Wow right Isnt that just amazing I was blown aw

first_imgWow right? Isn’t that just amazing? I was blown away when I saw this, because it was the first time I could understand God’s jungsung and artistry in creating the perfect home, the Garden of Eden, where life could begin, thrive and bring him joy. It took him 13.8 billion years. When mapped as a cosmic calendar (CC) in correlation with our 12 month calendar, we have a simpler way to understand and chart this amazing history.We learned that all things created in the universe are all made of the “star stuff.” We have carbon in our muscles, iron in our blood, calcium in our bones. When we gaze in wonder before the awesome beauty of the moon and stars in the night sky and the infinite space beyond, we are witnessing our ancestors. When we breathe the air from all the plants and trees, we are drinking in O2. Everything that we eat is all energy and life that spring forth from creation and nature. And, while we are at it, we should thank Heavenly Parent as well for creating our sun on August 31 of the C.C. Without sunshine, life, we, would not be here.The atmosphere, life small to large, from the oceans to amphibians, to myriad land and air species, all life was created to sustain our life. [Note: the principle that the universe seems to have been fine tuned for human life is known as the anthropic principle.] Consider even the sacrifice of the dinosaurs. They were struck down because of a nudge of an asteroid one inch to the left that sent it colliding with our earth on December 30 CC, thereby allowing for smaller species, including our own, to thrive. On that last day, December 31, 9:45 pm of the CC, our human ancestors looked up from the ground and stood tall, and humanity began. At 11:59 PM, the last minute of the CC, we began cave painting, using astronomy to chart the stars, learned to hunt and farm, and began to settle.It was not until 6,000 years ago, just 14 seconds before midnight on the last day before New Year’s on CC, that humans began to write the recorded history we know today. In terms of religious history, we see that Moses lived at 7 sec. on the last day of CC. At 6 sec. Buddha, at 5 sec Jesus, at 3 seconds Mohammad, and True Parents—remember I’m not an astrophysicist—in the last second somewhere before the clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year on the CC. Isn’t that surreal?It is amazing how in the last few seconds, Heavenly Parent sent all his saints and saviors, and True Parents completed and were victorious in that last second of creation. When we see the creation of the cosmos in this light, thanks to science, we finally begin to understand our Heavenly Parent’s heart and longing for True Parents for 13.8 billion years.But what if I told you this is only the introduction, the tip of the iceberg so to say… Would you want to know more? Yes?I know when I was writing this speech my brain was exhausted but my spirit was moved and excited, so much so that I couldn’t stop doing hoondokhae for two straight weeks, continuously reading the Chambumo Gyeong to find the right readings that explained this amazing truth of our True Parents and the liberation of Heavenly Parent’s heart.By the end, I had gone through all of Chambumo Gyeong and could not see which passage to select, because it was all too precious; each page almost had a tab. But with editing help we managed to narrow down to a few special ones, which we will get to.In the last second before midnight on the CC, True Parents were gloriously born, blessed in holy matrimony on April 11, 1960, and True Mother gave birth to 14 children in a 20-year course. Miraculous! They became True Parents, and became creative of new life, just like Heavenly Parent.True Father’s DNA merged as one with True Mother to create our lives. This shows the clip of all life emerging from the ocean like Heavenly Parent’s womb. But watching it reminded me of how True Mother has said her life is much like the ocean. I cannot imagine her course of giving birth to 14 children, but if it is anything like the ocean video, what a wondrous act of creation, 14 times over!So when I think about creation, I can imagine True Parents combined DNA communicating to each cell the code of our life. When I think of mother, for nine months, awaiting each child and having 4 children consecutively by cesarean birth, it is a miracle.We all grew in True Mother’s womb. None of us can deny the miracle of our True Parents. It would be like having to cut our own body in two to try to separate their DNA. Their complete oneness made us whole. This is truly a miracle.Like the creation of our earth, I see her sacrifice like an offering to restore all of the creation of the cosmos back to God. She gave birth to 14 children, which is like the 13.8 billion years of the CC. It was just short of being 14 because Hye-Jin onni passed away in her infancy. Her life could not progress to adulthood.It wasn’t until after True Mother’s recent tour in Japan [November 2016] that I even knew anything about my elder sister. But it was during True Mother’s visit in Japan, at the now famous “you are my sunshine” bridge and tunnel site, that we went to a rest stop gift shop to buy as gifts these cute little eastern astrology dolls with fortunes.I had all 13 family members matched with their astrological sign, but I could not complete the whole 14-member True Family set. So I brought 12 signs extra with the intention to ask True Mother later about what sign Hye-jin onni was. True Mother said she was born a year before In Jin onni, which was the year of the dragon, just like me. For years I thought I was the only dragon in the family. But, now, I had a partner, my elder sister born in Korea.I didn’t even know this history about my own family until I was 40. I will never forget this joyous moment with True Mother, when we completed the True Family eastern astrology statue set. I was so happy to share such an intimate family moment with our True Mother. She never spoke of Hye-jin onni before but it made me think how much heartache she must have felt losing a child in infancy.When I see this picture of how True Mother looked over our family statues gift, I think the picture can speak for itself. All I see is the pure unconditional love of the greatest mother in the cosmos. So I want to share this special picture with all of you.There is so much history that we do not know yet, because True Mother’s autobiography has not come out yet. So all we know is one half of the complete whole.So I begged True Mother, please write your autobiography, with your own voice so we can all know our complete history. She smiled and said do not worry, True Mother is going to complete everything with True Father and offer it to Heavenly Parent.We had such a moving family moment with True Mother, and I told True Mother that she gave birth to a miracle, that no one can comprehend the depth of her divine life.I said we must all unite as one family and meet our True Father, Hyo Jin oppa, Hye Jin onni, Heung Jin oppa and Young Jin and all our ancestors in the spirit world, just like this complete miraculous family statue set. True Mother said, “Yes! We must go to heaven as one complete family.” I cried for days thinking about this.I believe it was True Father who guided me to watch this Cosmos video. I was so moved by Heavenly Parent’s painstaking love for all creation. When my tears dried away all that was left was my excitement to tell True Mother about this video.I explained how Heavenly Parent took 13.8 billion years to birth the cosmos! And I said, “True Mother, you gave birth 14 times (13.8) in your 20 years course! You restored not only Eve, but all life in the universe since the beginning of time, the complete alpha and omega.”She smiled and said that is why you need to understand True Parents’ history and know that True Parents are divinely connected to Heavenly Parent. Everything True Parents do has such divine meaning. We do not yet KNOW everything, so we must learn.So, please go study and teach the world about all that True Parents have given you. All the knowledge you need is in the holy books, and you will learn it all through daily hoondokhae. Then you must do your portion of responsibility and teach the world.Teach about the cosmos? I asked and she said “Teach it all and do not stop until the rest of humanity KNOWS Heavenly Parent and True Parents!”True Parents brought all of us together as Blessed Central Family members, and FFWPU members, right? We may know something about their works during their lifetimes, but if we really research our hearts and the cosmos there is so much more depth and truth to True Parents’ heart and dream than we are fully aware of.Therefore, we must have continuous education, for we do not KNOW everything and we must learn to communicate on higher and more enlightening levels to teach the world about the greatness of True Parents and Heavenly Parent.Are we going to KNOW and do all we can to reach victory 2020 and Cheon Il Guk? Yes! I know we can!We are already, in this time of celebration, breaking more records than ever before and creating more glory and victory for Heavenly Parent and True Parents, right? Yes!This is all because of your great work and absolute love, faith, and devotion to True Parents and Heavenly Parent. Please let us give everyone in the room a round of applause. So are we satisfied with our current level of result, or should we learn to do more? MORE! So shall we do hoondokhae from Chambumo Gyeong? Yes!It will take two more hours. Do you still want to KNOW more and do this hoondokhae? Yes?Do not worry it will not take 2 hours, but I asked my loving husband to give this united speech with me so we can unite as one, in the spirit of Cheon Il Guk. I am only here by the grace of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and the love of my husband who completes my life, so please come on up. Wow, great job! This is why we must do hoondokhae. It fills in all the pieces of who we are as sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The Word is the ultimate Truth of God’s dreams and True Parents’ victory. As filial children we must KNOW and share this with all the lost children on earth. Yes!I think we learned a lot today? Yes? Is your mind spinning, trying to grasp all these thoughts and words? Yes? I’m sure.Just as we learn and work, we must also rest and rejuvenate. Just as the sun comes up and illuminates our day, the Moon and night sky shines a gentler light to lull us to sleep and rest.In many ways True Father was like the fire and daylight that taught us to act in principled high noon ways, indemnify, restore and fulfill our responsibility.True Mother, on the other hand, is like moonlight teaching us the completed and liberated way to settle, by being healthy, creating a loving and hopeful environment for our younger generations, and teaching us to live in harmony with creation and to return to the Principle of Creation of joy, peace, and completion in Cheon Il Guk, free from suffering; to be happy and fulfilled people. Yes? YES!So to end my lecture I want us to wind down our mind energy and practice a heart-unifying meditation. Does that sound good?I call this “cosmic meditation and unity” because of our True Parents entrance into the creation as the king and queen of peace during the last second of the CC. Now we can appreciate Heavenly Parent’s cosmic love and true love energy from the beginning until the end of all time.Please listen to this passage from True Father.The heart is the mind of emotion. Our deepest feelings belong to the realm of heart. God created human beings; therefore, the flow of God’s heart is internally connected to that place. The electricity of God’s love flows in the realm of the heart. Experiencing this is like feeling electricity flow through you. How powerful that is! Through this you gain a sense of what goodness is. The realm of heart contains the substance by which we connect to everything. Because there is nothing that does not belong to this realm of heart, the electricity of God’s love can flow everywhere. (112-013, 1981.03.15)Everything True Parents have taught us points to this culture of heart and true love for all of humankind and creation. It is the essence of our Heavenly Parent, and the only pathway for peace, unity, and harmony for all of living beings.When we live each moment with this true heart, all things can be restored and returned back to God. Only through this eternal connection of the heart can we realize one family under God and have complete peace and freedom in this world.My deepest desire is that we all come together, on this day and every day, as one global family, letting the “electricity and light of God’s love flow everywhere” in the cosmos. When we live with true love in our heart, Heavenly Parent and True Father can dwell within us.Therefore, on this day, I ask that we all join hands as one united family, then gently close your eyes and bow your head down towards your heart, offering sincere gratitude and love to our True Parents for bringing us here. Now please follow me as I guide this brief meditation and prayer.Find a comfortable seated position, let your seat bones ground and lengthen your spine, balancing the natural curves, relax your shoulders away from the ears, relax your jaw, balance the crown of your head and gently place your united hands in a comfortable union.To begin, please take a deep breath. Inhale, and feel your belly expand; then exhale, and let go of all that does not serve you. Take another deep breath. Inhale, and feel your belly and chest fill with oxygen; then exhale, letting go of carbon dioxide.Breath in, inhaling life, love, joy and peace, and breath out, exhaling all that no longer serves you. Inhale, and feel your entire body awaken with Heavenly Parent’s divine light, and, as you exhale, let go of all things that no longer serve this divine gift of life.Breathe at your own pace. Notice the intelligence of the breathing process. When we breathe, we welcome in oxygen, nourishment, and the energy to live; and when we exhale, we release carbon dioxide, other toxins and things that no longer serve life.If we apply this universal intelligence to our spirit, we can begin to inhale true love, true joy, true peace, and let our divine light come into focus in our mind. Exhaling, we can let go of all other things that do not serve this peace.Imagine a glorious illuminating light at the crown of your head. Feel the loving warm glow of this light, and let it embrace you in a blanket of comfort, love and peace. As you bask in this light, feel it move and glow even brighter at the center of your heart. Feel eternal love and abundant joy emanate from your heart’s center.Feel the divine light and love from your heart flow through your arms, through your hands and fingers, and feel your hands clasped with your neighbors’ hands.Let this loving light flow from you to the other; flowing seamlessly and infinitely throughout this room. The light you give is eternally replenished from the bond with your neighbor, like the combined starlight from the night sky. True Love shines eternal, unchanging and absolute.Imagine this same divine, loving light flowing up from this room, embracing the entire world and cosmos; and with each connection this love grows brighter and stronger like the birth of our sun.Let your love flourish. Imagine it embracing all life, rising upwards into the heavens, connecting with your ancestors, and uniting with True Father’s and True Mother’s divine light. Stay for a moment here and feel True Parents’ unconditional love nourish your being.Let this eternal warm, loving light shine beyond space and time, connecting with Heavenly Parent’s eternal light. With your eyes closed, feel this love expanding and glowing even brighter at your heart’s center.Let it fulfill and complete you, with an eternal wellspring of love, grace, and care. Let it overflow into your neighbor’s light, uniting in a greater burst of eternal light, love, pure joy, and complete peace.Please hold on to this divine love and share it with your worldwide and cosmic family. Keeping your eyes closed, let us now allow True Father’s words to plant a greater seed of True Love in our hearts.Cheon Seong Gyeong 8,17Love is the mind’s source of energy. Accordingly, if we connect to God and generate colossal energy through the action of giving and receiving, we can increase our unity a hundred or a thousand times. We can also realize humanity’s cherished hopes, live together for eternity, and take ownership of heaven. The secret to this is love. Love is the elevator leading to unity and the secret to its absolute achievement.AJU?Gently open your eyes, and take a moment to notice if you feel refreshed, revived, connected to the cosmos? Are there feelings of lightness, hope, joy, and more love surrounding your being?What you focus on becomes your reality. May you always choose God’s love! We know it took 13.8 billion years and now we can visualize and feel it in our star stuff bodies. We can understand through hoondokhae in our souls and communicate and generate more awareness linking all minds as one with Heavenly Parent and True Parents.Please take this time to cherish each neighbor that brightened your light today and share a big hug of gratitude, a true loving embrace.Please say Kamsamnida, thank you, and Salanghamnida,Please never forget Heavenly Parent’s divine light that dwells within you. You are the embodiment of the hopes and dreams of Heavenly Parent and True Parents for 13.8 billion years.All together let us pledge our eternal love and victory to our Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and the whole human family around the world and in the Cosmos! Let us give three cheers of Sungli! [Victory](Sungli!, Sungli!, Sungli!)AJU! Namaste. [Video clip] Welcome brothers and sisters to the Great Works Festival here in Hyojeong Cheonwon Complex/Cheongpyeong.I am so happy to have this time with you today, to share about the glorious works our True Parents have carried out here in this holy place that unites heaven and earth with Heavenly Parent’s dream of peace, True Love, and happiness for all.This is where True Parents anointed the portal to Cheon Il Guk, where two become united completely as one. This place True Mother said is like the womb where all life can be reborn. My prayer is that each one of you can grow to become true filial sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents and bring the victory of one family under God.I have written many speeches and I have led many hoondok meetings and meditations on many of True Parents’ great works. This has been a great blessing. By doing so I have learned so much and I thank Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and all of you for the opportunity to grow and achieve a greater understanding of the Truth.But every day I am still learning because the providence is never standing still. Until all life, creation, and every single child is returned to God we must strive, grow and create more victory!We can see, from True Mother’s visionary direction and example. At 75 she is still working day and night to fulfill True Father’s works and Heavenly Parent’s dream. She gave us the direction that we should find new and better ways to communicate in this new age about Heavenly Parent’s truth and True Parents’ victory. We must grow, learn, change, expand and complete our responsibility to offer Heavenly Parent a perfected world.As you know, we are all in the midst of a digital communications revolution. So much of what we see and experience is linked to the visual arts or the performing arts or applied arts such as graphic design, fashion, interior design, and all the news clips that spring from them.There are countless Youtube videos, memes, interactive forums and social communities. We are all linked into some cyber cloud full of information, instantaneously available, and that is only a click or a Google search away. Today, we can learn from anyone, anywhere in the world, in an instant.Now do not worry, I am not tech savvy.Believe me, I am not on the internet unless I have to be. I would rather be in nature, walking my dogs, or doing yoga surrounded by the beautiful natural wonders and surroundings of God’s creation. That’s why I love Hawaii, I feel Heavenly Parent’s love everywhere.But when Heavenly Parent and True Parents call us, we have to do our mission wherever in the world we are sent and figure out ways to communicate and educate others. Today, if you want to talk or communicate, you need to text.We most likely are spending a lot of time on devices rather than interacting with actual people. We may like or not like it, but regardless this is how the world works today. So shouldn’t we consider how we could use that technology to convey God’s ultimate Truth?How can we, in this ever-changing world, reach and teach people who are so closely linked together—-and just a click away—but who are so far away in terms of having a deeper connection of heart?True Mother is so wise. She has told us countless times we must continually grow and develop ourselves; we must learn, gain new insight, acquire mainstream skills, so that we can connect with and witness to all 7.3 billion people in the world.Recently she shared about how we need to be innovative like Amazon and, beginning with small investments, grow into a burgeoning success that has worldwide reach and presence.She gives us great goals because she believes in the potential within every person to be able to offer their divine, unique gift to God. With True Mother’s direction in mind, I do hoondokhae and study about the world to gain knowledge that better equips me to reach out to the world.The more I learn about the world, the more I am convinced that the world is in desperate need for True Parents. Our world is filled with endless news reports of human suffering and devastation. What we observe on the newsstands in direct contrast to the ideals we know to be true. This is the tragic reality of our time.Sometimes it seems as though it is impossible to bridge the gap between our ideals and the reality we see around us. However, we cannot give up. The world needs what we have to offer. We have to find ways to reach the people of this world.Many times we come up against the obstacle of how to communicate Heavenly Parent’s truth to young people and other potential new members, particularly when we frequently encounter people who are either skeptical, non-religious, or anti-religious. We need to reach these people as well.To do this, we need to gain more knowledge, use our creativity and develop our voice so that we can be a beacon of truth, messengers of true love and peace. We need to speak the language that people understand, by finding common ground and then moving together to higher ground. So we need to figure out how to merge the awful truth with the divine truth.Theology is important. However, we also need a wide base of knowledge. Ultimately we need to build a culture of heart that transcends all boundaries. We need to expand our spheres of knowledge to be able to cross over and move people beyond what we currently know. Consider this quote from Chambumo Gyeong:The culture of heart transcends the barriers of race, nation, and religion; it is a society of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values based on true love.” (Chambumo Gyeong, page 969)I am sure you have all studied science in school, even at a very basic level. Science is important. Many people believe that science is the best method for finding truth. So what is science?In Latin, scientia, means “Knowledge.” And when I think of knowledge I think of True Father and how he would always say, we need to “Know, KNOW, not No, NO.” Or he would say “Harvard!” What is Harvard? You need to KNOW True Parents and Heavenly Parent!But, at the same time, in his autobiography he does mention that he is so proud that 5 of his children graduated from Harvard. So you can see, even True Father wants us to KNOW it all.So can anyone tell me what science is all about?Well the definition in Wikipedia, is as follows:Science [nb 1][1]:58[2] is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.[nb 2]Contemporary science is typically subdivided into the natural sciences, which study the material universe; the social sciences, which study people and societies; and the formal sciences, which study logic and mathematics. The formal sciences are often excluded as they do not depend on empirical observations.[3] Disciplines which use science, like engineering and medicine, may also be considered to be applied sciences.If you look at this slide you can see the scale in which science has broadened and built the world we live in and every device in it.Everything we have built, or that helps us live and understand life on earth was made possible due to some form of science. Even our True Father’s major field of study in school was science. He studied electrical engineering at a technical school affiliated with Waseda University, in Japan.However, with all this knowledge and progress in the sciences, which allows us to live longer than before, have more things than ever imagined and with unlimited access, live more conveniently and comfortably in this “click, buy, and delivered” world, have you ever thought at what cost?This is where I give you the real news. Even if we do not like it, we must KNOW it if we are going to change the world to Heavenly Parent’s ideal.Without a higher consciousness, we have pillaged the earth, introduced countless chemicals, pollutants, unleashed weapons of war and mass destruction, and we have disturbed the balance of our lives and the natural earth.Today 60 percent of primates are going extinct and 75 percent of all other species are declining faster and faster. By 2050 our population will rise to over 9 billion, and food production will go up more than 34 percent.What we are currently doing with GMO (genetically modified organisms), with mass monocrop farming and animal husbandry, is killing our planet even faster than are carbon fossil fuels and heavy industry. It is simply an unsustainable and dire situation.If our needs increase by 34 percent, just imagine how much more polluted the world will be. No one can deny the truth that more and more of our air is toxic. The water and the oceans and the coral reefs are poisoned and acidifying.The range of plant species going extinct each year can be from 10-10,000 and by 2050 it could be up to 60,000 extinct plant species. The oceans will rise by more than 6 meters, 20 feet, at current pace, by 2050. 26 US costal cites will be in crisis due to rising sea levels.The small island nation of Kiribati is facing the complete submersion of its land. Sunhak Peace Prize laureate President Anote Tong of Kiribati is trying to awaken the world to this crisis that is only going to expand if we do not change the way we live.“Super” is no longer an A+ or a great word. We are already headlining day to day on the news “super storms, super floods, super bugs, super viruses, and the super wrath of climate change which is undeniably growing each second on a greater scale with no “Superman” to save the day.Why am I telling you all these scientific facts? Because we can no longer don’t “know” what is happening in our world; we must know and gain more knowledge to reach the 7.3 billion people in the world and enlighten them about Heavenly Parent and True Parents.True Parents, and now especially True Mother, are bringing all these issues to light and actually investing their entire foundation to save the world at this time. True Mother, for the past four and a half years after True Father’s Seonghwa, has been the pioneer, publicly raising awareness of the need to save the earth. She does this because she wants to leave a legacy of peace, happiness and love, for future generations.She created the Sunhak Peace Prize and educated all our media outlets to report on the truth of Godism and head-wing philosophy, in order to save this earth and bring about one family under God. True Father, in his autobiography and in countess speeches, warned us that a world that did not love and respect nature would be doomed and cannot know God’s heart.Now more than ever, no one can deny this ecological disaster happening right before our eyes. We get “fine dust level” reports every day in Korea and are told by the news outlets to stay indoors and wear masks; children nowadays cannot go out to play in pure clean nature. This saddens our True Parents deeply. That is why they are worrying night and day for the sake of future generations.Therefore, True Mother knows the greatest work is to save this world by teaching the Truth of True Parents and Heavenly Parent, waking humanity from unconsciousness, denial and “NO”s, to consciousness, action and to KNOWing the path of true love and “living for the sake of others.”This is why at this time True Parents are doing the greatest work ever! They have invited esteemed world leaders and brothers and sisters from all over the globe who will be participating in the series of events in honor of True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day.These include the World Summit 2017 and the Inaugural IAPP World Assembly, sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation, the Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony, the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) which True Mother is reconvening because she knows that human misuse of science and technology contributed to these problems and this situation must be resolved. Scientists must help find solutions to relieve and reverse the reality of our suffering on earth and the effects of climate change.In addition, we will have the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly and the Great Works and youth programs, all of which True Mother spearheaded in order to bring the world closer together as one global human family, to save the creation and to educate the world about the significance of Heavenly Parent’s dream and the victory of True Parents. Isn’t our True Mother amazing!Can we all say Kamsahamnida! We are all in anticipation waiting to celebrate the most glorious day in heaven and on earth! Right? Yes! Can we send our love to True Parents with a big Salangamnida! Great!This culture of heart, this love you have, are the greatest works of all human history! All of you are the filial sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. You are the sons and daughters that Heavenly Parent has yearned for since the beginning of time.But does anyone know how long ago that was, that beginning of time that is?What do you think True Father would say? Should we “know” how long Heavenly Parent prepared and yearned for the day that True Parents would be born, blessed, birth a family that would open the era of completion and bring liberation for all humankind and creation? Should we KNOW? Yes! Right?The answer is that Heavenly Parent has painstakingly worked and longed for 13.8 billion years for True Parents’ birthday, their holy blessing, and the birth of the true family and of blessed central families who multiply peace and joy on earth. Can you imagine waiting 13.8 billion years? Shouldn’t we KNOW the course and effort Heavenly Parent went through to unite our True Parents as one? Yes! This is how science can help us understand God’s heart. Do you want to KNOW God’s heart? Great then I have a video clip, a modern method, that gives us a glimpse of Heavenly Parent’s hard work to create this universe and have his dream come true.center_img Special Lecture at Cheongpyeong Great Works Sun Jin MoonInternational President of FFWPUCheomngpyeong Heaven and Earth Training CenterFebruary 1st, 2017[ Download the Speech ]Click here to see more pictures Hoondokhae (Read byIn Sup Nim)The turning point in providential historyTrue Parents’ Holy Wedding, held on April 11, 1960, was the historic moment when the history of restoration through indemnity climbed over the mountain of indemnity at the completion level of the growth stage. The Holy Wedding of True Parents was a global and cosmic event. True Father, who came as the perfected Adam on the foundation of the long history of the providence, laid the foundation on earth to receive True Mother, the original Eve. True Father represents heaven, True Mother represents earth, and their union finally connected the spiritual world and the physical world, which had been divided. Finally the standard required to break down the wall that had separated Adam and Eve from God had been met. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-1, p.74)The Unification Church is the first parent-type religion. Religion began with the servant religion and has progressed to the adopted-child religion, the stepchild religion, the son and daughter religion, and then the mother religion.God has been ever looking for the mother. God, the masculine subject partner, has had no partner. He needs a female object partner. She is His partner, and at the same time she is the queen of earth. She is the queen of the tribes and queen of the families. She stands as the grandmother of all ancestors, the mother of all humankind, the wife of God and the daughter of God.Mother is such a woman, with the value of the original True Mother. She is the queen of heaven, the queen of earth, the queen of the nation, the grandmother to her ancestors, the mother of humankind, the wife of God and the daughter of God. Mother’s value is found in all of these roles. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-2-5, p.81)Have you ever heard people say that they believe in salvation through the family? If you ask Christians who they believe in, they will answer, “I believe in Jesus.” Buddhists, too, would say that they believe in the Buddha, rather than in his family. However, in the future a religion to save the family needs to appear. This is True Parents’ teaching, which is the true parent religion. The true parent religion will enable you to establish your own four-position foundation and live your life as true parents. Then you as the father and mother become the saviors of your sons and daughters.The Book of Revelation includes content concerning the work of restoration. This is one reason the Bible is great. Because of the principle of restoration, the core content of restoration was placed at the end of the Bible. Revelation 22:17 reads, “The Holy Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let everyone who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let everyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift.” Do you know whom the Bride and the Holy Spirit refer to? The Bride refers to the Lord’s wife. The Holy Spirit is only a spiritual being. Therefore, the Mother with both spirit and flesh needs to appear. Jesus, the Father of humankind, is a man, so the Mother of humankind must be found among women. When she is found, together they will save all humankind by guiding them to a new world. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-2-6, p.82)Mother, this woman whom I have married, is truly great. Her greatness does not come from a beautiful face but from a beautiful heart. Even her beautiful voice and her graceful manner are because of her beautiful heart. I am a teacher who teaches God’s philosophy by actually living it. Because I am living according to the Principle, I praise Mother and promote her in front of the public on God’s behalf. This is in accordance with the Principle. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-2-7, p.82)People throughout the world say that my wife is beautiful. I spent some time thinking about what makes a person truly beautiful. A beautiful woman is not someone who has a beautiful face. To be a truly beautiful woman, she must be beautiful in heart. The beauty of such a woman will not diminish even after 1,000 years. Even after all that time, she will possess a refined and harmonious appearance. Such a woman can embrace her surroundings and bring out the best in any situation. Such a woman is the beauty of all beauties. Mother has that kind of beauty. That is why I think she is the beauty among beauties. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-2-8, p.82)Mother needed to give birth to at least 12 children within a span of 20 years in order to completely restore Jacob’s family through paying indemnity. Jesus’ 12 disciples could not unite with each other. What did they do? They abandoned Jesus, and one of them ended up selling him. Why did this happen? One problem was that despite their brotherly ties, the disciples were from different tribes. There was a problem in Jacob’s family because he had sons and daughters born from four different women. In my time, in order to overcome that problem Mother gave birth to at least 12 children within a 20- year time period. Had she not succeeded in this, she could not have fulfilled her mission as True Mother.From this point of view, you can see that no one more than 20 years old could have fulfilled the position of True Mother. She had to be at most 18 or 19 years old. That is why at the age of 40 I married Mother who was just 17 years old. Just as I embarked on the path for the Will at the age of 16, a woman had to meet that standard at around the same age. Otherwise, she would have no way to bring about the liberation of women. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-2-11, p.83)I can never describe the heart of God, who has been preparing everything for this day, the day of the Holy Wedding. I am so overwhelmed by our Heavenly Father’s love, having sent me as His daughter to this place so that we can fulfill the Will and conclude 6,000 years of providential history. I just do not know what to say. Until the day when we have fulfilled the Will, I pledge that I will advance with you members in oneness of heart and in all aspects of life. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-2-23, p.88)True Parents are the exampleAll human beings were originally supposed to achieve individual perfection within the love of God, become true husbands and wives and true parents, and form true families. Each true family creates a special realm in which we can experience, in succession, love for our parents, love among siblings, love as husband and wife, and love for our children. It is also the fundamental foundation for completing the purpose of creation.Hence, it is the hope of every human being to form a true family. A member of a true family will grow to become an embodiment of true love, not acting counter to God’s desire, hurting others or abusing the created world. Finally, for the first time since God’s creation, True Parents have fulfilled the ideal of the true family, and thus they have set the example for all human beings of how to live. All people need to pattern themselves after the tradition of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Throughout their lives they practiced a life of living for the sake of others by loving God, loving people, loving their nation and loving all created things. (Chambumo Gyeong 1-2-5, p.109)A world that attends GodWere there scrolls as wide as the skies and ink as vast as the oceans, they could not record all the teachings and life achievements of True Parents. True Parents found the new expression of the Word, the Divine Principle, and prepared the start of the providence before their Holy Wedding. And after their Holy Wedding they worked to complete the way of restoration before the Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day. Finally they were able to restore and return to God all that had been lost since the Fall at the beginning of human history. After entering the Era After the Coming of Heaven, on the occasion of the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk, they proclaimed a new heaven and earth. Overcoming suffering beyond description, they perfected, concluded and completed the providence of restoration.Since Foundation Day, True Father in the heavenly world and True Mother on earth have been working hard to bring about the settlement of Cheon Il Guk on this earth through activities such as compiling the Cheon Il Guk scriptures, enacting the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, raising up globally equipped leaders, and calling forth new tribal messiah activities.The achievements and vision of peace that True Parents established are the foundation stones for one world of peace beyond nations. The words of truth that they bequeathed to humanity trace the path of new life that clarify the way of God, humanity and the cosmos. The course of true love that they showed during their lives is the model for filial children, loyal patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. As the bright sun and moon of Cheon Il Guk, True Parents cast eternal light upon the ideal world of creation that attends God. (Chambumo Gyeong 13-4-4, p.1575)last_img read more