One star. Three events…enjoy, mingle, laugh with Jenifer Lewis for real..

first_imgSouth Florida’s community is invited to a fun filled evening with the amazing “Auntie” Jenifer Lewis as she discusses her new book The Mother of Black Hollywood.  The “Mega Diva” and legendary star of Black-ish looks back on her memorable journey to fame and the unforgettable life lessons she learned along the way.Told in the audacious voice her fans adore, Jenifer describes a road to fame made treacherous by dysfunction and undiagnosed mental illness, including a sex addiction. Yet, supported by loving friends and strengthened by “inner soldiers,” Jenifer never stopped entertaining and creating.We watch as Jenifer develops icon status stemming from a series of legendary screen roles as the sassy, yet loveable, mama or auntie. And we watch as her emotional disturbances, culminating in a breakdown while filming The Temptations movie, launch her on a continuing search for answers, love, and healing. Jenifer Lewis keeps it real in this provocative and touching memoir by a mid-western girl with a dream whose journey from poverty to Hollywood will move, shock, and inspire readers.Written with no-holds-barred honesty and illustrated with sixteen-pages of color photos, this gripping memoir is filled with insights gained through a unique life that offers a universal message: “Love yourself so that love will not be a stranger when it comes.”From her first taste of applause at five years old to landing on Broadway within eleven days of graduation and ultimately achieving success in movies, television and global concert halls, Jenifer reveals her outrageous life story with lots of humor, a few regrets and most importantly, unbridled joy. Candid, warm and wonderfully inspiring, The Mother of Black Hollywood intimately reveals the heart of a woman who lives life to the fullest.last_img read more

Jamaican-American judge Renatha Francis appointed to Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court

first_imgThe Caribbean Bar Association congratulates the Hon. Judge Renatha S. Francis, a Jamaican-American, on her appointment by Governor Rick Scott to the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial District serving Miami-Dade County, Florida.  Judge Francis’s promotion to the Circuit Court in June 2018 follows her initial appointment by Governor Scott to the Miami-Dade County Court in August 2017.Only three black women judges Judge Francis’s elevation is significant.  For the Caribbean Bar Association and many others, her appointment is a response to the clarion call for the bench to be more reflective of the community it serves.  Judge Francis joins Judge Tanya Brinkley and Judge Teretha Lundy (retiring) to make up the only three black women of the 123 judges currently serving Miami-Dade County.  After more than 25 years, Francis is only the second black female judge appointed to the Circuit Court in Miami-Dade County. She follows Hon. Melvia Green (ret.) who in 1989 was the first black female judge to be appointed to a judicial circuit in Florida.  We remain hopeful that future jurists continue to be well-qualified, impartial and representative of the community they serve.Judge Francis’s long-awaited promotion holds special importance for the Caribbean Bar Association and the wider Caribbean community, who are currently celebrating June as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.  Judge Francis joins a long list of Caribbean immigrants who have “sewn their own unique thread into the fabric” of the American society and culture.Judge Francis sworn in as her husband, mother and young son look on.Jamaican educationBefore migrating to and residing in the US, Judge Francis  attended the Bridgeport Primary, St. Hugh’s High for Girls, and the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.  News of her appointment could not have come at a more historical moment. The CBA in a statement said its immensely proud of the judges’ achievements to date and look forward to her continued service to the South Florida community, which many Caribbean nationals call home.Prior to her appointment to the Circuit Court Judge Francis  primarily represented insurance providers in personal injury protection litigation matters, specializing in the interpretation and application of automobile insurance policies, in the Miami-Dade County court.She‘s a former partner of the Miami law firm Shutts and Bowen, and an attorney at the First District Court of Appeal, including as an attorney to Judge Scott Makar, staff attorney, and law clerk to Judge Peter Webster.last_img read more

Bahamas to host inaugural blockchain cryptocurrency conference

first_imgPrime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis will address the inaugural Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference that government says could do “wonders“ for the country.To do wonders for Grand BahamaMinister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office of the Prime Minister, J. Kwasi Thompson, said the June 20-22 conference has the full backing of the government adding “we believe that this is going to do wonders for Grand Bahama. “The government has been very focused on ensuring that we progress with our tech hub initiative,” he said, noting that the country is already seeing the benefit of the initiative with the opening of GIBC Digital that has already employed 25 people and scheduled to hire an additional 25.Fastest moving industry in technologyThompson described blockchain and cryptocurrency as “one of the fastest moving industries in the technology field” and he is pleased with the response to the conference both locally and internationally. He said the caliber of speakers shows the desire the country has to be a part of the industry.Investment Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, Omar Isaacs, said the conference focuses on opportunities for venture capitalists and some of the pitch presentation companies in attendance from around the world.Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions, while cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.last_img read more

Jamaican students sue Oklahoma hotels

first_imgJamaican students who arrived in the U.S. on J-1 exchange visitor visas to work at a Holiday Inn Express and a Hampton Inn, on Friday filed a law suit against their hosts in Oklahoma federal court.Like human trafficking The lawsuit, named plaintiffs Dorret Francis, Anthony Kennedy and Christine Pearce, as claiming they are essentially “survivors of human trafficking” because they had to shell out high recruitment fees but got paid less than promised and were threatened with physical harm if they tried to quit.The complaint said Walter Schumacher and Carolyn Schumacher, owners of the hotel, used an overseas recruiting agent Apex, to defraud the plaintiffs and other individuals throughout the recruitment process, inducing them to pay substantial fees for recruitment, immigration processing and travel with promises of full-time, good-paying jobs and suitable housing.But after they arrived in Oklahoma, they were allegedly told that if they did not work exclusively for them, they would suffer abuse of the legal process and serious financial and reputational harm. Earned less than US minimum wage They allegedly worked as housekeepers at Holiday Inn Express or the Hampton Inn Clinton at a rate of pay between $4 and $4.25 for each room cleaned. According to the suit, the job was time-consuming, so only a small number of rooms could be cleaned each day. It also said the piece rate did not satisfy the hotels’ contractual promises or minimum wage requirements.The suit alleges violations of the Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. It seeks actual damages, including restitution, compensatory damages and punitive damages.The suit said when the Jamaicans thought about leaving, they realized they could not return home because they had incurred substantial debts to pay for the Apex recruitment fees and other expenses.The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, whose lawyers are representing the Jamaican students, revealed that the workers took action after learning of a similar lawsuit filed in July 2017 against most of  the same defendants on behalf of employees recruited from the Philippines for the guest worker program.last_img read more

Jamaica, Barbados Lose in Netball World Cup, and T&T Win First…

first_imgLIVERPOOL, England – Jamaica suffered their first defeat of the Netball World Cup when they went down to South Africa but the Caribbean powerhouses, along with regional counterparts Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, all advanced to the second round of the tournament here Sunday.Playing at the M&S Bank Arena, the Sunshine Girls lost 52-55 while Barbados also experienced similar fortunes in a 41-65 defeat to Malawi.Trinidad and Tobago, meanwhile, won their first match of the competition with a 67-56 verdict over Fiji, to sneak into the next round.The top three teams from each of the four groups will now do battle in preliminaries stage two, comprising Group F and Group G.JamaicaGunning for their third successive victory in Group C, Jamaica fell behind in the first quarter 6-16 and were dominated again in the second quarter, to trail 21-32 at the half-way stage.They enjoyed their best period of the match in the third quarter when they out-scored South Africa 17-10, thanks to goal-shooter Jhaniele Fowler’s perfect 11-from-11 shooting.With South Africa’s advantage reduced to 42-38 at the start of the final quarter, the game was now wide open but the Proteas held their own when it mattered to control the encounter late on and come away with an important win.For Jamaica, Fowler scored 38 goals from 39 attempts including a perfect nine-from-nine performance in the second quarter while goal attack Shanice Beckford netted 14 from 19 attempts.South Africa, meanwhile, were led by goal-shooter Lenize Potgieter who scored 36 from 39 and goal-attack Maryka Holtzhausen, who finished with 19 from 29.BarbadosBarbados slumped to their second defeat following Friday’s opening victory in Group B, after finding themselves behind 20-35 to Malawi at the half-time whistle.There was little change in the penultimate quarter as they were out-scored 17-9 to trail 29-52, and the final quarter proved only a formality.Barbados were spearheaded by Shonica Wharton who scored 15 goals from 18 attempts while goal attack Sheniqua Thomas chipped in with 12 from 16 attempts.For the African nation, goal-shooter Joyce Mvula scored 31 from 33 attempts and was supported by goal attack Jane Chimaliro with 23 from 25.Trinidad and TobagoComing off two straight losses in Group C, T&T redeemed themselves to finish strongly. Their catalyst was their experienced shooter Samantha Wallace who scored 40 from 42 attempts while Kalifa McCollin chimed in with 21 from 29 attempts.Fiji were piloted by Lydia Panapasa’s 33 from 35 attempts and Unaisi Rauluni’s 23 from 26.There was little double about the outcome when T&T stormed to a 23-10 first-quarter lead which they converted into a 40-25 advantage at the half.last_img read more

#HealthFeature: How Often Should You Floss?

first_imgPLANTATION, Florida – You know that flossing is good for your teeth and gums, but are you sure you’re flossing as often as you should? And are you doing it correctly? Flossing can feel like an annoying chore, yet this essential task can make all the difference to your dental health. Here’s everything you need to know to establish a solid flossing routine.How Often Should You Floss?Brushing your teeth twice per day is an effective way to clean the visible surfaces of your teeth, but what about the hard-to-reach places in between your teeth and the spot where your teeth meet the gums? Flossing cleans between your teeth and along your gumline. If plaque isn’t removed from these areas, the sticky deposit builds up and eventually hardens. The resulting substance is called tartar or calculus, and it can lead to gum disease. It is recommended that you floss at least once per day to remove plaque, bacteria and food debris and help prevent cavities and gum disease.Ideal Flossing TechniqueLearning to floss your teeth takes a bit of practice, but it’s usually easy once you know how. It is suggested that you break off a piece of floss about 18 inches long and winding most of the piece around the middle finger of one hand. Then, wind the remaining floss around the middle finger of your other hand, leaving a strand between your hands.Grip the floss between your index fingers and thumbs of both hands, and then slide the strand between two of your teeth. Move the floss down or up until it reaches the gumline, and then curve it and gently slip it under the gum next to one tooth. Clean under the gum of the adjoining tooth in the same way. To clean the surfaces between the teeth, move the floss upward and downward tightly against your tooth.Slide the floss out and unwind a fresh section from the middle finger that holds the most floss, taking up the slack by winding it around the middle finger of your other hand. Floss between all your teeth, top and bottom, unwinding a clean piece of floss for each new space between teeth.When Is the Best Time to Floss?The most convenient time to floss is when you brush your teeth, either in the morning or the evening. But is it better to floss before brushing or afterward? According to a done, flossing first and then brushing is more effective at removing plaque between the teeth and at maintaining the concentration of fluoride on the tooth enamel.Ultimately, though, the best time to floss is the time that your schedule allows for it. So be sure to clear out a small block of time in your daily routine for this essential practice.Alternatives to Dental FlossSometimes, getting the hang of using dental floss is a struggle. If you find it difficult to use traditional floss, try waxed floss, which slips between your teeth more easily, or try alternative interdental cleaners. These alternatives include pre-threaded flossers, dental picks, tiny brushes you can slide between your teeth and wooden plaque removers. You may also have seen powered water flossers at the drugstore. These devices work by firing a jet of water between the teeth. Water picks are effective at removing food debris and reducing mouth bacteria below the gumline, but they might not be as effective at removing plaque.If you have any problems, your dentist or dental hygienist can give you tips or suggest an alternative flossing device that will work for you.Dr Sharon Robinson, DDS, owns and operates the Dental Place in Plantation, Florida, with a second office – the Dental Place Cosmetix Spa in Kingston, Jamaica. She may be contacted at 954-792-1857. Visit their website, www.dentalplace4u.comlast_img read more

Congressman Alcee Hastings to Seek Re-election

first_imgLeft to right:1.Mayor Hazel Rogers2.Dr. Rose Marie Adamson-Lewis President CADC3.Sajan Kurian (President South Asian Democratic Club)4.Congressman Hastings SOUTH FLORIDA – Contrary to earlier speculations, veteran South Florida politician Congressman Alcee Hastings will be seeking reelection to the US Congress to represent Florida’s 20th congressional district in the 2020 general elections.He “is back” When Hastings, 83, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last January there was rampant speculations if he would seek reelection to the seat he has held since 1993. But on October 27 at an event held jointly by the Caribbean American Democratic Club and the Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida at the Krave Banquet Hall in the City of Sunrise the congressman confidently announced  he “is back” and cautioned those who thought he was down and out, that he’s running for re-election.Representing District 20, which includes sections of Broward and Palm Beach counties Hasting represents a large African and Caribbean American community.Dean of Florida’s Congressional DelegationFollowing Senator Bill Nelson‘s departure from office in January 2019, Hastings became the dean or longest-serving member of Florida’s congressional delegation.Caribbean and African Americans Urged to Forget Differences Congressman Hastings, who was keynote speaker at the Sunrise event, delivered a fiery, impassioned address to Caribbean and African American folks, imploring them to “forget their differences, embrace each other, work together, involve everyone - especially young people, and do the work set out before us.” He said they need to support whoever wins, get over losing, get the vote out and support the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, whoever he or she is.2020 elections are “urgent and critical”The Congressman reminded the audience the 2020 election is urgent and critical as the incumbent president cannot be allowed to be in the White House for four more years.  With so much at stake, Hastings recounted that every vote- “including the vote of those who have paid their debt to society is also on the line, and therefore we should be attentive to the upcoming judgement on the matter concerning former felons’ right to vote.”He shone the spotlight on Jamaicans and Haitians, reminding of their prominence in South Florida and the need to get together, do away with divisive behavior and the urgency of getting the eventual Democratic Party nominee elected.Caribbean American Democratic Club president Dr. Rose-Marie Adamson-Lewis welcomed the capacity audience to the event, which buzzed with activity from a host of elected officials and those seeking office in next year’s elections.In her address, Dr. Adamson-Lewis shared her vision for the club, which she states, will be the vehicle and catalyst for getting the votes out next year, not just for Caribbean folks, but everyone. She plans to place a premium on grassroot activities including door-to-door messaging, telephone calls, working churches and organizations, aligning with the census bureau and supervisor of elections, with the aim to correct voter anomalies and other matters that could deprive voters of their right.Lewis also plans to galvanize folks for the vote, using her platforms on the various organizations which she serves, whether as a healthcare worker, overseas health mission worker, lecturer, board member for Partners for Youth Foundation or an activist in the Jamaican Diaspora.She urged everyone not to sit by and wait for anyone else to get the vote out- “You must make it happen…we can’t take any chances”, she said.Other Democratic Party representatives at the event included:   Marty Kiar (Broward County Property Appraiser), Grace Carrington (State/National Committeewoman) Robin Bartleman (Broward School Board),  Mitch Caesar (former DNC Chair),  Dale Holness (Vice Mayor of Broward County) Marilyn Stevens (Census Administrator),  Gregory Tony (Broward Sheriff), Sajan Kurian (President, South Asian Democratic Caucus) and Hazel Rogers (Mayor of Lauderdale Lakes and Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida).last_img read more

2018 World Cup Qualifier: FOURmidable Eagles Stay Top After Trashing Cameroon In Uyo

first_imgThe Super Eagles of Nigeria consolidated their position in Group B of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers with a 4-0 win against Cameroon.In a game watched by over 25,000 fans in Uyo, the Eagles started on the back foot for the early exchanges and were almost punished when Leon Balogun’s pass to Ezenwa evaded an on rushing Vincent Aboubakar by whiskers.Both teams shared possession for the most part of the first half until the 29th minute when Mikel’s pass found Ighalo who successfully out muscled his marker to score the opener. His goal celebration drew a yellow card after he revealed his undershirt with an inscription in solidarity of team mate Karl Ikeme – who was diagnosed with acute leukemia.Captain Mikel Obi scored Nigeria’s second goal in the 43rd minute off a Victor Moses corner dummied by Ighalo to seal a comfortable 2-0 half time lead.The second half saw Cameroon manager Hugo Broos introduce Maxim Chipo who unfortunately picked up a knock and also had to be replaced.That momentary loss of concentration aided a counter attack which the Eagles benefited from in the 55th minute, Moses Simon setting up Victor Moses who calmly slotted past Ondoa for Nigeria’s third.In the 76th minute, midfielder Ogenyi Onazi in telepathy found Iheancho, the striker could barely miss from 6-yards with his header to record the fourth of the game.The return leg is scheduled for Monday, 4th September 2017, in Yaounde.Nigeria stays top of the group with (9pts), while Cameroon holds tight (2pts) amassed in previous games against Zambia and Algeria respectively.Nigeria Squad: Ezenwa, Shehu, Troost, Balogun, Echiejile, Onazi, Mikel, Ndidi, Moses, Ighalo, Simon.Subs Used – Iheanacho, Mikel Agu, Ahmed Musa.RelatedVIDEO: Watch Super Eagles Bus Celebrations After Cameroon DrawSeptember 5, 2017In “National Team”Video: Watch Super Eagles Arrive Cameroon Ahead Of World Cup Qualifier Return LegSeptember 3, 2017In “Africa”Kelechi Iheanacho: The confidence level in camp is high.October 4, 2017In “Nigeria”last_img read more

BetBright Cup winner gets £10,000 for Injured Jockeys Fund

first_img Paddy Power to reopen English & Irish betting shops in Royal Ascot week June 10, 2020 StumbleUpon Related Articles ITV secures three-year British racing broadcast deal August 5, 2020 BetBright has announced that the winning BetBright Cup captain will receive a £10,000 donation to the Injured Jockeys Fund of their respective country on their behalf.Formerly the Prestbury Cup, the BetBright Cup is awarded to Great Britain or Ireland, depending on who gets the greatest number of winners at the Cheltenham Festival.Rich Ricci, BetBright Chairman, said: “The prize money is a new feature added this year; the respective Injured Jockeys Funds are such incredible charities that caters to the enhanced care, rehabilitation and welfare of jockeys past and present. We are very proud to be supporting such organisations.”This years’ competition sees captains Phil Tufnell and Hector O’Heochagain take the position of GB and Irish captains respectively. O’Heochagain, who was denied victory after a GB comeback forced a tie last year, admits that the odds are against him in 2017 after an unfortunate run of injuries, but believes that if the Irish can rack up one or two surprise upsets they’ll be in with a fighting chance.Meanwhile, Tufnell commented: “I love the Festival and am thrilled to be back this year as the Great Britain captain for the BetBright Cup. Both sides have lost several defending champions in recent weeks, and I’ve no doubt Hector is preparing the excuses as we speak, but I am banking on a few of our own super subs as well as the superstar Altior to keep the title at home.”Ricci added: “The Cheltenham Festival is an incredibly exciting time for all British and Irish racing fans. The competition between the two nations has rarely been tighter then it was last year, this year there’s no doubt the Irish side will be up against it but I don’t think Hector will lose faith. The BetBright Cup is a fun complement to the serious sport on the track, allowing racing fans to get behind their country’s contenders throughout the week.” Irish bookmakers demand clarity on reopening orders June 17, 2020 Share Share Submitlast_img read more

GVC Holdings and Ladbrokes Coral – The story so far

first_img Share After securing a near majority approval of its shareholders to proceed with the proposed acquisition of Ladbrokes Coral Plc, GVC Holdings has further receivgo-aheado ahead of its investor counterparts at the FTSE100 betting  group.The transaction is now set to be forwarded on to the United Kingdom’s High Court for final judgement (target date 23 March)It has, however, been a long road to get to this point, with potential takeover speculation arising in the City of London as far back as December 2016.By mid 2017 it was reported that FTSE-listed GVC had failed with a bid, which valued Ladbrokes Coral group assets at £2.7 billion, with a proposed incentive of 50p per share, pricing its bid at £3.6 billion.In early December of last year the online gaming group informed that “detailed discussions” were ongoing between the parties, with a view to forming “the outright UK gambling market leader.”Ladbrokes Coral detailed the acceptance of the terms of a GVC bid a few days before Christmas, containing a contingency entitlement based on the results of a government review into the maximum stakes of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs).The initial bid, equating to £3.2bn (160.9p per share), is based on a FOBT maximum stake outcome of £2, and would rise in increments towards £4bn, which would represent a £50 judgement, depending on the final outcome of the review.Under the terms of the deal GVC, who also operate the bwin, Sportingbet and Party Gaming brands, would own a 53.5% majority of the proposed merged group.Labelled as a “bold and ambitious” bid by analysts, current GVC CEO Kenneth Alexander is in line to occupy a similar role in the enlarged organisation, which it was confidently stated would create “a fast-growing, diversified, international online and retail sports betting led gaming group.”   Whilst it was also added that in accordance with London’s City code on acquisitions and takeovers, upon completing the merger with GVC Holdings, Ladbrokes Coral will suspend its premium listing as a FTSE enterprise.Following the commencement of a Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) review into the takeover, in particular whether “a substantial lessening of competition” could ensue, a £1.4bn debt syndication deal was revealed by GVC for its intended debt-financed takeover.Announcing a ‘Lien Term B’ debt-bond, comprising Sterling, Euro and US Dollar, GVC also stated that through the restructured debt syndication it will gain access to a £550m multi-currency revolving credit facility.The debt proceeds will be used to “satisfy the cash consideration payable to Ladbrokes Coral Shareholders,” should all final hurdles be cleared.GVC will also further use refinanced proceeds to clear certain Ladbrokes Coral debt obligations, deal costs and expenses.In its Ladbrokes Coral prospectus, published earlier this year, GVC stated it will seek to implement a number of key strategic enlargement initiatives, with fast growth and profits for investors key: Diversified strategy focusing on scale within regulated marketsEstablish leading UK operations with a complementary international revenue baseCreation of a true global gaming & betting enterpriseDeveloping market leading scalable technology systemsClear group focus on sports bettingStrong emphasis on combined synergy creations Further advantages highlighted are the strengths of leadership combination, and the importance of technology ownership to help achieve effective multi-channel distribution combined with high flexibility and scalability across all verticals.After being given the go ahead from both parties, the High Court is scheduled to give its final verdict on Monday 26 of this month.Speaking as GVC published its FY2017 results, Alexander commented: “The importance of geographic diversification is also a key dynamic given the evolving regulatory backdrop. “Thus the acquisition of Ladbrokes Coral Group represents an exciting opportunity, bringing together industry-leading online and retail brands. There will be plenty of hard work ahead, but we are confident that GVC will deliver once again.” Share Jason Ader – No Boogeyman… Activism will play a vital part in reshaping gambling August 20, 2020 Related Articles GVC hires ‘comms pro’ Tessa Curtis to re-energise media profile  August 25, 2020 Submit GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 StumbleUponlast_img read more