MobileMe user iCloud storage drops to 5GB on September 30

first_imgApple’s iCloud service matches much of its competition with 5GB of free storage, but that amount is a significant drop for their old MobileMe users. Before the company moved over to iCloud, MobileMe accounts had a whopping 20GB that could be split between email and iDisk. To make the transition easier, Apple let existing users keep their higher cap until June 30 of this year, and then extended that deadline for another three months. But the grace period is finally coming to a close on September 30, at which time those long-standing accounts will be knocked down to 5GB along with the rest.Users who will be over the limit after the change recently got an email from Apple with suggestions on how to prepare. No data will be deleted from accounts that have more than 5GB after September 30, but they will no longer be able to sync files, upload documents, or even receive new emails. To get iCloud working again, or prevent it from locking up in the first place, users will need to either remove enough data to get under the 5GB limit or pay for a higher tier of storage. Currently iCloud offers an additional 10GB for $20/year, 20GB for $40/year, and 50GB for $100/year — and that’s all on top of the free 5GB.Apple claims that 5GB is more than most people need, and that’s probably true. When Microsoft dropped the free storage limit on SkyDrive from 25GB to 7GB, they noted that less than 1% of their users were storing more than the new cap would allow. It’s worth noting however, that Microsoft let registered users who had uploaded files to SkyDrive opt out of the downgrade, and automatically opted out anyone who had more than 4GB stored.Via CNetlast_img read more