As temperatures drop, so could your phone’s battery life

first_imgiStock/Nazarevich(NEW YORK) — Winter is coming, and that means your phone’s battery could be at risk.Nicole Miller is a spokeswoman for Asurion, an insurance company that covers personal electronic devices. She says if you have your phone out when temperatures dip below freezing, you may notice some changes.“It impacts the responsiveness of your screen, it impacts the longevity of your battery,” says Miller. “Your phone can also unexpectedly shut down.”It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have either. Miller says Asurion finds no difference between smartphone brands when it comes to cold-weather performance.“It’s really all phones, as well as tablets.”But there are things you can do to prevent battery damage. Miller says the easiest step is keeping your phone closer to your body when you’re outside.“Snuggle up with your phone- put it on the inside pocket of your coat. That really helps your phone warm up from your own body temperature.”Thermal cases, which are designed to protect your devices from extreme temperatures, can help too. Though Miller warns, many on the market today aren’t waterproof.“If you need something waterproof- let’s say you’re spending a day on the slopes- you’ll want to add a separate layer of waterproof protection.”And when you get back inside, Miller says it’s best to wait at least half an hour before recharging your device.“This is really important because if you plug it in too soon, it can damage your battery.”Miller says rapid variations in temperature can create condensation inside the device, which can cause damage. Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more