The most awesome Lego machine you will ever see

first_imgAt Christmas we all tend to have more time away from work due to two weekends that count as a holiday. Depending on how motivated you are, that time can be spent being productive, or more commonly sat in front of a TV or PC playing games and watching movies. The YouTube video below is simply entitled “Lego awesome machine” and it shows someone who was very motivated to make something both completely useless and totally awesome over the Christmas break.The machine has been constructed out of Lego and transports lots of tiny soccer and basketballs around a never-ending loop of machinery. I hate to think how long it took to construct and test, but the end result is pretty amazing to watch. In fact, I couldn’t stop watching the video until it ended just to see what would happen to the balls next.It’s noisy, big, completely pointless, and must have cost a fortune to make. But it was all worth it just for the pleasure of completing it and I doubt it will be topped any time soon. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details on who created it and why. The YouTube video has no information other than asking the question in Polish “The dream of every big boy?” I’d say that was a fair question as most men probably dream of one day creating an awesome machine made of Lego.The YouTube poster who goes by the name of ctx0075 has also posted a second Lego video of a Pneumatic Robot that’s also worth a watch.last_img read more