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first_img× The Raise the Roadway project that began in May of 2013 is due to finish six months ahead of schedule,Gov. Christopher Christie announced, setting a date of June 30. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA) removed the air draft height limit, marking a milestone in the effort to raise the navigational clearance by 64 feet, from 151 feet to 219 feet. Despite the hoopla about the height of the bridge, much work has yet to be done. The entire bridge project will not be completed until 2019, when the temporary two-lane road becomes a permanent four-lane road with a path accessible by bicycle and foot, as well as new piers, a new roadway deck, and new approach roads. The original projected cost of $1.3 billion fell short of the final $1.6 billion the project eventually cost after multiple renovation delays. Click here for more.In Chuck Wepner’s famous fight against Muhammad Ali, he didn’t win the fight, but he knocked the greatest boxer of all time to the ground. Could a full-feature, star-studded biopic about Bayonne’s own bloody boxing hero be far behind? On Friday, May 12, “Chuck” premiered at Frank’s Theatres, with Chuck himself in attendance. The film tells the story of Wepner’s 15-round match against Ali in 1975, and the burden of fame in the years following. Click here for more. Bitcoin is catching on. Not only are some small businesses in Hudson County accepting the crypto currency, hackers are demanding ransom in it, and residents are investing in it like capital. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is exchanged electronically from one user (or peer) to another, anywhere in the world, instantaneously, without having to reveal an identity. It is based on potentially revolutionary technology called blockchain, a digital ledger that records transactions, shareable across a network of computers. No need for a central authority. It’s a code that can do what the banker used to. City officials throughout Hudson County were contacted for this story. Most have been mum on the issue, as municipalities are wildly outpaced by new technology. They often struggle to capitalize on the opportunities new technology presents and to defend themselves from new threats. Bayonne officials, like most people, are largely unfamiliar with this technology. Early adopters, meanwhile, feel Bitcoin will stabilize, as more people use it. Click here for more.last_img read more