first_imgIS IT TRUE that a large group of supporters of “Indivisible Evansville” attended a Legislative Forum last Saturday morning at the Poseyville Community Center?  …that State Senator Jim Tomes called this event “an all-out drag of war”? …we find it interesting that Tomes was shaken by the aggressive actions of supporters of  “Indivisible Evansville”? …at past Legislative Forums, Senator Tomes yelled and talked down to some of his constituents with whom he disagreed with?IS IT TRUE like it or not what supporters of “Indivisible Evansville”  did at the Poseyville Legislative Forum on Saturday is called an exercise of their Ist Amendment Rights?  …members of the “Indivisible Evansville”  group shouted, jeered and interrupted United States Representative Dr. Larry Bucshon seemly every time he tried to speak or answer a question?  …maybe if Congressmen Larry Bucshon would have given them honest and straightforward answers to the group questions about Obamacare he may not have been jeered, shouted at or interrupted while speaking?IS IT TRUE members of “Indivisible Evansville” missed an opportunity to question Mr. Bucshon why he sold his million dollar family home located in Newburgh and turned around and bought a new expensive family home in the Washington DC area?  … it’s now alleged that Congressmen Bucshon just acquired an inexpensive condo in the Newburgh area?IS IT TRUE that supporters of “Indivisible Evansville”  also missed a big opportunity when they failed to ask State Senator Jim Tomes and State Representatives Tom Washburn, Wendy McNamara, Holli Sullivan why did they allow the State to quietly eliminate around 1500 Ivy Tech medical tech students from attending the soon to be built downtown Evansville IU Medical School?  …we were told that the above-selected officials didn’t aggressively lobby State officials after they learned that the Ivy Tech students were quietly eliminated from the IU Medical School project?  …after the State officials received the $57 million dollars commitment from the Mayor of Evansville they quietly eliminated Ivy Tech students from this project?  …we considered this to be a damnable and unethical move by our elected and appointed officials?IS IT TRUE we also encourage supporters of “Indivisible Evansville” to attend tonights Evansville City Council meeting and ask them why they voted to reduce our Homestead Tax Credits by 2% this year without consulting the taxpayers of this community?  …we would also like for members of this group to ask City Council members why they didn’t demand that the Mayor withdraw the $57 million dollar commitment to building the downtown IU Medical School after the State quietly eliminated 1500 Ivy Tech Medical Tech students from this project?IS IT TRUE The Regional Board of Trustees of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Southwest will conduct its regular quarterly meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2017, at 4 p.m. in the Hilliard Lyons boardroom, Suite 201, at its Evansville campus located at 3501 N First Avenue, Evansville?  …Is this meeting open to the public?   …this might be a good time for members of the public to ask members of the Regional Board of Trustees of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Southwest why they allowed the State to quietly eliminate IVY Tech medical tech students from the IU Medical School project?IS IT TRUE the new downtown Doubletree Hotel is now open for business?  …the taxpayers of Evansville invested around $27 million dollars of our hard-earned tax dollars to subsidize the building of a 10 story three (3) Star Hotel with an indoor swimming pool? …because of alleged cost overruns the Mayor decide to build a three (3) Star 5 story Hotel with an outside swimming pool?…we wonder who benefits from this $27 million dollar investment in this project?  …was it the Evansville taxpayers of the Developer/Builder?IS IT TRUE amendments to the past ordinance how to handles public comments will be up for a vote at tonights City Council meetings?  …one amendment to the ordinance shall outlines who can’t speak during meetings and how Council can settle disagreements over who it wants to hear the speaker?  … a proposed amendment would eliminate committee hearings and to get rid of the three readings of an ordinance? …another proposed ordinance change clarifies what to do if City Council President Mosby wants to prevent someone from speaking? …another amendment to this ordinance shall allow one council member to second a motion from the floor that will grant someone the opportunity to address Council? … we wonder why City Council wants to include a moment of silence following the Pledge of Allegiance?FOOTNOTE: Todays “READERS POLL” question is: are you pleased that supporters of “Indivisible Evansville” are publicly taking to task the misdeeds of our elected officials?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more