Cybercrime forum admin sends Brian Krebs 13 bags of heroin

first_imgYou’ve probably received a gag gift or two from someone before, but security researcher Brian Krebs‘ recent delivery takes the cake. A Russian cybercrime forum admin sent Krebs a gram of heroin to “save him from acute heroin withdrawal.”Obviously, the real goal was to have some fun at Krebs’ expense — and possibly tarnish his reputation and land him in the hoosegow. The admin, who uses the handle Flycracker, hoped to send a second delivery to the Krebs household: the local police.It’s a much more complicated “prank” than, say, a spoofed SWAT roll. Flycracker first solicited Bitcoin donations from fellow forum members. Once a pair of Bitcoins (currently worth around $200) had been accumulated, Flycracker took to the Silk Road to find a willing heroin dealer.Haven’t heard of the Silk Road before? It’s an online black market that can only be accessed through the Tor network where merchants peddle everything from heroin and weed to cigarettes and works of art.Flycracker struck a deal with a reputable seller called Maestro. Delivery was arranged for Tuesday at 3pm, which came as no surprise to Krebs. He’d been watching the whole scene unfold from an account he’d established on Flycracker’s forums.The drugs arrived a day early. Maestro had made good on his “buy ten, get two free” offer, and even threw in a lucky 13th baggie at no charge. Krebs believes it had more to do with making sure that a full gram had been sent  — you don’t get 100% feedback on the Silk Road by shafting your buyers, after all.Krebs had contacted the FBI and his county police well in advance to let them know what was going on. An incredulous officer gladly confiscated the contraband, shaking his head the whole time and talking about how he hoped to be completely unplugged from the Internet by the time he retired.When criminal “pranksters” are trying to pull off schemes like this against the good guys, it’s easy to understand why he’d want to do it.last_img read more