Inspector Pat Egan presents latest crime figures to Fort St. John City Council

first_imgFor the first time the numbers presented distinguished between rural and municipal infractions. Overall calls for service in 2013 were pegged at 14,678. That figure is up 497 from 2012 and translates to an increase of 3.5 per cent. At the municipal level calls were up by 230 (two per cent) and 267 in rural areas (eight per cent).There were 4,647 criminal cases in 2012. In the municipal area there were 3,844 and rurally there were 803. The following year criminal code calls were up by 130 (three per cent) overall. Municipally there were 107 (four per cent) more calls from last year. Cases went down in rural areas to 786 (two per cent).- Advertisement -On the positive side of things violent crime is down. In particular robberies are down 22 per cent. Assaults against police remained steady at seven. Sexual offences were up slightly. There were 45 sex offences in 2012 and 47 in 2013. Assaults with a weapon and aggravated assault were down by 13 (15 per cent).  Crimes for uttering threats were down eight per cent and common assaults declined by 20 per cent.Numbers declined in property crimes when comparing 2013 with 2012. Arson went down by 46 per cent, break and enters of commercial establishments dropped by 34 per cent and residential break and enters also saw a drop of 27 per cent.There were a number of areas however where crime did not see a decline. Vehicle thefts climbed by six (three per cent). Thefts from vehicles went up a fair bit by 57 (24 per cent). Advertisement Shoplifting saw a big increase at 73 per cent and up by 47 offences overall. Theft was up by three per cent but vandalism went down by 12 per cent.As it pertains to crimes involving drugs cocaine possession increased by six from three to nine and trafficking of cocaine went down by one to sit at 34. Cannabis possession climbed from 25 to 33 but cannabis trafficking declined from seven to four.last_img read more