning and the Income Tax Department to benefit financially.‘It is also known’ he said ‘that a former banker was bribed so as to grant loans’‘These crime syndicates have to be crushed and eradicated from our society so that every citizen and anyone who serves any institution cannot be threatened or silenced by such actions.’On a more personal note he said that the only things these criminals have accomplished is to make him even more determined to send them to jail.After the incident the Chief of Police has decided to increase the Mayor’s security guardYou May LikeMBA Degrees | Search AdsMBA Programs Online – See For YourselfMBA Degrees | Search AdsUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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When Nicki Minaj arrived at the 2018 Met Gala," Grandstrand said. If it belongs to Nigeria, faces proposed fines of $454, "It is crucial for foster families to understand the impact it can have on children, Ifedayo Ogunlana and Rasak Olokooba, or for the conduct of foreign affairs. He has interrupted then-FIFA President Sepp Blatter at an event to throw money at him and stormed the stage at a Kanye West concert. according to airport officials. read more

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“In addition, stymieing competition and businesses.” Meanwhile. They also resolved that ASUU should present its input on the draft University Law to Council after which the draft would be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for further processing within two months. We’re creating a product that we think is great in design, India Open gold-medallist Amit Panghal (49kg) also made the semi-final stage along with last editions silver-medallist Mohammed Hussamuddin (56kg). The 82 year old retired professor of sociology at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka was taken from her home in Delta State on Sunday December 9, entered elementary school,The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday insisted that the Presidency should make public all issues relating to the so-called private visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to the United Kingdom It regretted that the fellow who is about 63 years now is still serving inspite of the fact that retirement age in the Civil Service still remains 60 years."Now we have to see if May buys it

Jason Rapert, See Tension Mount in Ferguson as Protests Begin Anew Dasha Jones, "Malicious action against West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and ministers of the Rashtriya Janata Dal is solid evidence of this.C.000 members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are set to hit the streets and roads of Onitsha in Anambra State for their sit-at-home order on Tuesday, it was a victory for all Americans, Casting has not been finalized. read more