Aurora Energy gets 210K 3G bill from stolen power meter SIM card

first_imgPower companies around the world may be reviewing any wireless power monitors they have given out to customers this week. That’s because in order for some of these wireless monitors to work independently they have a SIM card installed allowing for communication over a 3G network between the monitor and the energy company directly. The bill for that communication is minimal as the data sent is only going to be a few kilobytes of usage values every so often.However, Aurora Energy in Australia was taken aback when it received a bill from its carrier Telstra for the sum of $210,000 due to data transfers over its NextG service. Even with constant updates from one of their Aurora power meters that kind of bill just couldn’t happen. So they investigated.It turns out someone had removed the SIM card from a monitor and then handed it over to one Kylie Monks. She then slotted it into her laptop and started using it for free Internet access. The problem is, no one noticed and she continued to use the card from November 19, 2009 to February 9, 2010.When approached by police Kylie first denied using the card then admitted using it to access Facebook, to make calls, and download movies for a man she met on the Internet. Those movies were then burnt to disc and given to her acquaintance.She has now been prosecuted for this data theft and fo receiving stolen goods. Her punishment is tol serve 6 of an 18 month sentence. She also has to come up with $210,000 to pay Telstra back for all that data she transferred.Understandably Aurora has now put in place safety measures to stop any other customers from carrying out the same action and running up huge bills.Read more at Themercurylast_img read more